systems, whether capitalist, fascist or communist, reject                (3) Non-humans have refused co-operation to human
in their working the basic principle that the free and cre-                  beings.
ative unfoldment of every man, woman and child is the                    (4) He hates and distrusts other human beings.
true measure of the worth of any society. Such unfoldment           84. Which of the following statements is not true in con-
requires understanding and imagination, integrity and com-               text of the given passage ?
passion, cooperation among people and harmony between                    (1) Power and possession go hand in hand.
the human species and the rest of nature. Acquisitiveness
                                                                         (2) The modern man is not individualist.
and the pursuit of power have made the modern man an
aggressor against everything that is non-human; an exploiter             (3) There is a need for a new renaissance.
and oppressor of those who are poor, meek and unorganised;               (4) Poor and weak people are oppressed by the mod-
a pathological type which hates and distrusts the world                      ern man.
and suffers from both acute loneliness and false pride.             85. Which of the following is one of the requirements
                                                                         bringing out the best is man ?
                SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                         (1) Money.                  (2) Success.
  pursuits     : the act of looking for or trying to find some-
                                                                         (3) Power.                  (4) Understanding.
  distorted : changed.
                                                                     Child psychology is certainly not a strong point with
  to prize     : to value highly.
                                                                 most Indian schools; why else would they inflict a double
  acquisition : the act of getting/acquiring something           trauma on a student forming badly in the pre-boards by
  capitalist : a person who owns or controls a lot of wealth     banning her from taking the board exams. Often with fatal
                   and uses it to produce more wealth.           results as evidenced by reports of student suicides in the
  fascist      : a person who supports central government        run-up to the boards. Now the Central Board of Secondary
                   that does not allow any opposition.           Education (CBSE) has stepped in and put the brakes on
  communist : a person who believes that all are treated         this discriminatory practice, ruling that no student can be
                   equally.                                      barred from the Boards without prior clearance from the
  unfoldment : known to all people.                              CBSE. This is good news for parents and students, many
  Compassion : a strong feeling of sympathy for people           of whom have had to live with the threat of performance-
                   who are suffering and a desire to help them.  linked department. While the school’s logic is that in order
                                                                 to attract talented students, they need to maintain their
  integrity    : the quality of being honest and having
                                                                 performance records at high levels. Chances are that a
                   strong moral principles.
                                                                 student faring poorly at the pre-boards will replicate this at
  acquisitiveness : wanting very much to buy or get new
                                                                 the boards is faulty. Chances are that the student will be
                                                                 spurred to work doubly hard. On the other hand, the threat
 harmony         : a state of peaceful existence and agree-      of debarment, will almost certainly impact adversely on his/
                     ment                                        her performance. Of course, linking pre-boards to the
 aggressor       :   a person, country, etc. that attacks first  boards is only one of the problems with our school system.
 oppressor       :   a person/group that treat somebody in                         SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                     a cruel and unfair way                        inflict        : to make somebody/something suffer
 pathological :      not reasonable/sensible/controllable                           something unpleasant.
 acute           :   very serious/severe                           trauma         : an unpleasant experience that makes you
 false pride     :   a high opinion of oneself/one’s abilities,                     feel upset and/or anxious; or mental con-
                     not based on real achievement/success                          dition caused by a severe shock.
                                                                   run-up         : period of time leading up to an important
   81. The author appears to be advocating which of the                             event; preparation for this
       following approaches to be adopted by society.              discrimin– : unfair
       (1) Capitalistic      (2) Communists                        atory
       (3) Humanistic        (4) Authoritarian                     replicate      : duplicate; to copy/produce something ex-
   82. Which of the following best describes the behaviour                          actly.
       of modern man?                                              faulty         : not perfect; defective
       (1) Imaginative and sympathetic.                            spurred        : encouraged
       (2) Cruel and greedy.                                       debarment : being officially prevented to do something
       (3) Conscientious and co-operative.                        banning        : to decide or say officially that something
       (4) Percepting and creative.                                                 is not allowed
   83. According to the passage, why has modern man               fatal          :  causing/ending in death
       turned out as an enemy of everything that is non-
                                                                  put the        :  to stop an activity
       (1) He has been dominated by drives of acquisitive-        brakes on         :
           ness and power.                                        barred         :  prevented
       (2) He consciously practises spirit of co-operation.       logic          :  a way of thinking/explaining something