416. It is a specialised agency of the United Nations and       you are asleep, or in the middle of a meal or a conversation,
       was established in 1948. Here specialised means          or when you are just going out, or when you are in your
       (1) expert.                                              bath. Are you strong minded enough to ignore it, to say to
       (2) extraordinary.                                       yourself. “Ah well, it will be all the same in hundred years
       (3) uncommon.                                            time”. You are not. You think there may be some important
                                                                news or message for you. Have you never rushed dripping
       (4) made suitable for a particular purpose.
                                                                from the bath, of chewing from the table, or dazed from
417. Total prevention of diseases is possible in a number       bed, only to be told that you are a wrong number? You
       of ways. The author has given illustrations of :         were told the truth. In my opinion all telephone numbers
       (1) only two such ways.                                  are wrong numbers. If, of course, your telephone rings
       (2) only one such way.                                   and you decide not to answer it, then you will have to listen
       (3) more than two such ways.                             to an idiotic bell ringing and ringing in what is supposed to
       (4) none of these ways.                                  be the privacy of your own home. You might as well buy a
418. International health workers can be seen working           bicycle bell and ring it yourself.
       in all kinds of surroundings : in deserts, jungles,
                                                                                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       mountains, coconut groves, and rice fields. Here
       International means                                         pest              :  an annoying person/thing
       (1) drawn from all countries of the world.                  suffocated        :  lack of air (fresh)
       (2) believing in cooperation among nations.                 stale             :  not fresh
       (3) belonging to an organisation which has something
           to do with different nations.                        421. The author does not have a telephone because
       (4) belonging to the whole world.                              (1) he poses as unusual.
419. W.H.O. assists different national health authorities             (2) he would prefer to do something else.
       not only in controlling diseases but also in                   (3) he thinks that it can create unnecessary suspense
       preventing them, altogether. The above sentence                    and anxiety.
       implies that                                                   (4) he pretends to be wise.
       (1) W.H.O. assists more in preventing diseases than      422. ...... your back is chilled by the cold looks of
           in controlling them.                                       somebody means
       (2) W.H.O: assists in controlling diseases only if they        (1) you feel cold at the back.
           have not been prevented.                                   (2) you feel uneasy because the person next in the
       (3) W.H.O. assists both in controlling diseases and in             queue looks at you restlessly.
           preventing them.                                           (3) people are very cold.
       (4) W.H.O. assists many others in addition to the              (4) others look at you angrily.
           national health authorities                          423. All telephone numbers are wrong numbers, because
420. They help the sick to attain health and the healthy              (1) the author always gets wrong calls.
       to maintain their health. Here they stands for                 (2) whenever he tries it always goes wrong.
       (1) rice fields.                                               (3) he doesn’t give much importance to telephone and
       (2) international health workers.                                  telephone numbers.
       (3) jungles.                                                   (4) None of the statements given above.
       (4) deserts.                                             424. Ah well, it will be all the same in hundred years
                          PASSAGE-II                                  time. This sentence means
       Why don’t I have a telephone? Not because I pretend            (1) things have not changed for the past 100 years.
to be wise or pose as unusual. There are two chief reasons;           (2) things will remain the same for 100 years to come.
because I don’t really like the telephone, and because I              (3) one should be strong minded.
find I can still work and play, eat, breathe, and sleep without       (4) nothing is going to change even if you don’t answer
it. Why don’t I like the telephone? Because I think it is a               the telephone bell.
pest and time waster. It may create unnecessary suspense
                                                                425. He hates speaking in a public telephone booth because
and anxiety, as when you wait for an expected call, that
doesn’t come; or irritating delay, as when you keep ringing           (1) he is suffocated by the stale, unventilated air,
a number that is always engaged. As for speaking in a                     flavoured with cheap face powder and chain-
public telephone booth, it seems to me really horrible. You               smoking.
would not use it unless you were in a hurry, and because              (2) others look at him angrily.
you are in a hurry, you will find other people waiting before         (3) the other side may not know your number.
you. When you do get into the booth, you are half suffocated          (4) it is costlier.
by the stale, unventilated air, flavoured with cheap face-           Directions (426-435) : You have two passages with 5
powder and chain smoking; and by the time you have begun        questions in each passage. Read the passages carefully and
your conversation your back is chilled by the cold looks of     choose the best answer to each question out of the four
somebody who is moving about restlessly to take your place.     alternatives.
       If you have a telephone in your house, you will admit                        (SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam. 21.04.2013)
that it tends to ring when you least want it to ring; when