96. What is the basis for progress and growth according                          SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       to the writer ?
                                                                    correlate     : to show that there is a close connection
       (1) Faith in progress is deep-rooted in our culture.                         between two or more facts, figures, etc.
       (2) We have been taught that progress in necessary.          potential     : possibility of something happening/being
       (3) Material progress has given us strength.                                 developed/used.
       (4) We have assumed to progress.                             spin-offs     : unexpected but useless results of an ac-
  97. What does the writer attribute to modern econom-                              tivity that is designed to produce some-
       ics ?                                                                        thing else.
                                                                    unenviable : difficult/unpleasant.
       (1) That our lives are easier than before.
                                                                    ruthless      : hard and cruel; determined to get what
       (2) The progress is a natural process.
                                                                                    you want and not caring if you hurt other
       (3) That material progress leads to higher satisfaction                      people.
           and well-being.                                          put your nose to
       (4) That it forces us to assume progress.                    the grindstone : to work hard for a long period of time
  98. What is the writer’s image of the primitive people ?                          without stopping.
       (1) Their life was harsh.                                    hard-nosed : not affected by feelings while trying to get
       (2) They did no work.                                                        what you want.
       (3) They were lazy.                                        101. Why do our achievements fail to correlate with our
       (4) Search for food was their primary focus in life.              potential?
  99. What is the key to understanding the primitive people’s            (1) Because of lack of intelligence.
       behaviour according to the passage ?                              (2) Because of lack of discipline.
       (1) They had no desires.                                          (3) Because of lack of external help.
       (2) They had everything they needed.                              (4) Because of lack of self-discipline.
       (3) They had limited desires.                              102. How does one’s self-confidence develop?
       (4) They kept their wants high.                                   (1) By taking risks.
100. How does the writer appreciate the primitives ?                     (2) By always meeting with success.
       (1) They have a low degree of wants.                              (3) By being cautious.
       (2) They are the masters of their time owing to their             (4) By being garrulous.
           contentedness.                                         103. What does every chance in our life teach us?
       (3) They are materially poor.                                     (1) It helps us to become philosophical.
       (4) They are highly satisfied.                                    (2) It helps us to become idealistic.
      Directions (101-105) : You have one brief passage with             (3) It helps us to learn.
five questions. Read the passage carefully and choose the                (4) It shows us our limitation.
best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.        104. How does the author reward him after his success?
                         (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)         (1) By taking a short holiday.
                                  Exam. 26.11.2006 (IInd Sitting)        (2) By doing more work.
                           Passage-I                                     (3) By visiting friends.
      All of us have enormous capabilities. In many of us                (4) By thanking God.
however, our achievements fail to correlate with our poten-
                                                                  105. What does the author try to convey?
tial, because of lack of self-discipline-the effort needed to
                                                                         (1) One has to be complacent about his present self.
channel our energy for productive uses. To maximise your
effectiveness you must “learn to put your nose to the grind-             (2) One has to work hard and learn at least from
stone, work against boredom and learn to take the long,
hard way in life rather than the short, easy way”.                       (3) Only inborn genius brings success in life.
      Here are a few suggestions that focus on “How to do                (4) One has to believe in luck.
what you want to do.” Take risks. It is important to realise           Directions (106-115) : You have two brief passages
that nothing in life is achieved unless you risk something.       with 5 questions following each passage. Read the pas-
That’s how self-confidence develops. Every chance you take,       sages carefully and choose the best answer to each ques-
offers you valuable spinoffs in terms of learning. Earn a         tion out of the four alternatives.
reward. Sometime back I had to face the rather unenviable                           (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 10.12.2006)
task of preparing for two examinations simultaneously. I                                    PASSAGE–I
had to be ruthless in driving myself from one goal to anoth-           The Law is an ass, declared Mr. Bumble in Oliver
er. Hard nosed attitude saw me sail through the courses. I        Twist, and it often seems he was right. For punishment
rewarded myself at the end of it indulging in my favourite        does not always fit the crime and it rarely happens that a
pastime and taking a short holiday.                               prison term reforms a criminal”.