PASSAGE                                community after the August 5 shooting. A gunman killed
     The Met office has revised its prediction following decent   six people attending Sunday services before killing himself.
rain on Monday morning, saying the cloud cover and light          The gunman was associated with white supremacists and
to moderate rain are likely to continue for at least the next     neo-Nazi groups. Investigators say they may never know
48 hours.                                                         for certain what prompted his attack.
     The weatherman had earlier predicted that the rain                 The Sikh community welcomed the White House
would dry up in the city and its adjoining areas for a couple     announcement as a great gesture. It is great to hear that
of days from the start of the week.                               the First Lady will be comforting the families devastated by
     The showers dragged down the day’s maximum                   the violence in the gurdwara, the chairman of the Sikh
temperature four notches below normal to 28.3 degrees             Council, Rajwant Singh, said
Celsius, from Sunday’s 33.
                                                                                    SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
     “We were expecting the rain the city had been receiving
                                                                   supremacists : persons who believe that their own race
for the past couple of days to stop from Monday as there
                                                                                      is better than others and should be in
was no cyclonic circulation and the monsoon trough was
moving away from the city. But the trough got stronger,
                                                                   outreach       : a service/advice provided to people for
resulting in the rain,” said an official of the Alipore weather
office.                                                                               help : igq¡p (enn osQ fy;s)
     The trough is passing through Daltanganj in Jharkhand,        prompted       :   to make somebody to do something : izfs jr
Bhagalpur in Bihar and the central part of Bengal.                                    djuk
     “The monsoon trough now is not very close to Calcutta         gesture        :   something that you do/say to show a par-
but it has gained in strength, resulting in Monday morning’s                          ticular feeling/intention : ln~Hkkouk izn"kZu
shower in the city,” the official said.                            comforting :       making you feel calmer and less worried/
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                                                 unhappy : fuf"apr _ lq[kh
 notches       : a level on a scale                                devastated :       to completely destroy a place/an area
  trough :     a long narrow region of low air presure be-
                                                                  376. The shootout on August 5 was at
               tween two regions of higher pressure.
                                                                        (1) Milwaukee.               (2) The White House.
 371. Why did the Met office revise its prediction ?                    (3) Washington.              (4) Canada.
       (1) As the clouds gained in strength.                      377. The shootout killed
       (2) There was decent rain on Monday.                             (1) Americans.               (2) Michelle Obama.
       (3) There was no cyclonic circulation.
                                                                        (3) Sikhs.                   (4) A gunman.
       (4) The clouds passed away.
                                                                  378. The gunman was a member of
 372. The rains would continue for the
                                                                        (1) Oak Creek.               (2) a gurdwara.
       (1) next two days at least. (2) next four days.
                                                                        (3) neo-Nazi groups.         (4) Sikh community.
       (3) next eight hours.         (4) next month.
                                                                  379. What was the cause of the gunmans attack?
 373. The monsoon trough is passing through
                                                                        (1) Distaste for Sunday services.
       (1) North Bengal.
       (2) Jharkhand.                                                   (2) His association with white supremacists ans neo-
                                                                            Nazi groups.
       (3) The southern part of Bengal.
       (4) Alipore.                                                     (3) His hatred for Indians.
 374. What is the role of the Met office ?                              (4) Particular reason may never be known.
       (1) To warn the city of an accident.                       380. Rajwant Singh
       (2) To bring rain to the city.                                    (1) criticized Michelle Obama.
       (3) To stop rain.                                                 (2) appreciated Michelle Obama.
       (4) To predict rain.                                              (3) attacked Michelle Obama.
 375. Rain falls in the city when the monsoon trough gets                (4) grieved over Michelle Obama.
       (1) weaker.                   (2) stronger.                       Directions (381-395) : You have 3 brief passages
       (3) moderate.                 (4) lighter.                 with 5 questions in each passage. Read the passages care-
      Directions (376-380) % You have a passage with 5            fully and choose the best answer to each question out of
questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best         the four alternatives.
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                         (SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Main Exam. 07.04.2013)
                                         (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff                                 PASSAGE- I
                                   Exam. 24.03.2013, Ist Sitting)      Two bike-borne youths snatched a gold chain worth
      Michelle Obama plans to go to Oak Creek, Milwaukee,           60,000 from a 35-year-old homemaker in Salt Lake on
to meet family members of those killed and injured in the         Thursday morning, two days after a Bangalore-based wom-
gurdwara shooting this month.                                     an was robbed in the township in similar fashion.
      The White House said the First Lady"s visit on Thursday          Around 7.30 am at BG block, Keshtopur resident Su-
is part of the administration’s outreach to the Sikh              jata Dey was walking home after dropping her son in school