16.    Why is it that science cannot express friendship with                        SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
       a formula?
                                                                   stripped off : removed completely
       (1) Science and friendship cannot co-exist.
                                                                   invalids        : persons who need other people to take
       (2) It is abstract term which cannot be grappled by                           care of them, because of illness that they
                                                                                     have had for a long time.
       (3) Friendship is beyond science’s mastery.
       (4) Friendship is unknown to scientists.                    21. The main source of animal oil is
17. The word magic refers to                                           (1) fish.                      (2) whale.
       (1) evening dusk.                                               (3) sea weeds.                 (4) plants.
       (2) the sunrise.                                            22. Vegetable oil is mainly used for
       (3) solar and lunar eclipse.                                    (1) eating.                    (2) cooking.
       (4) setting of the sun, with all its beauty.                    (3) frying.                    (4) lubricating.
18. Which of the following are beyond science’s reach,             23. The ....... of fish yeilds nourishing oil.
       according to the passage?                                       (1) liver                      (2) stomach
       (1) Love and laughter, pain and loneliness.                     (3) eyes                       (4) head
       (2) Derivation of a formula.
                                                                   24. The thick protective covering of fat on a whale is called a
       (3) Complexity of time and tide.
                                                                       (1) skin.                      (2) cells.
       (4) Work of the mind.
                                                                       (3) blubber.                   (4) fins.
19. The verb flock refers to.
                                                                   25. ....... are made from vegetable, animal products and
       (1) tourists in Britain.
                                                                        the oils of certain flowers.
       (2) local people.
                                                                       (1) Perfumes                   (2) Cosmetics
       (3) large number of foreign tourists visiting homes of
            playwrights, writers, poets.                               (3) Cooking medium             (4) Soaps
       (4) Indian tourists.                                           Directions (26-35) : You have two brief passages with
20. Why according to the author do tourists prefer to            five questions following each passage. Read the passages
       visit hallowed homes of playwrights, writers and po-      carefully and choose the best answer to each question out
       ets rather than visiting the habitation of eminent sci-   of the four alternatives.
       entists?                                                                      (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 14.12.2003)
       (1) The houses of playwright and writers are well-                                    PASSAGE-I
            decorated and are full of splendour                       Vacations were once the prerogative of the privileged
       (2) Science cannot explain human emotions. Hence,         few, even as late as the nineteenth century. Now they are
            people have a soft corner for those who produce      considered the right of all, except for such unfortunate
            a splendid display of emotions in their work.        masses as in China, for whom life, except for sleep and
       (3) Scientists are loathsome.                             brief periods of rest, is uninterrupted toil.
       (4) Houses of scientists are untidy and not well-pre-          They are more necessary now than before because the
            served.                                              average life is well rounded and has become increasingly
    Directions (21-25) : You have a brief passage with 5         departmenta-lised. The idea of vacations, as we conceive it
questions following the passage. Read the passage careful-       must be incomprehensible to primitive people. Rest of some
ly and choose the best answer to each question out of the        kind has of course always been a part of the rhythm of
four alternatives.                                               human life, but earlier ages did not find it necessary to
                  (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 16.11.2003) organise it in the way that modern man has done. Holi-
                           PASSAGE                               days, feast days, were sufficient.
    There are three main groups of oils-animal, vegetable             With modern man’s increasing tensions, with the use-
and mineral. Great quantities of animal oil comes from           less quality of so much of his work, this break in the year’s
whales, those enormous creatures of the sea, which are           routine became steadily more necessary. Vacations became
the largest of the animals remaining in the world. To pro-       necessary for the purpose of renewal and repair.
tect the whales from the cold of the Arctic seas, nature has                        SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
provided them with a thick covering of fat, called blubber.
                                                                   prerogative : a right or advantage belonging to a partic-
When the whale is killed, the blubber is stripped off and
                                                                                     ular person or group because of his/its
boiled down. It produces a great quantity of oil which can
                                                                                     importance or social position.
be made into food for human consumption. A few other
creatures yield oil, but none so much as the whale. The            privileged : having special rights or advantages that
livers of the cod and halibut, two kinds of fish, yield nour-                        most people do not have.
ishing oil. Both cod liver oil and halibut oil are given to sick   toil            : hard unpleasant work that makes you feel
children and other invalids who need certain vitamins.                               very tired.
    Vegetable oil has been known from very old times. No           conceive        : to form an idea, a plan, etc. in your mind.
household can get on without it, for it is used in cooking.        incomprehensible : impossible to understand
Perfumes may be made from the oils of certain flowers.
                                                                    26. The author’s main purpose in this passage is to
Soaps are made from vegetable and animal product and
                                                                         (1) explore the history of vacations.
the oils of certain flowers.