421. 1. One day G. Washington was                  tropical rainforests to alpine        S. A sheet of paper is clipped
         riding along a road.                      meadows.                                   against the roller.
     P. The beam was too heavy to              P. In eastern Himalayas the                6. A person who knows typing,
         lift without help.                        rainfall ranges from 125 to                can really work fast on this
     Q. The Corporal was giving them               300 cm, in Assam from 178                  machine.
         orders.                                   to 305 cms.                           (1) SQPR            (2) RPQS
     R. On the way, he saw soldiers            Q. The temperature in the region          (3) PSQR           (4) QPSR
         lifting a heavy beam.                     varies with location, elevation, 428. 1. I usually sleep quite well in
     S. They needed just one more                  topography, rainfall and                   the train, but this time I slept
         man.                                      humidity.                                  only a little.
     6. G. Washington dismounted               R. The uneven distribution                P. Most people wanted it shut
         and helped the soldiers to lift           affects the region in two                  and I wanted it open.
         the beam.                                 opposite ways, floods and             Q. Soon there was a quarrel
        (1) RQPS       (2) QPRS                    droughts.                                  about the window.
        (3) SQRP       (4) QRPS                S. It is largely a humid tropical         R. The quarrel left me
422. 1. There was a boy named Ali.                 region with two periods of                 completely upset.
     P. They asked hi m to find                    rainfall; the winter rains come       S. There were too may people
         work.                                     from the west and the                      and too much luggage all
                                                   Summer rains are brought by                around.
     Q. He lived with his parents.
                                                   the monsoon winds.                    6. The window was shut all
     R. But Ali refused to work.
                                               6. The winter temperature in                   night as usual.
     S. They were very poor.
                                                   Shillong, for example, varies            (1) RSQP          (2) SQPR
     6. They asked him to leave the                from 4°C to 24°C; in Gangtok,
         house.                                                                             (3) SQRP          (4) RSPQ
                                                   from 9°C to 23°C.
        (1) RQPS       (2) PSQR                                                     429. 1. We stayed on the second
                                                  (1) QRSP          (2) SPRQ                  floor of an individual house.
        (3) QSPR       (4) SQPR
                                                  (3) PQRS          (4) RSQP             P. Then she would add the
423. 1. The second centre is much
                                          426. 1. On vacation in T angier,                    three fourths water that he
                                                    Morocco, my friend and I sat              would anyway add to the
     P. It will be known as Dhana
                                                    down at a street cafe.                    milk.
         Dhanya Cultural Complex.
                                               P. At one point, he bent over             Q. One day she said to him that
     Q. It will come up at Alipore.
                                                   with a big smile, showing me               he was too old to cl imb
     R. The State Government has                   a single gold tooth and a dingy            upstairs with the heavy can
         deci ded to set up thi s                  fez.                                       of milk.
                                               Q. Soon I felt the presence of            R. My mother was very angry
     S. But it is equally attractive.
                                                   someone standing alongside                 with the old man who
     6. This will be built in the                  me.                                        brought diluted milk to us.
         memory of Dwijendralal Roy.
                                               R. But this one wouldn"t budge.           S. She suggested to him that he
        (1) PQSR       (2) RQSP                                                               should come up with the can,
                                               S. We had been cautioned about
        (3) SQPR       (4) QPSR                    beggars and told to ignore                 one fourth full with milk.
424. 1. Siem Reap is a small town                  them.                                   6. So that he was not burdened
         near the temple of Angkor                                                            with climbing upstairs with
                                               6. Finally a man walked over to
         Wat.                                                                                 the heavy can.
                                                   me and whi spered, “Hey
     P. There are some fine                        buddy, this guy is your waiter           (1) QRSP          (2) RQSP
         examples of Khmer and                     and he wants to take your                (3) PQRQ          (4) SPRQ
         French architecture.                      order”.                          430. 1. Reporters gather news for
     Q. The town is charming and                                                              newspaper.
                                                  (1) SQRP          (2) SQPR
         worth exploring.
                                                  (3) QSRP         (4)QSPR               P. The newspaper is sent to the
     R. In Angkor Wat you will find                                                           distributors.
                                          427. 1. The manual typewriter is
         mo re than 100 stone
                                                    worked by hand.                      Q. The news is classified and
         mouments and temples.
                                               P. The required letter is thus                 arranged by the editors.
     S. Now a days, visitors are
                                                    printed on the paper.                R. It is printed in the press.
         using it as a base for visits
                                               Q. When one of the keys is                S. Then the newspapers are
         to nearby temples.
                                                    tapped, a hammer goes and                 sent to news agencies.
     6. To see the whole town can
                                                    strikes the ribbon against the       6. The news agencies sell the
         take several days.
                                                    blank paper.                              newspapers.
        (1) QPSR       (2) PSRQ
                                               R. Then the roller automatically             (1) SRPQ          (2) RPSQ
        (3) RSPQ       (4) SPRQ
                                                    moves on, another key is                (3) QRPS          (4) PRQS
425. 1. The north–eastern region
                                                    tapped and the next letter is   431. 1. The trial of Madhuri Gupta
         presents a diverse system of
                                                    printed.                                  began on the morning of 22
         habitats, ranging from