443. (P) would miss a very interesting     453. (P) blessing, there is (Q) fact that  461. Rearrange the parts of the
     game (Q) to be played (R) between          it has been a great consolation            sentence in correct order
     two famous teams (S) he said that          (R) if this government is not a            Aggregate levels of under
     those who would not accompany              wholesome (S) no denying the               nutrition in India
     him                                        (1) RSQP         (2) QRSP                  P – remain shockingly high,
     (1) SQRP          (2) SRPQ                 (3) PRSQ         (4) RPSQ                  despite the impressive
     (3) SPQR          (4) QRPS            454. (P) It is no surprise (Q) that             Q – stunting in the last decade
444. (P) no cultured society is possible        Kerala has three international             R – reduction in
     (Q) without books no fresh ideas           airports (R) has tourism as its            (1) PRQ           (2) QPR
     are possible (R) and (S) without           core competency (S) for a state            (3) RPQ           (4) QRP
     fresh ideas                                that                                             (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)
     (1) QRSP          (2) PRSQ                 (1) SRPQ         (2) QPSR                       Exam. 16.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)
     (3) RSQP          (4) RSPQ                 (3) SPQR         (4) SQPR             462. Rearrange the parts of the
445. (P) american (Q) as men (R) earn      455. (P) unsurpassed power (Q)                  sentence in correct order
     as much (S) working women                  modern society (R) in (S) women            Imagine the government
     (1) PSQR          (2) PRQS                 enjoy                                      P – were an investor,
     (3) SRQP          (4) PSRQ                 (1) RQPS         (2) SRPQ                  Q – trying to maximize India’s
446. (P) is a disease (Q) which is as           (3) SPRQ         (4) PRSQ                  long-run
     (R) common as the common cold         456. (P) go to the lady (Q) herself with        R – economic growth
     (S) dental decay                           impeccable majesty and wisdom
     (1) RPSQ          (2) SQRP                                                            (1) PRQ           (2) PQR
                                                (R) who has conducted (S) to a
     (3) QRPS          (4) SPQR                                                            (3) QRP           (4) RPQ
                                                great extent the credit must
447. (P) aimed at ameliorating the (Q)                                                           (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)
                                                (1) SPRQ         (2) SQPR                       Exam. 16.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)
     the package of socioeconomic
                                                (3) SPQR         (4) RSPQ                  Directions (463–482) : In the
     measures announced by the PM
                                           457. (P) is a risk of damage to the       following questions, the 1st and the
     (R) in the country has received
                                                cornea (Q) can be cleared with       last part of the sentence/passage are
     the widespread support of
                                                (R) mo st eye i nfections (S)        numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
     people (S) lot of the teeming
                                                antibiotics but still there          sentence/ passage is split into four
     (1) PRSQ          (2) SQPR                 (1) RPQS         (2) RQSP            parts and named P, Q, R and S. These
     (3) QPSR          (4) RQPS                 (3) SPQR         (4) PRQS            four parts are not given in their proper
                                           458. (P) reading books is a habit (Q)     order. Read the sentence/ passage and
448. (P) has been stagnant (Q) a soft
                                                but also enlarges the mind (R)       find out which of the four combinations
     drink market that (R) the ad is
                                                because it not only increases        is correct.
     an attempt (S) to put some fizz
                                                knowledge (S) which must be                             (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)
                                                cultivated by everybody                                     Exam. 12.01.2017)
     (1) QPSR          (2) SRPQ
                                                (1) PQRS         (2) PSRQ             463. 1. Making ropes is one of the
     (3) RSQP          (4) SQPR
                                                (3) SPRQ         (4) PQSR                      oldest trades in the world.
449. (P) sculpted it into (Q) the world’s
                                           459. Rearrange the parts of the sen-            P. People used them for
     greatest statue (R) existed and
                                                tence in correct order.                        tethering ani mals, for
     (S) she took what
                                                                                               drawing water from wells and
     (1) QRSP          (2) QRPS                 The first clue
                                                                                               for dragging large stones
     (3) SRPQ          (4) SQRP                 P. to the nature of this agenda
                                                                                               which were used in building.
450. (P) an interactive tool to (Q)             Q. lies in the origin of
                                                                                           Q. We know that people made
     available via the World Wide Web           R. the smart city idea itself                  ropes several centuries back.
     (R) a web search engine is (S) help        (1) RPQ          (2) QPR                   R. They made them from camel
     people locate information                  (3) QRP          (4) PQR                       hair and from twisted grass.
     (1) RPSQ          (2) RQSP                       (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)
     (3) PSRQ          (4) QRPS                                                            S. We have found pieces of rope
                                                    Exam. 15.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)            in very old Egyptian tombs.
451. (P) emerged out of its (Q) Chief      460. Rearrange the parts of the sen-
     Minister’s family for its electoral                                                   6. We have found too, ropes
                                                tence in correct order.                        which were made of thin
     fortunes (R) in the past one year,
                                                One year after its official launch,            copper wire in the city of
     the political party has (S) pathetic
                                                P. while expectations                          Pompeii, which was destroyed
     reliance on the
     (1) SQRP          (2) RPSQ                 Q. has largely escaped political               by a volcano 2000 years ago.
                                                     scrutiny                              (1) QSRP          (2) PRQS
     (3) PQRS          (4) QSPR
452. (P) adventure programmes (Q)               R. have been scaled down, the              (3) SQPR          (4) QSPR
     adult programmes (R) more than                  rhetoric                         464. 1. T he king was di stressed
     (S) children watch                         (1) QPR          (2) RPQ                       because his people were lazy.
     (1) PSRQ          (2) SPRQ                 (3) PRQ          (4) PQR                   P. All cursed the stone and
     (3) PRSQ          (4) SPQR                       (SSC CHSL (10+2) Tier-I (CBE)            blamed the Government.
                                                    Exam. 15.01.2017 (IInd Sitting)