(3) melancholia.                                               (2) Spot goes outside to use the bathroom.
      (4) an unnecessarily dark, gloomy and pessimistic              (3) Rex always breaks things inside the house.
           attitude to life.                                         (4) Rover never jumps on guests.
434. Harris was troubled by                                     437. The author apparently thinks that puppies are
      (1) symptom of vertigo. (2) garrulity.                         (1) not as playful as adult dogs.
      (3) tribulation.             (4) frailty.                      (2) hardworking.
435. The word which is closest in meaning to virulent is             (3) friendly and playful.
      (1) fantastic                (2) vital                         (4) not as cute as adult dogs.
      (3) viral                    (4) hostile                  438. Which is the best synonym for behave as applicable
      Directions (436-445) : You have a passage with 10              to this passage?
questions Read the passage carefully and choose the best             (1) act                      (2) listen
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                (3) understand               (4) train
             (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam. 19.05.2013)       439. The passage speaks of
      Many people who are looking to get a pet dog get a             (1) the work involved in training puppies.
puppy. There are many reasons why people get puppies.                (2) the immature acts of puppies.
After all, puppies are cute, friendly, and playful. But even
                                                                     (3) how puppies do not make good pets.
though puppies make good pets, there are good reasons
why you should consider getting an adult dog instead. When           (4) how puppies can be very destructive.
you get a puppy, you have to teach it how to behave. You        440. As used in paragraph 3, which is the best synonym
have to make sure that the puppy is housebroken so that it           for relax ?
does not go to the bathroom inside the house. You have to            (1) rest                     (2) work
teach the puppy, not to jump up on your guests or chew on            (3) leave                    (4) play
your shoes. You have to train the puppy to walk on a leash.     441. The author begins paragraphs 2 and 4 with the phrase,
This is a lot of work.                                               On the other hand. This phrase is used to
      On the other hand, when you get an adult dog there             (1) support the following paragraph.
is a good chance that it will already know how to do all of          (2) highlight an example.
the previously mentioned things. Many adult dogs have                (3) contradict previous information.
already been housebroken. Many adult dogs will not jump
                                                                     (4) contradict a later statement.
on or chew things that you do not want them to jump on or
chew. Many adult dogs will be able to walk on a leash           442. In the final paragraph, the author says many adult
without pulling you to the other side of the street.                 dogs spend a lot of time in the pound, and some
                                                                     never find good homes. Based on the passage, why
      Puppies also have a lot of energy and want to play all
                                                                     is this most likely?
of the time. This can be fun, but you might not want to play
as much as your puppy does. Puppies will not always sleep            (1) People do not want to get a dog that does not have
through the night or let you relax as you watch television.               much time left to live.
      On the other hand, most adult dogs will wait on you            (2) People see adult dogs as unhappy and dangerous,
to play. What is more, they will sleep when you are sleeping              while they see puppies as cute and friendly.
and are happy to watch television on the couch right beside          (3) People understand that most adult dogs still need
you. There is one last reason why you should get an adult                 a lot of training before they understand how to
dog instead of a puppy. When most people go to the pound                  behave properly.
to get a dog, they get a puppy. This means that many adult           (4) People think that puppies are cute and playful and
dogs spend a lot of time in the pound and some never find                 do not always think about how much work it will
good homes. So if you are looking to get a dog for a pet, you             take to train them.
should think about getting an adult dog. They are good          443. Based on the information in the passage, it can be
pets who need good homes.                                            understood that someone who owns a puppy must be
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                     (1) responsible              (2) strict.
  house-broken : trained to defecate (to get rid of solid
                                                                     (3) serious.                 (4) optimistic.
                       waste from your body through your
                                                                444. According to the passage, why is it easier to take care
                       bowels) and urinate outside the house
                       or in a special box.                          of adult dogs than puppies?
  leash              : a long piece of leather, chain or rope        I. Puppies need to learn how to walk well on a leash.
                       used for holding and controlling a dog.       II. Adult dogs have less energy than puppies.
  pound              : a place where dogs that have been found       III. It is harder for adult dogs to find a home than it is
                       in the street without their owners are             for puppies.
                       kept until their owners claim them.           (1) I, II and III            (2) I only
                                                                     (3) I and II only            (4) II and III only
436. Which is the best example of a dog that is                 445. Based on the information in the passage, which of
      housebroken ?                                                  the following statements is false ?
      (1) Muffin chews on people’s shoes.                            (1) Adult dogs do not need to eat very much.