(1) Luck waits and complains without working while       473. Violence without these motives is possible only in
            labour achieves success although it complains.             (1) practice       (2) reality
        (2) Luck is self indulgent, but labour is selfless.            (3) dream          (4) theory
        (3) Luck often ends in defeat but labour produces luck.  474. Indeed, violence is bad, not intrinsically, but
        (4) Luck waits without exertion, but labour exerts             because of these motives that go with it. This
            without waiting.                                           suggests
469. Labour turns out at six and with busy pen and ringing             (1) violence is basically good.
        hammer lays the foundation of competence. What does            (2) violence is bad only when it is associated with
        this statement mean ?                                              certain motives.
        (1) Labour lays the foundation of the building.
                                                                       (3) violence is bad because the people who exercise it
        (2) The writer and the labourer are the true eyes of               are bad.
            the society.
                                                                       (4) violence is basically bad.
        (3) There is no worker who works so hard as the
                                                                 475. Non-violence, according to the writer, means
            labourer who begins his day at six in the morning.
        (4) Hardwork of all kinds makes people different.              (1) violence without the evil motives.
470. Which one of the statements is true about the                     (2) giving in to the tyranny of the powerful.
        passage ?                                                      (3) accepting violence as a fact of life.
        (1) Success depends only on hardluck.                          (4) None of the above.
        (2) Expectation of good luck always meets with                  Directions (476-505) : You have four passages with
            disappoinment.                                       5-10 questions in each passage. Read the passages carefully
        (3) Success is exactly proportionate to hard work.       and choose the best answer to each question, out of the
        (4) Luck is neccessary for success.                      four alternatives.
                           PASSAGE - II                                           (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II Exam. 29.09.2013)
        Violence has played a great part in the would’s history.                           PASSAGE -I
It is today playing an equally important part and probably it           Many of the serious health concerns in modern
will continue to do so for a considerable time. It is impossible America can be linked to poor diet. People who regularly
to ignore the importance of violence in the past and present.    consume foods high in sodium, sugar and saturated fats
To do so is to ignore life. Yet violence is undoubtedly bad      not only increase their chances of obesity, but also increase
and brings an unending trail of evil consequences with it.       their risks of developing heart diseases, hypertension,
And worse even than violence are the motives of hatred,          diabetes and several types of cancer. Although some people,
cruelty, revenge and punishment which very often                 who regularly consume unhealthy foods do so knowingly,
accomp any vi olence. Indeed, violence is bad, not               there is also a significant portion of the population that
intrinsically, but because of these motives that go with it.     remains under-educated about proper nutrition. What is
There can be violence without these motives there can be         more, individuals who live in food deserts — areas in low-
violence for a good object as well as for an evil object. But    income neighbourhoods that lack easy access to healthy,
it is extremely difficult to separate violence from these        affordable food — may not even have the opportunity to
motives, and therefore, it is desirable to avoid violence as     obtain nutritious food. Food deserts are located in high-
far as possible. In avoiding it, however someone can not         poverty areas, such as sparsely populated rural areas or
accept a negative attitude of submitting to bad and far greater  densely populated, low-income urban centres. Food deserts
evils. Submission to violence or the acceptance of an unjust     most often develop when major supermarket chains either
regime based on violence is against the spirit of non-violence.  relocate out of these areas or simply refrain from building
The non-violent method, in order to justify itself, must be      stores there. Major food retailing chains tend to limit their
dymanic and capable of changing such a regime of social          store locations to wealthi er urban o r sub urban
order.                                                           neighbourhoods. This means that those who live in high-
                                                                 poverty areas often also live miles away from fresh meats,
                   SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                          dairy products and produce available at supermarkets.
 intrinsically       : in real sense.                            Furthermore, fast food restaurants are disproportio-nately
 regime              : a method or system of organizing or       concentrated in low-income areas.
                       managing something.
                                                                                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
471. The word dynamic in the concluding line of the                sparsely :     with only small amounts/numbers of some-
        passage means                                                             thing, often spread over a large area
        (1) active
                                                                   densely : in away that contains a lot of people,
        (2) energetic                                                             things, etc. with littel space between them
        (3) capable of change and progress
                                                                   refrain : to stop yourself from doing something.
        (4) All of the above
472. Which of the following statements is incorrect ?             476. The best possible title for the passage is
        (1) Only violence can be used against violence.                 (1) Supermarket’s Contribution to Obesity in America
        (2) Violence is not inherenty ill                               (2) The Dangers of Fast Food
        (3) Violence is a historically accepted fact.                   (3) Food Deserts : The Problem of Poor Diet
        (4) Violence cannot be ignored.                                 (4) Why Processed Food Kills