four parts are not given in their proper       P. Instead, it grew louder and          R. The wind roared through the
order. Read the sentence/passage and              louder and seemed to be coming          forest carrying the flames almost
find out which of the four combinations           from above.                             to the edge of town.
is correct.                                    Q. At first he thought that it must     S. It all b egan when some
                     (SSC CGL Tier-II (CBE)       be a car travelling along the road      wastepaper caught fire at the
                         Exam. 30.11.2016)        he had recently left.                   foot of the valley.
 399. 1. Some animals like fishes lay          R. He looked up quickly and saw         6. Fire-brigades arrived from all
       eggs and leave them.                       an aeroplane cutting a crazy,           parts of the country to save
    P. The mother does not care for the           zigzag path across the sky.             Deadwood.
       eggs at all.                            S. He expected the noise to fade         (1) RQSP        (2) SQPR
   Q. They lay thousands of eggs at a             away in the distance.                 (3) PSRQ        (4) QSPR
       time but do not look after them.        6. It disappeared for an instant      407. 1. Health and fitness have now
    R. Most of the eggs die and only a            behind some clouds, then                become one of the major
       few of them develop into fishes.           emerged and plunged into the            concerns.
    S. She simply leaves the eggs and             field.                               P. This made life active and alert.
       never comes back to them.                  (1) QSPR         (2) SPRQ            Q. Earlier humans used to hunt for
    6. Is this not something terrible?            (3) RPSQ         (4) QPRS               their living.
       Yet, it is a fact.                    404. 1. I got on a colourful bus filled   R. No w, life has become more
       (1) QPSR           (2) PSQR                with all kinds of strange people.       simple and easy.
       (3) RQPS           (4) QSPR             P. We arrived at a gate like the one    S. Due to which their body had to
 400. 1. Why should I tell you again              in Salvador Dali’s paintings.           undergo a lot o f physical
       and again?                              Q. The bus rode across the dirty           exercise.
    P. They know what they have to do.            expanses without roads.              6. Everything we need is just a
   Q. Don’t you know your duties?              R. At first, I wasn’t aware that the       phone call away.
    R. Only you require to be told.               bus roof was loaded with drugs.         (1) RPSQ          (2) PQRS
    S. Other students need not be told.        S. Everyone was filled with dust           (3) QSPR          (4) SRQP
    6. I will not tolerate this anymore.          and often the wheels would sink    408. 1. My friend Peter went to live
                                                  into the soft soil.                     in a village.
       (1) QSPR           (2) QRPS
                                               6. It was a gate neither separated      P. But it was a very slow animal.
       (3) SPRQ           (4) QPSR
                                                  nor connected anything from or       Q. So Peter bought a donkey for five
 401. 1. One evening he lit a large lamp
                                                  to anything.                            hundred rupees.
       in the bedroom and sat near his
       wife.                                      (1) QRSP         (2) SPQR            R. One day his neighbour told him
                                                  (3) RQSP         (4) RSPQ               that he must buy a donkey.
    P. ‘Why not?’, was the answer.
                                             405. 1. Prices of food products are       S. Every family there had a donkey
   Q. ‘Whatever you like.’
                                                  going up.                               to carry things for them.
    R. ‘Shall I read you something?’, he
                                               P. Seven straight weeks of rising       6. It did not like to work.
                                                  prices have burnt holes i n             (1) RSPQ          (2) QPSR
    S. ‘What shall I read?’, he
                                                  common man’s pockets.                   (3) SRQP          (4) RSQP
                                               Q. But i t ruled out any “blind       409. 1. The master returned home
    6. He was somewhat taken aback
                                                  control” to rein in the increasing      after sometime.
       by her answer.
                                                  rates.                               P. The snake was lying dead under
       (1) RPSQ           (2) SRQP
                                               R. Wholesale price-based inflation         the cradle.
       (3) RQPS           (4) SQPR
                                                  has already touched over a three     Q. He went into the room where the
 402. 1. Marine biology is the study of                                                   baby was sleeping.
       organisms in the ocean.                    year high.
                                               S. The government has admitted          R. It had been killed by his dog.
    P. At a fundamental level, marine                                                  S. He noticed a snake.
       life helps determine the very              that containing inflation would be
                                                  a more difficult task.               6. He realised that his dog had
       nature of our planet.
                                               6. This may hurt economic growth           saved his baby.
   Q. Marine life is a vast resource.
                                                  and reforms.                            (1) SRPQ          (2) QRPS
    R. Shorelines are also shaped and
                                                  (1) SQRP         2) PQRS                (3) QSPR          (4) PQRS
       protected by marine life.
                                                  (3) PRSQ         4) RSQP           410. 1. In summer tiny oysters are
    S. Marine organisms contribute                                                        collected.
       significantly to the oxygen cycle.    406. 1. The bi ggest vi ll ai n i n
                                                  Deadwood has always been one         P. Then each oyster is taken out
    6. Marine biology covers a great                                                      and a small hole is drilled in its
       deal, from the microscopic to the          thing: Fire.
       huge whales.                            P. In less than an hour the flames
                                                  were leaping through the tree-       Q. There they are kept for three
       (1) PSRQ           (2) QPSR                                                        years.
       (3) RPSQ           (4) SPQR                tops.
                                               Q. In our own times, a great fire       R. A tiny piece of sand is put inside
 403. 1. Suddenly the man heard the                                                       the oyster.
       low hum of an engine.                      threatened the town yet again.