(3) Without cutting trees he can’t earn money; can’t     ennobled       :  made somebody a member of the nobility.
           buy his meals.
                                                                abet           :  to help or encourage somebody to do
       (4) There won’t be enough trees to cut.                                    something wrong.
289. The theme of the comprehension is                          deliverance :     the state of being rescued from danger,
       (1) everything co-exists in nature.                                        pain, etc.
       (2) don’t harm anybody.                                  expedite       :  to make a process happen more quickly.
       (3) inter-are and inter-be.
                                                                refurbished :     cleaned and decorated a room, building,
       (4) very confusing.
                                                                                  etc. in order to make it more attractive,
290. Why does the writer think that the word inter-be                             more useful, etc.
       should be in the dictionary ?
                                                                reinforced     :  made a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger.
       (1) Because he didn’t find this word in the dictionary.
                                                                combat         :  fighting or a fight, especially during a time
       (2) Because he is a linguist.
                                                                                  of war.
       (3) Because he is interested in new words.
       (4) Because our very existence is defined by this term. 291. Who has given an account of the battle between Greece
       Directions (291– 320) : You have six brief passages            and Persia ?
with 5 questions following each passage. Read the pas-                (1) Darius              (2) Herodotus
sages carefully and choose the best answer to each ques-
                                                                      (3) Plataea             (4) None of the above
tion out of the four alternatives.
  (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence Officer Exam. 28.08.2011    292. What did the Athenians do to expedite victory ?
                                                     Paper-II)        (1) They equipped their army with better weapons.
                          PASSAGE–I                                   (2) They prayed for assistance of neighbouring states.
       The victory of the small Greek democracy of Athens             (3) They fooled the Persians by retreating.
over the mighty Persian Empire in 490 B.C. is one of the              (4) They sought divine assistance.
most famous events in history. Darius, King of the Persian     293. Marathon was the place where ____.
Empire, was furious because Athens had interceded for                 (1) people went to sanctuaries
the other Greek city-states in revolt against Persian domi-
                                                                      (2) Athenians achieved victory
nation. In anger the King sent an enormous army to defeat
                                                                      (3) Darius ruled
Athens. He thought it would take drastic steps to pacify
the rebellious part of the Empire. Persia was ruled by one            (4) Greeks seized Persian ships
man.                                                           294. In the passage intercede means to
       In Athens, however, all citizens helped to rule. En-           (1) argue in favour of
nobled by this participation, Athenians were prepared to              (2) support without any conditions
die for their city-state. Perhaps this was the secret of the
                                                                      (3) justify with examples
remarkable victory at Marathon, which freed them from
Persian rule. On their way to Marathon, the Persians tried            (4) intervene on behalf of
to fool some Greek city-states by claiming to have come in     295. This is a passage about
peace. The frightened citizens of Delos refused to believe            (1) military strategy.       (2) committed patriotism.
this. Not wanting to abet the conquest of Greece, they fled
                                                                      (3) social harmony.          (4) historical record.
from their city and did not return until the Persians had
left. They were wise, for the Persians next conquered the                                PASSAGE-II
city of Etria and captured its people.                                The slamming of the doors had aroused Mother, she
       Tiny Athens stood alone against Persia. The Athenian    peeped out of her room. “What on earth are you boys do-
people went to their sanctuaries. There they prayed for        ing?” she demanded. Herman ventured out of his room
deliverance. They asked their Gods to expedite their vic-      “Nothing” he said gruffly, but he was, in colour, a light
tory. The Athenians refurbished their weapons and moved        green. “What was all that running around downstairs?” said
to the plain of Marathon, where their little band would meet   Mother. So she had heard the steps, too. We just looked at
the Persians. At the last moment, soldiers from Plataea        her. “Burglars” she shouted intentively. I tried to quieten
reinforced the Athenian troops.                                her by starting lightly downstairs. “Come on, Herman,” I
       The Athenian army attacked, and Greek citizens          said. “I’ll stay back with Mother,” he said, “She’s all ex-
fought bravely. The power of the mighty Persians was off-      cited”. I stepped back on the landing. “Don’t either of you
set by the love that the Athenians had for their city. Athe-   go a step,” said Mother. “We’ll call the police.” Since the
nians defeated the Persians in archery and hand combat.        phone was downstairs I didn’t see how we were going to
Greek soldiers seized Persian ships and burned them, and       call the police – nor did I want the police, but Mother made
the Persians fled in terror. Herodotus, a famous historian,    one of her quick incomparable decisions. She flung up a
reports that 6400 Persians died, compared with only 192        window of her bedroom which faced the bedroom, window
Athenians.                                                     of the house of a neighbour, picked up a shoe and whammed
                 SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                          it through a pane of glass.
 interceded :     to speak to somebody in order to persuade                      SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                  him to have pity on somebody else or to
                                                                intentively :     purposely
                  help settle an argument.