360. Hydrozorbing is                                              of any person for appointment as Minister. Of course he
      (1) a form of zorbing in air.                               has to see the interests of his Ministry so that it works in a
      (2) a very violent form of zorbing.                         homogeneous manner. Any Minister who does not see eye
      (3) a form of zorbing in or with water.                     to eye with the Prime Minister has to quit the Council of
      (4) zorbing with a two - member team
                                                                         The Prime Minister also advises the President on the
       Directions (361-365) : You have a passage with 5
                                                                  allocation of portfolios to the members of his Council of
questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best
                                                                  Ministers. He can give any department to any Minister and
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
                                                                  thus keep a control over them.
                                        (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
                                                                         The Prime Minister can make any changes in the
                                   Exam. 17.03.2013, Ist Sitting)
                                                                  formation of his Ministry. He can shuffle his Ministry like a
       Long ago in Mongolia there lived an emperor who
                                                                  pack of cards as he likes. He can change the portfolios of
feared growing old. One day, he saw an old man in the
                                                                  his colleagues or reallocate the portfolios according to their
street. Upset at being reminded that someday, he too, would
                                                                  performance. The Prime Minister presides over the meetings
age, he ordered all the old people to leave his land.
                                                                  of the Cabinet. The President does not participate in these
       One day, a violent storm swept the kingdom. Nothing        meetings. In the Cabinet all the important decisions are
was safe from its fury. It roared into the palace and blew        taken which are binding on all the Ministers.
away the emperor’s belongings, including his priceless golden
pitcher. When the storm ended, the emperor ordered that                            SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
the pitcher be found and brought back to him.                      homogeneous : same
       People went in search of the pitcher. They saw it in a      see eye to eye : share the same views.
lake nearby. But no matter who tried, no one could get a           allocation : the act of giving something to somebody
grip on the pitcher. All they got was a handful of water. Yet                        for a particular purpose : vkoaVu _ fuèkkZj.k
it could be plainly seen, glittering and just below the water’s
                                                                   portfolios : a particular area of responsibility of a gov-
                                                                                     ernment minister : jkt lfpo dk in
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                             presides       : to lead/be in charge of a meeting, cere-
 pitcher        :  a container with a handle, for holding and                        mony, etc. : lHkkifr [email protected] _ lapkyu djuk
                   pouring liquids                                 binding on : that must be obeyed becuase it is accept-
 grip           : an act of holding somebody/something                               ed in law
                                                                   366. Homogeneous, in the passage means
 361. The emperor was upset to see the old man because                   (1) consisting of the same substance
       (1) it reminded him that he might fall ill.                       (2) fragmented
       (2) it reminded him that he would grow old too.                   (3) united
       (3) it reminded him that he had to colour his hair.               (4) working independently
       (4) it reminded him of his grandfather.                     367. The final control is in the hands of the
 362. The people saw the golden pitcher                                  (1) Individual Minister (2) Council of Ministers
      (1) in a lake nearby.            (2) in a pit nearby.              (3) President               (4) Prime Minister
      (3) inside the palace.           (4) in a river nearby.      368. Colleagues, in the passage refers to
 363. The emperor’s orders were that all the                             (1) Ministers
       (1) old men should leave his land.                                (2) All the people working in the Prime Minister’s office
       (2) old men should live in his land.                              (3) The Prime Minister’s friends
       (3) young men should stay in his land.                            (4) Co-workers
       (4) children should leave his land.                         369. Who recommends the names of the persons for
 364. What did the people who went to bring the pitcher                  appointment as Ministers ?
       get?                                                              (1) Prime Minister          (2) Speaker
      (1) A handful of water.          (2) A handful of air.             (3) President               (4) Cabinet Secretary
      (3) The pitcher’s handle.        (4) Nothing at all.         370. What happens if the Prime Minister and the Minister
365. The emperor feared                                                  have a disagreement ?
      (1) getting young.               (2) getting weak.                 (1) The President dismisses the Government.
      (3) getting ill.                 (4) getting old.                  (2) The Cabinet resigns.
       Directions (366 – 370) : You have a passage with 5                (3) The Prime Minister resigns.
questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best                (4) The Minister quits.
answer to each questions out of the four alternatives.                 Directions (371–375) : You have a passage with 5
                                        (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff  questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best
                                  Exam. 17.03.2013, IInd Sitting) answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
       The Prime Minister recommends the names of the                                                      (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff
persons for appointment as the members of the Council of                                         Exam. 17.03.2013, Kolkata Region)
Ministers by the President. He can recommend the name