328. 1. Nicolas Chauvin,                     R. based on the theory that ill-       P. The difference between
     P. he became the laughing                  ness may be caused by the              words like ‘hard’ and ‘diffi-
        stock of all Europe thereaf-            undue pressure                         cult’ goes unnoticed.
        ter                                  S. devised a drugless technique        Q. One may employ one or oth-
     Q. a soldier of French empire              of curing diseases                     er with complete indiffer-
        so vociferously and uneas-           6. of displaced bones on nerves           ence.
        ingly                                   and blood vessels.                  R. In general this is well and
     R. and this exaggerated and bla-                                                  good.
                                            (1) QSPR         (2) RPSQ
        tant patriot was                                                            S. Most people lack the linguis-
                                            (3) RQSP         (4) QRSP
     S. aired his veneration of Napo-                                                  tic sense to quibble over
                                        332. 1. Few men can exert the full             such trifles.
        leon Bonaparte that
                                                power of their intellect
     6. known as a chauvinist.                                                      6. But for most of us it is of no
                                             P. and of course the injury done
    (1)  QSPR        (2) PRQS                                                          less significance.
                                                to the health
    (3)  RQSP        (4) SRPQ                Q. at the time when nature pre-       (1) PQRS          (2) SRQP
329. 1. Alternative medicine is, by             scribes sleep                      (3) QRSP          (4) PRSQ
        definition, an alternative to                                          336. 1. It is surprising to note that
                                             R. must in the long run have a
        modern, western medicine.                                                   P. AIDS and SARS may hog
                                                bad effect
     P. Rather, they consider their                                                    news headlines
                                             S. without ruining their health
        disciplines as supplementa-                                                 Q. that kill the most
        ry to orthodox medicine.                                                    R. but it is heart attacks
     Q. The problem is that many             6. on the quality of work done.
                                                                                    S. people in India every year.
        doctors refuse to recognize         (1) QSPR         (2) SQPR
                                                                                    6. This is something to be not-
        alternative medicine.               (3) SQRP         (4) SRQP
     R. But the term ‘alternative’ can                                                 ed
                                        333. 1. Derozio was a very bright
        be misleading.                          student who often stood first      (1) RQSP          (2) RPSQ
     S. Few practitioners of homeop-            in English and other sub-          (3) PRQS          (4) SQPR
        athy, ayurveda etc. regard              jects and got gold medals.     337. 1. The new government was
        their therapies as substitutes       P. Derazio was a brilliant teach-         formed.
        for modern medicine.                    er.                                 P. Now an administrator runs
     6. However, the demand for al-          Q. Students had great respect             the show.
        ternative forms of medical              for this young teacher.             Q. The secretary has now an-
        therapy is stronger than ever                                                  nounced a change of inten-
                                             R. He became a teacher of Hin-
        before.                                                                        tions.
                                                du college (now presidency
    (1) SRPQ         (2) QPSR                   University) in the year 1826.       R. Then the earlier board was
    (3) PQRS         (4) RSPQ                                                          disbanded.
                                             S. He was 17 years old then
330. 1. Small is big for quick service          and some of his students            S. They plan to hand down the
        restaurants.                            were even older than him.              cooperative to some private
     P. Raising product prices may                                                     player.
                                             6. Some students of seni or
        not fare well now.                                                          6. Thus the State transport min-
                                                classes also came to attend
     Q. Companies are luring con-                                                      ister plans to revive the wa-
                                                his lectures.
        sumers by introducing “af-                                                     ter transportation system
        fordable” products.                 (1) QPSR         (2) PQRS
                                                                                   (1) RPQS          (2) PQSR
     R. They are also shedding their        (3) SRQP         (4) RSPQ              (3) QSPR          (4) SPQR
        “niche image”.                  334. 1. Shark fin soup is one of the   338. 1. The government on Thursday
     S. Companies admit that sales              cruelest dishes in the world.       P. which was imposed to check
        are lower compared to the            P. Then they are thrown back           Q. that led to exodus of north-
        previous year.                          into the water.                        east people
     6. Companies are focusing on            Q. The poor sharks are trapped.        R. withdrew the ban on bulk
        small packs to boost volume          R. They usually bleed to death            SMS and MMS
        growth.                                 or drown.                           S. the spread of rumours relat-
    (1) SPQR         (2) PRQS                S. Their fins are sliced off.             ed to the violence in Assam
    (3) QSPR         (4) PQRS                6. As many as 73 million               6. from Bangalore, Chennai,
331. 1. This practitioner is a member           sharks meet this fate every            Mumbai and Pune.
        of                                      year.                              (1) RPSQ          (2) QSPR
     P. by massage and other manip-         (1) QSPR         (2) RSQP              (3) QPSR          (4) RPQS
        ulative procedures a tech-                                             339. 1. Trees have many uses.
                                            (3) QSRP         (4) SQPR
                                        335. 1. It is not uncommon for close        P. They give us fruit, wood,
     Q. the profession that originated          synonyms to be understood              gum, oil, medicines and spic-
        in 1874 when Andrew T. still                                                   es.
                                                to share the same memory.