S. They are placed in trays and          Q. On his return home, he narrated        Q. One can be exposed any time
     planted in the sea.                      his adventures to his friends.             and put to shame.
  6. Then the oysters are again left       R. “Oh, it was nothing”, replied the       R. This saying proved to be a mantra
     in the sea.                              traveller.                                 for success in my life.
     (1) QSPR          (2) SQPR            S. “When I was in El Doab”, he             S. Bu t I realised that success
     (3) RPSQ          (4) PSRQ               said, “I made fifty Arabs run!”            through short cuts is shortlived.
411. 1. Time flows on without any          6. “I ran, and they ran after me!”         6. I followed this saying and today
     stop.                                    (1) RPQS           (2) QRSP                I am a successful businessman.
  P. In fact change is the law of             (3) QSPR           (4) PQSR                (1) SPQR           (2) RPSQ
     nature.                             415. 1. Religion can bring revolution           (3) PRSQ           (4) QRPS
  Q. The condition in which a man             in the country.                          Directions (419– 438) : In each
     lives. his ideas and thoughts are     P. Younger generation should read      of the following questions, the 1st and
     changing from age to age.                religious books.                    the last part of the sentence/passage
  R. This is true not only of physical     Q. But it should be practised from     are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of
     life.                                    within.                             the sentence/passage is split into four
  S. That is why, things are always        R. They will learn values of life from parts and named P, Q, R and S. These
     changing.                                those books.                        four parts are not given in their proper
                                           S. Their actions must be properly      order. Read the sentence/passage and
  6. Thus, our mode of living and
                                              motivated.                          find out which of the four combinations
     ideas are different from those of
                                           6. Then they can be better human       is correct.
     our grandfathers.
                                              beings in Indian society.                                 (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)
     (1) SRPQ          (2) SQPR
                                              (1) QPRS           (2) QRPS                                   Exam. 01.12.2016)
     (3) SPQR          (4) SPRQ
                                              (3) RSPQ           (4) PRQS         419. 1. Information Technology is a
412. 1. Adversity is a curse.            416. 1. We wanted to relax and have                 recent development.
  P. When every thing goes on well,           fun.                                       P. These changes are attributed
     we are tempted to take matters        P. All of us agreed to share                      to the Internet, website, e-mail
     easy.                                    responsbilities.                               and Fax.
  Q. But, it has its uses also.            Q. Two of us took our cars.                   Q. As a result of these tech-
  R. But adversity prompts us to exert     R. We decided to go on a picnic at                niques, the whole world has
     ourselves.                               Lodhi Gardens.                                 shrunken into a global village.
  S. We fall into a life of comfort and    S. Each one of us brought one dish,           R. The invention of computer has
     idleness.                                some fruits and sweets.                        accel erated the speed o f
  6. This develops our latent powers,      6. We enjoyed ourselves a lot and                 computing.
     enabling us to prosper in life.          felt a welcome change in our               S. It has brought about revolu-
     (1) QSPR          (2) QPSR               monotonous life.                               tionary changes in the field of
     (3) QRSP          (4) QSRP               (1) SPQR           (2) PRQS                    communication.
413. 1. Giving advice is a difficult          (3) RPQS           (4) SRPQ                6. Browsing Internet has become
     task.                               417. 1. My hobby is to collect thought              a regular feature.
  P. Moreover one doesn’t know                provoking         arti cles   from
                                                                                             (1) QPRS         (2) SRPQ
     oneself, amid ambiguity, how can         newspapers, magazines and
                                              Journals.                                      (3) QRPS         (4) SPRQ
     one know others.
                                           P. It has made me a much sought         420. 1. The telephone is the most
  Q. It is a wonder how such people                                                            tyrannical of all the machines
                                              after speaker.
     like politicians, reformers and                                                           we have invented.
     people suchlike are so confident      Q. It keeps me updated and helps
                                              me in my profession.                       P. We mi ght be watching
     as to invent measures to live
                                           R. My successful talks give me self-                television, reading a book, or
     their life.
                                              satisfaction and fame.                           doing some gardening.
  R. Life is but one and mistakes are
                                           S. Whenever I have to deliver a talk          Q. It uses us more than we use
     often irrepairable.
                                              on topics such as education,                     it.
  S. Unless he knows another
                                              personality development, stress            R. But at the first summon, we
     person, how can he advise?               management, I have a lot to say.                 hasten to answer its call.
  6. I find it very difficult to give      6. There is no doubt that a hobby
     advice.                                                                             S. It rings frantically whenever
                                              is a boon if it combines pleasure                we are in the middle of doing
     (1) PSQR          (2) QRPS               and usefulness.                                  something else.
     (3) SQPR          (4) RPQS               (1) QSPR           (2) RSPQ                6. A re we not l i ke sl aves
414. 1. A traveller had spent many a          (3) SPQR           (4) PQRS                      hastening to their whip-
     year in Africa.                     418. 1. First Deserve and then Desire.                cracking masters?
  P. “How did you manage it?” asked        P. Earlier I was very ambitious and               (1) SPRQ         (2) SRPQ
     one of his friends, greatly              wanted to fulfil my desires by
     impressed.                                                                              (3) QSPR         (4) QPSR
                                              hook or by crook.