Q. Forest keep the air cool and         P. Ten thousand Buddhist                S. In the West, religion was al-
          bring rain.                              monks used to live there.               ways opposed to Science.
       R. Trees give us many other             Q. It is situated near the town         6. They intertwined with life, in
          useful things.                           of Bihar Sharif.                        music, art, drama, dance,
       S. Trees give out oxygen and            R. The ruins of Nalanda can still           painting and sculpture.
          maintain the level of oxygen             be seen.                            (1) SQPR          (2) PQSR
          in the air.                          S. It was visited by the Chinese        (3) PRSQ          (4) SRQP
       6. We can take shelter under                Pilgrim Hiuen Tsang.           346. 1. Mandela led the battle of
          the trees in the scorching           6. He stayed there for several              freedom against slavery.
          summer sun                               years.                              P. The way was fighting with
      (1) RPQS         (2) QPSR                (1) QPSR         (2) SPQR                   non-violence and truth.
                                               (3) RQPS         (4) RPSQ               Q. He fought it in a unique way.
      (3) PQRS         (4) SRPQ
                                          343. 1. One of the gifts of indepen-         R. This struggle brought the
      Directions (340 –359) : In the
                                                   dence is the awakening of               racists down to the ground.
following questions, the first and the
last part of the sentence/passage are              women of our country.               S. Many nations got their free-
                                                                                           dom in this way.
numbered 1 and 6 . The rest of the             P. Besides, their talent is rec-
sentence/passage is split into four                ognized and they are appoint-       6. But some nations still
parts and named P, Q, R and S. These                                                       wouldn’t get the desired free-
                                                   ed to high posts in the State.
four parts are not given in their prop-        Q. Free India has seen women
er order. Read the sentence(s) and find                                                (1) RSPQ          (2) QPRS
                                                   as Governors, Ministers and
out which of the four combinations is                                                  (3) SPQR          (4) PQRS
correct.                                                                          347. 1. The Cinema is a very valu-
                                               R. That is because our govern-
   (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam, 25.10.2015, TF                                                   able teaching aid.
                                                   ment is making efforts to
                             No. 2148789)                                              P. The Cinema is entertaining
                                                   raise their status.
340. 1. Once upon a time I went to                                                         also .
                                               S. Women have a bright future
           Scotland.                                                                   Q. Historical films help the
                                                   in independent India.                   teacher of History.
      P. I found my flesh creep as I
                                               6. We even had a woman Prime            R. Science can also be taught
           walked down its sinister cor-
                                                   Minister.                               very effectively through Cin-
                                               (1) QPSR         (2) QSPR                   ema.
      Q. There, in a castle in the dark,
           misty highlands, actually a         (3) SRPQ         (4) SPQR               S. Large number of people like
           modest hotel in Edinburgh,     344. 1. Grandpa had some old                     social films.
      R. and the next morning he’d                 clothes.                            6. Thus Cinema has a great
           been found with his throat          P. But my mother took them out              impact on our society.
           slit.                                   and kept them neatly folded         (1) PQRS          (2) RQSP
      S. We’d had dinner with Jock                 in the cupboard again.              (3) QRPS          (4) SQRP
           Mc. Arthur only the previous        Q. So he threw them into the       348. 1. Rola Sleiman parked her car
           night,                                  waste basket.                           in the only empty spot out-
      6. The chill finger of suspicion         R. So he put the clothing into              side Tripoli’s evangelical
                                                   the family’s bag of items to            church.
           pointed at all of us.
                                                   donate to charity.                  P. But that’s not the only thing
      (1) PQSR          (2) QRSP
                                                                                           that makes her unique.
      (3) SRQP          (4) QPSR               S. My mother found them and
                                                   put them back in his basket.        Q. She’s a pastor, and at 37,
341. 1. The world is stunned with                                                          she’s younger than most of
           the news that 44 year old           6. Grandpa finally put the items
                                                                                           her colleagues.
           Steeve Irwin is no more.                in my mother’s mending bas-
                                                                                       R. It is a small sand-coloured
      P. He was shooting in the Great              ket and never saw them again.
                                                                                           building with a simple facade
           Barrier Reef of Queensland.         (1) RSQP         (2) PQSR                   and large wooden doors in
      Q. He is killed by the poisoned          (3) SRPQ         (4) QSRP                   the middle of the city.
           barb of a huge sting ray.      345. 1. Techno logy is meant for             S. It was Sunday morning and,
      R. The incident took place at                bringing comfort to the body            like every Sunday at around
           about 11 am.                            and spirituality brings com-            this time, Rola was headed
      S. He was shooting an under-                 fort to the mind.                       to work.
           water documentary film.             P. But in India that never hap-         6. Rola is also, as far as she
      6. Irwin was brought to the                  pened, religion has always              knows, the only female pas-
           surface unconscious.                    encouraged Science.                     tor in Lebanon - and perhaps
      (1) RSPQ          (2) QSPR               Q. Scientists were persecuted.              even in the entire Middle
      (3) SPQR          (4) PRSQ               R. Here religion and Philosophy
                                                                                       (1) PRSQ          (2) RSQP
342. 1. Nalanda became India’s fa-                 were never isolated practic-
           mous centre of education.               es.                                 (3) SQPR          (4) SRPQ