349. 1. Our pleasures should be          352. 1. In a first, a robotic exoskel-       (1) QRSP         (2) RSQP
         healthy so that they can im-             eton device has enabled a 39-       (3) PQRS         (4) PSRQ
         part a sense of well-being.              year old former athlete, who   355. 1. The Pyramids are beautiful
     P. This applies very much to                 had been completely paraly-             enormous structures.
         the passion for sports.                  sed for four years                  P. A mummy is the dead body
     Q. Some people become slaves             P. This is the first time that a            of a human being to which
         to an enthusiasm and regard              person with chronic, com-               oils and spices have been
         it as their real and only plea-          plete paralysis has regained            applied to prevent it from
         sure in life.                            enough voluntary control to             decaying.
     R. It is quite possible that in-             actively work with a robotic
                                                                                      Q. They are the tombs of the old
         dulging this passion is doing            device.
                                                                                          kings of Egypt who were
         them great harm.                     Q. The athlete’s leg movement               called the Pharaohs.
     S. Modern sports have become                 also resulted in other health
                                                                                      R. These mummies were placed
         so exaggerated that they can             benefits.
                                                                                          inside these great Pyramids.
         damage and sometimes de-             R. to control his leg muscles
                                                                                      S. The bodies of the Pharaohs
         stroy one’s health.                      and take thousands of steps.
                                                                                          were made into mummies
     6. An enthusiasm for violent             S. In addition to the device, the
                                                                                          when they died.
         sports may well dig an early             man was aided by a novel
                                                  non-invasive spinal stimula-        6. Near them, were placed,
         grave for the participant.                                                       gold, silver, food, furniture
                                                  tion technique that does not
     (1) QPRS          (2) QSPR                                                           and other things because it
                                                  require surgery.
     (3) QRPS          (4) QRSP                                                           was believed that the mum-
                                              6. including improved cardio
350. 1. The heart is the pump of life.            vascular function and mus-              mies might require them af-
     P. They have even succeeded                  cle tone.                               ter death.
         in heart transplants.                (1) SPQR         (2) RPSQ               (1) SPRQ         (2) QSRP
     Q. Now-a-days surgeons are able          (3) PQRS         (4) QRPS               (3) QPRS         (4) QSPR
         to stop a patient’s heart and   353. 1. India is rapidly coming un-     356. 1. A couple in my neighbour is
         carry out complicated oper-              der the influence of western            known for shouting at each
         ations.                                  culture.                                other.
     R. A few years ago, it was im-           P. Earlier India had its own            P. With an apprehension of a
         possible to operate on a pa-             moral and social values.                serious fight between the two
         tient whose heart was not            Q. This change can be seen in               I went closer to the door and
         working properly.                        our education system, mar-              peeped in.
     S. If the heart stops we die in              riages, food habits and daily       Q. I intended to calm them
         about five minutes.                      routine.                                down.
     6. All this was made possible            R. But today they have changed          R. I could guess both of them
         by the invention of the heart            enormously.                             lay peacefully in their bed.
         lung machine.                        S. The effect of westernization is      S. Last night at about 11
     (1) PQRS          (2) QRSP                   visible everywhere in India.            O’clock I could hear shrieks
     (3) RSQP          (4) SRPQ               6. It may be harmful to forget              and sounds.
351. 1. Researchers say that jogging              our culture and values com-         6. The fight was going on in a
         alone is unhealthy.                      pletely.                                T.V. Serial on a channel.
     P. It was found that communal            (1) QSRP         (2) PQSR               (1) RPQS         (2) RPSQ
         joggers have double the num-         (3) SPRQ         (4) PSRQ               (3) PSRQ         (4) SPQR
         ber of brain cells as solo run- 354. 1. Katherine Mansfield was         357. 1. Children like to celebrate
         ners.                                    born in Wellington, New                 their birthday.
     Q. These positive effects are                Zealand.                            P. In addition to birthday pre-
         suppressed when running              P. In 1908 she went back to                 sents, they also receive
         occurs in isolation.                     the London which she felt to            greetings.
     R. Experiments indicated that                be her spiritual home.
                                                                                      Q. It provides an opportunity
         running alone stifles brain          Q. She was sent to Queen’s                  for them to enjoy themselves
         cell regeneration.                       College School, London in
                                                                                          with their friends.
     S. Experienced in a group, run-              her fifteenth year to ‘finish’
                                                                                      R. The birthday presents also
         ning stimulates brain cell               her education.
                                                                                          add to their joy.
         growth.                              R. She remained there for four
                                                  years.                              S. Nobody can deny that com-
     6. However, joggers around the
                                                                                          pany of friends is joyful.
         world should remember that           S. Soon after returning to New
         jogging is healthier than the            Zealand, she became dissat-         6. All these factors make birth-
         rat race.                                isfied.                                 day worth celebrating.
     (1) PQSR          (2) RPSQ               6. She hoped to make a liter-           (1) QSRP         (2) RPQS
     (3) RQPS          (4) SPQR                   ary career there.                   (3) SRPQ         (4) QRSP