342. According to the passage, the vine snakes                     352. What was the desire of Jehangir ?
       (1) do not bite.                                                     (1) To order his soldiers.
       (2) peck one’s eyes.                                                 (2) To make many conquests.
       (3) peck at the nose.                                                (3) To be just to his subjects.
       (4) bite the most prominent projection of the offend-                (4) To rule over a very big kingdom.
           er.                                                       353. The soldiers
  343. According to the passage, musk                                       (1) called all the people.
       (1) is a sex attractant.                                             (2) arrested all the criminals.
       (2) is an after-shave lotion.                                        (3) rode away to a distant land.
       (3) is a poison aimed at the offender.                               (4) tied a big bell in front of the palace.
       (4) attracts other snakes to take revenge.                    354. Complaint means
  344. Who of the following have a better understanding of                  (1) complete                (2) complexity
       snakes ?                                                             (3) objections              (4) disaster
       (1) The scientists.         (2) The Irula tribals.            355. The people would ring the bell if
       (3) The Villagers.          (4) The killer of snakes.                (1) they were arrested
  345. According to the passage, the author                                 (2) they went to the palace.
       (1) believes in myths. (2) is afraid of snakes.                      (3) they had any wealth.
       (3) worships snakes.        (4) believes in facts.                   (4) they wanted justice.
  346. In the passage, liquidate means                                     Directions (356-360) : You have a passage with 5
       (1) avenge                  (2) feel sorry                   questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best
       (3) do away with            (4) atone                        answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
  347. Irula tribals are                                                                 (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff Exam. 10.03.2013)
       (1) snake lovers.           (2) worshippers of snakes.              Developed in New Zealand in the 1990s, originally as
                                                                    a means of crossing water, zorbing involves rolling downhill
       (3) snake killers.          (4) snake catchers.
                                                                    in a large, PVC ball, and an activity which requires no more
  348. In the context of the passage, exude means
                                                                    skill than that of a hamster running inside its wheel. The
       (1) display an emotion (2) capture                           three-metre zorb has two skins, with the area between them
       (3) emit (a smell)          (4) feel happy                   inflated to provide effective cushioning and so prevent zor-
  349. The phrase that it is not means                              bonauts from hurting themselves as they hurtle along at
       (1) the death of the snake has not been avenged.             speeds of up to 50 kilometres per hour. Zorbers are also
       (2) the pooja has not been performed properly.               harnessed inside the ball to stop them moving around. In
       (3) the snake has not been killed.                           ‘Hydrozorbing’ however, you have to do away with the straps
       (4) the place has not been cleaned.                          and slide around in a bucket or two of water. This version
  350. In the context of the passage, predator means                can be enjoyed alone, or you can share the experience with
       (1) snake charmer           (2) plunderer                    up to two other people inside the same zorb. But don’t be
                                                                    surprised if you get the odd bump or bruise!
       (3) an animal of prey       (4) a kind of snake
       Directions (351 – 355) : You have a passage with 5                             SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the best            hamster        :  an animal lika a large mouse
answer to each question out of the four alternatives.                bruise         :  injury
                     (SSC Multi-Tasking Staff Exam. 10.03.2013,
                                                                     hustle         :  to move very fast in a particular direction.
                                               Ist Sitting : Patna)
                                                                     harnessed      :  controlled and fastened
       Many years ago there lived in India a great king called
Jehangir. He ruled over a very big kingdom or empire. So he         356. Zorbing is
was called an emperor.                                                     (1) a form of transport.          (2) a form of sport.
       The emperor wanted to be just to all his subjects. He               (3) a stunt act in a circus. (4) an indoor game.
ordered his soldiers to tie a big bell in front of the palace.      357. The people who actively take up zorbing are called
Then he sent the soldiers to every part of the empire. They                (1) Zorboes.                      (2) Zorbs.
announced that if the people had any complaint they could
                                                                           (3) Zorbingers.                   (4) Zorbers.
come to the palace and ring the bell. The emperor himself
                                                                    358. The author implies that zorbing
would listen to their complaints. He would give them justice.
                                                                           (1) involves a lot of skills and a fair amount of risks.
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                                      (2) requires a hamster to run inside the wheels.
 just          :  fair ; impartial                                         (3) was not at first intended as a land- based sport.
                                                                           (4) builds up team spirit.
  351. Jehangir was called an emperor because
                                                                    359. Zorbing is fairly safe because
       (1) he was a great king
                                                                           (1) there is adequate cushioning in the zorbs.
       (2) he ruled over a very big kingdom
                                                                           (2) it does not require much skill.
       (3) he lived in India                                               (3) the PVC balls are airtight.
       (4) he lived in a big empire many years ago                         (4) it does not demand any speed.