sheets and joints, most of the things we require for our
                  SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
                                                                  everyday use, come out of factories where scientific prin-
  decadent       : having or showing low standards, especial-
                                                                  ciples are utilized for practical ends. Science has enabled
                    ly moral ones, and an interest only in plea-
                                                                  man to bring forces of nature under control and to use
                    sure and enjoyment rather than serious
                                                                  them for his own advantage. It has brought the distant
                                                                  parts of the world close together. Our knowledge of the
  collapse       : to fall down/to break down suddenly.           universe has been much widened on account of the untir-
  archaism       : a very old word or phrase that is no long-     ing efforts of the astronomers like Jeans and Eddington.
                    er used.                                      Remarkable cures of human diseases have been possible
  reinforcing : making a feeling. an idea, etc. stronger.         owing to the discovery of some wonderful medicines.
  intensified : increased in degree or strength.
                                                                                     SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
  indefinitely : for a period of time with no fixed limit
                                                                    logical         : seeming natural, reasonable or sensible
  slovenliness : carelessness, untidiness or dirtiness in
                                                                   anatomical      : related to human/animal body
                    appearance or habits
                                                                   desoriptive     : saying what something/somebody is like
  regeneration : making to develop and grow strong again
                                                                   expository      : intended to explain/describe something
  frivolous      : silly or amusing behaviour.
  6. Many people believe that nothing can be done about           11.     The main idea of the passage is
      the English language because                                        (1) the impact of science can be felt in every sphere
      (1) bad habits spread by imitation.                                      of life
      (2) we live in a decadent civilization.                             (2) science is an anathema
                                                                          (3) nothing is beyond the purview of science
      (3) there are too many bad writers.
                                                                          (4) science can work miracles
      (4) people are too lazy to change their bad habits.
                                                                  12. The mode of approach is
  7. The author believes that                                             (1) logical.                (2) anatomical.
      (1) it’s now too late to do anything about the problem.             (3) descriptive.            4) expository.
      (2) language is a natural growth and cannot be shaped       13. What has enabled man to harness the forces of na-
          for our own purposes.                                           ture to the advantage of mankind?
      (3) the decline in the language can be stopped.                     (1) Arts.                   (2) Oratory.
      (4) the process of an increasingly bad language can-                (3) Bravery.                (4) Science.
          not be stopped.                                         14. Science has proved a great boon for
  8. The author believes that the first stage towards the                 (1) scientists.             (2) artists.
      political regeneration of the language would be                     (3) explorers.              (4) mankind.
      (1) taking the necessary trouble to avoid bad habits.       15. The most appropriate title for the passage will be
      (2) avoiding being frivolous about it.                              (1) Science is a curse
      (3) clear thinking.                                                 (2) Science, a great boon
      (4) for professional writers to help.                               (3) Achievements of science
                                                                          (4) None of these
  9. The author believes that
      (1) English is becoming ugly.
                                                                        “Science cannot reduce the magic of a sunset to arith-
      (2) bad language habits are inevitable.
                                                                  metic, nor can it express friendship with a formula” ob-
      (3) our thoughts are becoming uglier because we are         served the eminent medical researcher, Dr. Lous Orr. He
          making the language uglier.                             added, “also beyond science’s mastery of nature are love
      (4) our civilization is decadent so nothing can be done     and laughter, pain and loneliness and insights into truth
          to stop the decline of the language.                    and beauty”. This distancing of science from the human
10. What causes bad language in the end ?                         condition perhaps explains why most foreign tourists visit-
      (1) The bad influence of individual writers.                ing Britain flock predictably to see the hallowed homes of
      (2) The imitation of bad language habits.                   playwrights, writers and poets, but choose to ignore the
                                                                  habitations where its eminent scientists lived and worked.
      (3) Political and economic causes.
      (4) An assumption that nothing can be done about it.                           SOME IMPORTANT WORDS
      Directions (11-20) : You have two brief passages with         insights        : an understanding of what something is
five questions following each passage. Read the passages                               like.
carefully and choose the best answer to each question out           distancing : a difference or lack of connection between
of the four alternatives.                                                              two things.
                   (SSC Section Officer (Audit) Exam. 09.09.2001)   flock           : to go or gather together somewhere in large
                            PASSAGE-I                                                  numbers.
      The achievement of science in the twentieth century           predictably : in a predictable (capable of being foretold)
has been very great. Its influence can be felt in every sphere                         manner.
of life. From the small pins and needles to the huge iron           hallowed        : regarded as holy; sacred.