Q. Then the king had the stone                (1) PSRQ          (2) RQPS              (1) PRQS         (2) RQSP
         removed.                                  (3) QSRP          (4) PQRS              (3) QSRP         (4) QRPS
     R. Next day people passed by             468. 1. Rose was lonely in the house.   472. 1. It is now five in the evening.
         and went round it.                        P. She was very good at that.           P. And so it will bear away an-
     S. He had a big stone put in the              Q. She sat all day in a room on             other child.
         middle of the road one night.                 the terrace.                        Q. Soon it will be six and it will
     6. Under the stone the king had               R. She would sit on the rug and             be time.
         placed a purse full of money.                 do her reading and writing.         R. I have to unveil the truth; I
     (1) PSRQ          (2) SRPQ                    S. It was a little room with noth-          have to end the injustices
     (3) QPRS          (4) PQRS                        ing but a bed and a rug.                committed by the shadow.
465. 1. September 2005.                            6. It was the only thing she had        S. The shadow will then come
     P. I felt such a great weight on                  learnt from the convent.                in darkness.
         me that I could barely move.              (1) QRSP          (2) RSPQ              6. The shadow must be de-
     Q. As the doors closed behind                 (3) QSRP          (4) PSQR                  feated.
         me, I was overcome by deep           469. 1. “As a matter of fact”, said the      (1) PSRQ         (2) SQRP
         loneliness and despair.                       boy modestly,”I’m a space-          (3) QSPR         (4) PRQS
     R. I was leaving behind my                        man.”                          473. 1. “Mother do you love me?”,
         family and I didn’t know                  P. “You can’t see it from here.”            she asked.
         when I would see them again.              Q. ‘From another planet.’               P. She then looked into her
     S. I was going through the                    R. ‘I’m a spaceman’, he said                mother’s tear-filled eyes out
         departure gate at the airport                 again.                                  of impatience for a reply.
         in Holguin, Cuba.                                                                 Q. She kept waiting but her
                                                   S. John and George stared at
     6. In my hands I held my prayer                   the boy.                                mother did not speak.
         book.                                                                             R. Then, she understood what
                                                   6. John gasped, George gave a
     (1) RSQP          (2) RQPS                        shout of laughter.                      words the mother’s eyes
     (3) SQRP          (4) PSRQ                    (1) PSRQ          (2) QPSR                  spoke and the reason for her
466. 1. The recipe of making white                                                             silence.
                                                   (3) RQPS          (4) SRQP
         sauce is very simple.                                                             S. She got no direct reply and
                                              470. 1. A poor woman lost her only
     P. Stir the mixture of maida and                                                          grew restless.
         butter constantly.                                                                6. She climbed slowly on to her
                                                   P. He asked her to bring mus-
     Q. Put one table spoon of fine                                                            mother’s lap.
                                                       tard seed from a house where
         flour (maida) when the butter                 no death had ever taken             (1) PRQS         (2) QSRP
         gets heated.                                  place.                              (3) SQPR         (4) RQPS
     R. Heat one table spoon of butter             Q. As Buddha wanted her to un-     474. 1. In the early 1920’s, settlers
         in a pan.                                     derstand that death is inevi-           came to Alaska looking for
     S. Add one cup of milk to the                     table.                                  gold.
         mixture and cook for one                  R. She could not find such a            P. Today, people use it to get
         minute.                                       house.                                  from place to place.
     6. Add salt and pepper to taste.              S. She came to Buddha to bring          Q. The trail they used to travel
     (1) QRSP          (2) PRQS                        her son back to life.                   inland is known today as the
     (3) SRQP          (4) RQPS                    6. The woman understood the                 Iditarod trail.
467. 1. I can’t stand here and                         message of Buddha.                  R. They travelled by boat, to
         promise that your future                  (1) SPQR          (2) SQPR                  Seward and Krik and from
         path is going to be wonderful.                                                        there by land into the gold
                                                   (3) RSPQ          (4) SRPQ
     P. Whatever one feels like doing                                                          fields.
                                              471. 1. Don’t ask what we are doing
         today is set up as moral.                                                         S. The Iditarod trail quickly be-
                                                       this time.
     Q. People don’t even pretend to                                                           came a major thoroughfare in
                                                   P. On other occasions we have
         care about what is right.                                                             Alaska.
                                                       time in hand.
     R. Instead, it might be very                                                          6. In the winters, the only
                                                   Q. It is difficult to say if the
         difficult, because our time is                                                        means of travel down this trail
                                                       programme can be put up at
         different than some other                                                             is by dog sledge.
         eras in human history.                                                            (1) PSQR         (2) RQSP
                                                   R. This time we are not only fac-
     S. If you look around, you can                                                        (3) PQRS         (4) QRSP
                                                       ing a lack of time but of re-
         see that, little by little, it is a           sources as well.               475. 1. There was a large gathering
         path l eading to ou r                                                                 at the party.
                                                   S. I am losing confidence gradu-
         destruction.                                                                      P. I, too wore a brand new gold
                                                       ally, so please see what you
     6. I am afraid that this legacy of                can do for us.                          jacket.
         freedom i s facing an                                                             Q. My black leather shoes were
                                                   6. We don’t want to give up try-
         uncertain future.                                                                     shining.