(2) It is attacked by Idealists, who are visionary el-                            PASSAGE - VI
          ders.                                                    The environment comprises all the physical, social and
      (3) It is attacked by Adaptives, who are rising adults. cultural factors and conditions influencing the existence or
      (4) It is attacked by Adaptives, who are youths.        the development of an organism. Due to indiscriminate in-
270. Pragmatic most closely means                             dustrialization, man has created a state of decadence. He
      (1) behaving in a reckless way.                         has continuously tampered “with nature which has result-
                                                              ed in the threat to the sustenance of mankind. Although,
      (2) acting in a practical way.
                                                              attempts have been made to restore nature to its previous
      (3) acting on the basis of principle.                   state of purity and serenity, the efforts have not been whole-
      (4) behaving in a reclusive way.                        hearted.
                         PASSAGE - V                               Earth is the home we all share and would pass on to
     An old shepherd was playing on a flute on the marsh-     our future generations as their legacy. But if they inherit
lands outside Rome. He played so sweetly that a lovely        the present state of the world, they would be unable to
fairy came and listened to him.                               sustain themselves. Man has steadily improved the tech-
     “Will you marry me, and play to me in my castle ?” she   nologies and other means necessary for higher production
said.                                                         of wealth and for the availability of devices that could give
     “Yes, yes, lovely lady !” said the shepherd.             more physical and mental pleasures. The industrial revolu-
                                                              tion led to a drastic escalation of earth’s surface tempera-
     The fairy put a ring on his finger. At once he became a
                                                              ture. Man exploited nature for his benefits, without any
handsome young man dressed in princely robes.
                                                              foresight as to what the implications of his actions would
     “But 1 must first go to Rome and bid farewell to my      be.Indiscriminate industrialization resulted in urban migra-
friends”, he said.                                            tion as the rural poor settled in cities in search of opportu-
     The fairy gave him a golden coach with twelve white      nities. Cities, already facing a population crisis could not
horses. As he rode in State to Rome, he met the young         accommodate the migrants and this led to the development
Queen of Italy, who invited him to her palace.                of slums. This has resulted in increased pressure on the
     The shepherd saw that he had won the Queen’s heart.      available resources and further degradation of the environ-
He resolved to marry her and become the King of Italy and     ment.
let the fairy go. So when he and the Queen were alone
                                                                               SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
together he knelt down and took her hand, saying :
                                                               decadence     :   behaviour, attributes, etc. which show a
     “Marry me, dearest and I will help you to govern Italy.”
                                                                                 fall in standards, especially moral ones,
     But as soon as he spoke he turned into an old and                           and an interest in pleasure and enjoyment
rugged shepherd.                                                                 rather than more serious things.
     “What is this horrible beggar doing here ?” cried the     sustenance : the food and drink that people, animals
Queen. “Whip him out of the palace.”                                             and plants need to live and stay healthy.
271. The fairy wanted to marry the shepherd because            serenity      : calmness and peacefulness
      (1) he was very handsome.
      (2) he had saved her life.                              276. A state of decadence has come about because of
      (3) he could play sweetly on hisflute.                        (1) indiscriminate exploitation of resources.
      (4) the shepherd loved her.                                   (2) due to half-hearted attempts.
                                                                    (3) natural disasters.
272. When the fairy put a ring on his finger, the shepherd
                                                                    (4) None of the above
      (1) disappeared.
                                                              277. Why would the future generations find it difficult to
      (2) changed into a handsome youth.                            live on the earth?
      (3) married her.                                              (1) Due to global warming.
      (4) turned into a statue.                                     (2) Because they have inherited an overexploited en-
273. The shepherd went to Rome in a                                     vironment.
      (1) palanquin.         (2) boat.                              (3) Because they rely only on technology.
      (3) cart.              (4) coach.                             (4) Due to lack of sustainability.
274. When the shepherd reached Rome, he                       278. Implication means
      (1) planned to marry the Queen of Italy.                      (1) after effects.          (2) consequences.
      (2) met his friends there.                                    (3) wrong doing.            (4) causes.
                                                              279. The theme of the passage is
      (3) sought his parents’ permission to marry the fairy.
                                                                    (1) environmental degradation
      (4) met the King of Italy.
                                                                    (2) environmental pollution
275. The Queen ordered the shepherd to be whipped out
                                                                    (3) crisis faced by the modern world
      of the palace because he
                                                                    (4) All of the above
      (1) refused to marry her.
                                                              280. Industrialization has resulted in
      (2) turned old and ugly.
                                                                    (1) overpopulation       (2) crowding of cities
      (3) tried to steal her jewels.                                (3) migration of people to the cities
      (4) revealed his plan to marry the fairy.                     (4) Both (2) and (3)