petition            :  an official document asking a court               Every society must develop in its people a social re-
                        to take a particular course of action      sponsibility. This is something that we, in India, have been
                                                                   falling short of.
 beauty pageants :      beauty contests/competitions
                                                                          We are very individualistic and don’t relate ourselves
 vigorous            :  done with great force and energy           to our society as such. Very seldom, do we actually go out
 abuse               :  unfair, cruel/violent treatment of         and do something, which is beneficial to the society and
                        somebody                                   which does not have a side-benefit for ourselves, as indi-
  prerogative : a right/advantage belonging to a particu-          viduals. And, this is another thing that must be built into
                   lar person or group because of his/its im-      the education system.
                   portance or social position.                           Our young boys and girls coming out must have a
  perseverance : the quality of continuing to try to achieve       feeling for our society. There is a special responsibility that
                   a particular aim despite difficulties.          you have, that we all have in building up the spirit. We
  dissipate      : to gradually make something become              have to see that what we learn is not used only for our own
                   weaker until it disappears.                     personal benefits, that every task we do is such that it
  tainted        : damaged or spoiled the quality of some-         benefits the weak and the poor, as Gandhiji has said.
                   thing or the opinion that people have of               India, today, is striving out into the modern world. We
                   somebody/something                              are looking ahead to new technology, to high technology,
                                                                   new methods, new types of employment, and a new dyna-
111. The Women’s World Conference was very important               mism in our economic growth.
       because                                                            But while we look ahead, we must not forget the mil-
       (1) Ms. Aung Suu Kyi has just been awarded the pres-        lions who are still below the poverty line. When we look at
           tigious Nobel Peace Prize.                              technology, when we look at science, when we look at de-
       (2) Ms. Aung Suu Kyi was taking part in the Confer-         velopment, our attention must not be diverted from what is
           ence.                                                   still a major block in India — the poor and deprived groups.
       (3) its main purpose was to change inequalities be-         And everything we do must be targetted in a manner that
           tween men and women.                                    the benefit will flow to the weak, the deprived and the de-
       (4) it was to protest against beauty contests.              pressed.
112. Which of the following arguments of Ms. Aung Suu
                                                                                      SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       Kyi is not true ?
                                                                    dynamism : energy and enthusiasm to make new things
       (1) Women also can bring greater peace to the world.
                                                                                     happen or to make things succeed.
       (2) Men cannot claim they have done more for peace.
       (3) Women have the capacity for compassion and sac-          fall short of :    to fail to reach the standard you need
           rifice.                                                  deprived        :  needy
       (4) Men have done nothing to dissipate ignorance.            depressed       :  very sad and without hope
113. The main emphasis in Ms. Ayako Yamaguchi’s argu-              116. According to the author, the Indian people
       ment is
                                                                           (1) are socially very responsible
       (1) men have no right to judge women.
                                                                           (2) lack social responsibility
       (2) men should be given more time to evaluate women.
                                                                           (3) have several responsibilities
       (3) all women are beautiful in a way.
                                                                           (4) are highly irresponsible
       (4) beauty contests are not necessary.
114.Beauty is something different for everyone.                    117. Indians do not do anything beneficial to society un-
       This statement means
                                                                           (1) there is a benefit for themselves.
       (1) beauty is certainly different from ugliness.
       (2) beautiful women do not mingle with other women.                 (2) it involves personal sacrifices.
       (3) beauty cannot be defined adequately.                            (3) other individuals are benefitted.
       (4) each woman is beautiful.                                        (4) the whole society benefits by it.
115. Colourful start in the first sentence refers to               118. The author says that India
       (1) participants who were all beautiful.                            (1) wants to acquire new technology.
       (2) a lot of excitement and cheerfulness in the con-                (2) does not want new technology.
           ference hall.                                                   (3) already has sufficient new technology.
       (3) absence of black coloured girls.                                (4) can export technology to other counrtries.
       (4) flags of various colours outside the conference         119. The author suggests that
           hall.                                                           (1) the poor and the weak must benefit from new tech-
      Directions (116-120) : You have one brief passage                        nology.
with 5 questions following the passage. Read the passage                   (2) the poor and the weak produce new technology.
carefully and choose the best answer to each question out
                                                                           (3) the new technology must help the rich.
of the four alternatives.
                          (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)          (4) the new technology is useless to the poor and the
                                   Exam. 30.09.2007 (IInd Sitting)             weak.