358. 1. Designing is as natural to me            S. Volcanoes are generally found             (1) RSPQ            (2) RQPS
           as breathing.                             where tectonic plates are di-            (3) SRPQ            (4) SPRQ
      P. It was then that I launched                 verging or converging.            366. 1.    Right from
           my own label.                         6. Historically, so-called volcanic          P.  have been used as a measure
      Q. It’s been a good season so far.             winters have caused cata-                    of time
      R. But my career took off only                 strophic famines.                        Q. prehistoric times
           after the birth of my second          (1) RSPQ            (2) SQRP                 R. and have formed the basis of
           child.                                (3) SPQR            (4) QSPR                 S. the phases of the moon
      S. Right now, I’m busy with my       362. 1. What gives some persons                    6. the earliest calendar.
           first store.
                                                 P. torturing physical pain                   (1) QRSP            (2) PRSQ
      6. Next month, I’ll be going to
                                                 Q. after experiencing                        (3) QSPR            (4) SRQP
           New York.
                                                 R. after the loss of a precious       367. 1. The internet is
      (1) SQRP          (2) QRSP
                                                     loved one                                P. a worldwide network
      (3) RPSQ          (4) PSQR
                                                 S. the power to fight on                     Q. that should not be
359. 1. The world leaders,
                                                 6. day after day?                            R. regulated or censored
      P. that the despotic regime will
                                                 (1) PQSR            (2) PQRS                 S. by any one country
           try to get
                                                 (3) PSQR            (4) SRQP                 6. howsoever strong the temp-
      Q. by unleashing cruder vio-
                                           363. 1. Though the government                          tation.
           lence that may come
                                                 P. the growth of population                  (1) PSQR            (2) PQRS
      R. gathered in the peace-con-
           ference, were unanimous in            Q. has undertaken a series of plans          (3) PRSQ            (4) PRQS
           voicing their fears                   R. and for raising the standard            Directions (368-371) : In the
      S. over its palpable sense of                  of living of the people           following questions, the first and the
           insecutity                            S. for economic development           last part of the sentence are numbered
                                                 6. has upset all the plans.           1 and 6. The rest of the sentence is
      6. in the form of the use of
                                                                                       split into four parts and named P, Q, R
           chemical weapons.                     (1) SRPQ            (2) QPRS
                                                                                       and S. These four parts are not given
      (1) QPRS          (2) RPSQ                 (3) SPQR            (4) QSRP          in thei r proper order. Read the
      (3) SQRP          (4) PQSR                Directions (364-367) : In the fol-     sentence and find out which of the four
     Directions (360-363) : In the fol-    lowing questions, the first and the last    combinations is correct. Then find the
lowing questions, the first and the last   part of the sentence are numbered S1        correct answer.
part/sentence of the sentence/group        and S6. The rest of the sentence is split                 (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO
of sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The      into four parts and named P, Q, R and                     & PA/SA Exam, 15.11.2015
rest of the sentence is split into four    S. These four parts are not given in                     (IInd Sitting) TF No. 7203752)
parts and named P, Q, R and S. These       their proper order. Read the sentence       368. 1.    The watchman
four parts are not given in their proper   and find out which of the four combi-              P.  and found two thieves
order. Read the sentence and find out      nations is correct. Then find the cor-
                                                                                              Q.  woke up when
which of the four combinations is cor-     rect answer.
                                                                                              R.  with black masks
rect. Then find the correct answer.                     (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO
   (SSC CHSL (10+2) LDC, DEO & PA/SA                    & PA/SA Exam, 15.11.2015              S.  he heard the dog barking
           Exam, 01.11.2015, IInd Sitting)               (Ist Sitting) TF No. 6636838)        6.  trying to get in.
360. 1. Glorious tributes were paid        364. 1. Without water                              (1) SPQR            (2) QSRP
      P. who, after fighting a battle            P. and consequently                          (3) PQRS            (4) QSPR
          with cancer,                           Q. the oxygen content in the at-      369. 1.    Falcons have sharp angular
      Q. the original superstar of Bol-              mosphere                                     wings
          lywood                                 R. which carry out photosynthe-              P.  to dive sharply
      R. passed away last month                      sis and release oxygen                   Q.  and allow them
      S. to the legendary Rajesh Khanna.         S. there would be no animals or              R.  to chase their prey
      6. at his residence in Mumbai.                 plants                                   S.  that give them the speed
      (1) SQRP          (2) SQPR                 6. would go down.                            6.  to capture their victims
      (3) SRPQ          (4) QSPR                 (1) SPRQ              (2) SPQR               (1) SQPR            (2) QPRS
361. 1. A volcano is an opening or rup-          (3) PRQS              (4) SRPQ               (3) PRSQ            (4) SRQP
          ture in a planet’s surface.      365. 1. In recent years                     370. 1.    This summer was the most
      P. Erupting volcanoes can pose             P. primarily because purchasing              P.  to believe that next
          many hazards.                          Q. has grown more intense                    Q.  and we have reason
      Q. This opening allows magma,              R. price competition in most in-             R.  scorching in living memory,
          ash and gases to escape from               dustries                                 S.  year and the year after
          below the surface.                     S. managers now exert much                   6.  will be hotter still
      R. Volcanic ash can be a threat                influence                                (1) RQPS            (2) SRPQ
          to aircraft.                           6. over suppliers.                           (3) SPQR            (4) QSPR