mon, however for people to stop taking a drug when they                  Quite unwittingly we have increased the enrolment in
begin to feel better. This, too, can be dangerous.                 schools alarmingly. Most of the students have neither the
       What are the steps to be taken for safety? (1) Take a       requisite aptitude to learn nor any clear-cut goal in life. The
drug only as recommended on the label or by the doctor.(2)         destiny of students would be decided in the final examina-
If you feel ill after taking a drug, check it with a doctor.(3)    tion of a written nature to test bookish, rote memory.
Do not mix drugs . (4) Check whether any food or activities              All laudable objectives of kindling originality and prob-
are to be avoided.                                                 lem solving ability are trumpeted only in educational semi-
                                                                   nars and workshops. Ultimately all these are gone with the
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS                             wind. No wonder examination hangs like a Damocles’ sword.
 formulations : the act of creating/preparing something                  Compare this with a related discipline such as music
                      carefully                                    and dance. None would venture to seek entry into such
 meagre             : deficient in amount/quality/extent           centres of excellence unless one has proven aptitude to
 side-effects       : an extra and usually bad effect that a       profit from training.
                      drug has on you                                   Here the students have excellent rapport with their
                                                                   teachers who evaluate their performance on a day-to-day
 unintelligible : impossible to understand
                                                                   basis and provide constant feedback. Students enjoy prac-
206. Which one of the following statements is true ?               tising at home what they are taught in class.
       (1) Indians use more than 40,000 allopathic drugs.                As they realise their progress by constant reinforce-
       (2) Indians hate allopathic medicines.                      ment, they welcome and enjoy examination in class. Under
                                                                   the watchful guidance of committed teachers, students grow
       (3) Other Asian countries do not have allopathic me
                                                                   and blossom out as well-trained artistes.
                                                                         This is possible and feasible because the teacher-
       (4) Indians cannot afford allopathic drugs
                                                                   pupil ratio is ideal and the attitude of the learner is based
207. How are drug users to be instructed by the manufac-           on devotion and dedication.
       turers ?
       (1) Doctors should give a manual of instruction.                             SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       (2) The Chemist should issue an instruction manual.          veritable     :  a word used for emphasizing that some-
       (3) Information should be printed on the carton or in                         body/something can be compared to some-
           a pamphlet kept inside it.                                                body/something else that is more excit-
       (4) Patients should keep in touch with drug manufac-                          ing, more impressive, etc; positive
           turers.                                                  rote memory : learning by repeating, until you remem-
                                                                                     ber it rather than by understanding the
208. Only one of the following sentences is right. Identify it.
                                                                                     meaning of it.
       (1) All medicines produce reactions of various degrees
                                                                    laudable      : deserving to be praised/admired, even if
           in their users.
                                                                                     not successful.
       (2) Even mild drugs are not always safe.
                                                                    kindling      : making something such as an interest,
       (3) Medicines should be discontinued as soon as we
                                                                                     emotion, etc. start to grow/feel in some-
           feel better.
       (4) More than the prescribed dose brings quicker re-
                                                                    trumpeted : talked about/something publicly in a
           covery.                                                                   proud/enthusiastic way.
209. Drug manufacturers ________ .                                  gone with : disappeared; gone for
       (1) do not give instructions                                 the wind         ever.
       (2) give all instructions necessary                          Damocles : a bad/unpleasant
       (3) give very little and unintelligible information          sword            thing that might happen to you at any time
       (4) give information only when asked                                          and that makes you feel worried/fright-
210. Which one of the following is true?                                             ened.
       (1) Throw away the drug that produces side effects           Venture       : to say/do something in a careful way.
           and try another.                                         feasible      : that is possible and likely to be achieved.
       (2) Drugs may be taken with all kinds of foods.
       (3) Drugs do not inhibit our normal life style.             211. Ultimately all these are gone with the wind. The
       (4) Drugs should be used only according to prescrip-              above sentence shows that the writer
                                                                         (1) enjoys the prevailing situation.
                                                                         (2) regrets our ignoring the aims of true education.
     Directions (211 – 215) : You have one brief passage
                                                                         (3) is quite satisfactory about the syllabus.
with 5 questions. Read the passage carefully and choose
the best answer to each question out of the four alterna-                (4) makes fun of teachers and their students.
tives.                                                             212. The passage emphasises the need for
                (SSC Higher Secondary Level Data Entry Operator          (1) making dance and music compulsory in schools.
                             & LDC Exam. 28.11.2010 (IInd Sitting)       (2) making examinations an enjoyable experience.
       This is the thorny side of the prevailing examination             (3) seeking easy questions in the examinations.
system. Most examiners have perfected their skill in mak-                (4) warning examiners who harass students in the
ing it a veritable nightmare for majority of the students.                   examinations.