296. Herman wanted to remain with Mother because                  302. Which of the following statements is not true in the
        (1) she was excited.                                            context of the passage ?
        (2) he wanted to protect her.                                   (1) If we don’t smile we are ruining our present.
        (3) he was lazy to climb down the staircase.                    (2) If we smile we are mad.
        (4) he was frightened.                                          (3) The frown on our face is an indication of the stress.
297. Who or what would be running around downstairs ?                   (4) Confidence and optimism help us to be cheerful.
        (1) Rats          (2) The brothers                        303. The author’s main objective in writing the passage
        (3) Burglars      (4) Mother                                    seems to be
298. What was the difficulty in calling the police ?                    (1) to warn us of a dull future.
        (1) The phone was downstairs.                                   (2) to highlight the ill-effects of computers.
        (2) There was no phone in the house.                            (3) to enhance our skill of time-management.
        (3) Mother did not want to call the police.                     (4) to unfold the healing powers of a gentle smile.
        (4) The police would not come.
                                                                  304. Smile is referred to as a pleasant weapon because
299. He (Herman), was in colour, a light green. This
                                                                        (1) it is harmful.
        means he
                                                                        (2) it pierces the heart.
        (1) was sick
        (2) was frightened                                              (3) it helps us overcome our problems.
        (3) the room had a green light                                  (4) it is painful.
        (4) his dress was green in colour                         305. Choose the title most appropriate to the passage.
300. Choose the title most appropriate to the passage.                  (1) Game of life
        (1) Call the police                                             (2) Modern living
        (2) Mysterious sounds in the night                              (3) Crisis management
        (3) Mother’s timely action                                      (4) Effects of cheerful living
        (4) Beware of burglars                                                             PASSAGE-IV
                            PASSAGE-III                                 Suppose your son misbehaves towards you, or your
        Modern living has programmed our lives to a hectic,       father one day in his anger is unduly severe to you, it is no
monotonous schedule that we have forgotten the gentle smile       great virtue to forgive them. Suppose a brother of yours
that once fleeted across the human face. Smile has the            does you some harm, and you say, “Never mind, you are
power to dissolve all worries. It has the all pervasive ability   my brother, I let you go,” there is no great virtue in that.
to lift us from the abysmal depth of gloominess. We should        The difficulty is when you have to forget the sins of your
not be cowed down by work pressure that a constant frown          enemies. If your Dayady who has always hated you, does
imprisons our face. In built confidence and positive atti-        you some fresh injury and you forgive that, then it is a real
tude help a smile to blossom. A face bereft of smile makes
                                                                  act of forgiveness.
us unarmed, for it is the smile that is a pleasant weapon
which resists all hurdles and problems that depress us. If              It is that which the Mahatma preaches. He says, “For-
we learn to smile in a crisis, it shows that we have the          give thine enemies,” which is one of the teachings of Jesus
forbearance and courage to face the crisis. A smile, after        Christ. It is a mistake to think Christianity alone preaches
all, helps us preserve our perfect, present unmindful of          the virtue. Other religions also teach it. Now Gandhi is pre-
our past or future.                                               eminently a Hindu, and he says he is living the best part of
                                                                  Hinduism when he himself forgives the sins of enemies,
                   SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                           and asks people to love them as their friends.
 pervasive :        existing in all parts of a place or thing.    306. Whom should we forgive ?
 cowed down         : frightened                                        (1) Son                  (2) Father
 frown           :  to make a serious, angry or worried ex-             (3) Dayady               (4) Brother
                    pression by bringing your eyebrows close
                                                                  307. What is difficult to forget ?
                    together so that lines may appear on your
                    forehead.                                           (1) Sins of enemies. (2) Sins of brothers.
 abysmal         : extremely bad or of a low standard; terri-           (3) Sins of friends. (4) Sins of parents.
                    ble                                           308. “Forgive thine enemies”– is one of the teaching of
 bereft          : completely lacking something                         (1) Mohammed             (2) Mahaveer
 forbearance : the quantity of being patient and sympa-                 (3) Jesus Christ         (4) Gandhiji
                    thetic towards other people, especially       309. What virtue of Gandhiji is the author talking about ?
                    when they have done something wrong
                                                                        (1) Piety                (2) Courage
301. What is meant by programmed our lives ?                            (3) Selflessness         (4) Forgiveness
        (1) We have set a mechanical routine.                     310. By practising forgiveness Gandhiji lives the best part of
        (2) We like to become software engineers.                       (1) Jainism              (2) Hinduism
        (3) We give various progammes.                                  (3) Buddhism             (4) Christianity
        (4) We give a set of instructions.