(B) drug addiction                         S. So he was a problem for his    325. 1. Valence sat behind driver’s
      (C) which is eating away                      parents.                               seat in her blue car.
      (D) is the monster                         6. His father then sent him to         P. The marchers, sudd enly
      (1) BDCA            (2) BCDA                  study medicine to carry on             broke out into a noise like a
      (3) DBCA            (4) DCAB                  the family profession.                 cheering football crowd.
318.(A) From the mountains                       (1) PRSQ        (2) RPQS               Q. As she watched, a lo ud
                                                 (3) QSRP        (4) SQPR                  racket began.
      (B) to see the gentle flow
                                            322. 1. The programme examines              R. It went on and on.
      (C) of the river
                                                    the four great inventions,          S. The men swung their spoons
      (D) it is very pleasant                                                              and ladles and spatulas and
      (1) DACB            (2) DBCA               P. cell phones, cars, planes and
                                                    sky scrapers                           drummed on cars and can-
      (3) BDAC            (4) BDCA                                                         isters.
                                                 Q. the people, processes, ideas
319.(A) In the winter time                                                              6. An endless monotonous
                                                    and eureka moments
      (B) the 2022 World Cup in Qatar                                                      ‘clang–clang–clang’ rose up
                                                 R. The programme celebrates
      (C) would best be staged                                                             from all sides.
                                                 S. that define and continually
      (D) will not be held in June and              shape the modern world,            (1) SPRQ          (2) RSPQ
      July but                                   6. that have led to their devel-      (3) QPSR          (4) QSRP
      (1) ADCB            (2) BDCA                                                 326. 1. Most libraries divide the cat-
      (3) BCAD            (4) CDAB                                                         alogue cards into two.
                                                (1) SPRQ         (2) SRPQ
     Directions (320–339) : In the                                                      P. On the other hand if one
                                                (3) SRQP         (4) SPQR
following questions, the 1st and the                                                       wishes to find a book on a
                                            323. 1. Many people like to eat piz-           specific subj ect, su bject
last sentences of the passage/sen-                  za, but not everyone knows
tence are numbered 1 and 6. The rest                                                       cards can be consulted.
                                                    how to make it.
of the sentence/passage is split into                                                   Q. Apart from author, title and
                                                 P. However, these are ways for            subject, these cards can also
four parts and named P, Q, R and S.                 making a basic version at
These four sentences/parts are not                                                         contain other necessary in-
                                                    home.                                  formation.
given in their proper order. Read the            Q. Then you must add sauce
sentence/passage and find out which                                                     R. If one knows the author or
                                                    and cheese.                            title, the book can be locat-
of the four combinations is correct.
                                                 R. Making the perfect pizza can           ed with the author cards.
         (SSC CAPFs SI, CISF ASI & Delhi            be complicated.
               Police SI Exam, 30.08.2015
                                                                                        S. They are author and title
                           TF No. 4039770)       S. When you make pizza, begin             cards in one and the subject
                                                    with the crust.                        cards in the other.
 320. I. It is expected that every
          Burmese boy will become                6. The best part of making piz-        6. This includes publisher and
          novice at a pagoda for a                  za at home is that you can             year of publication.
          short time.                               customize it.                      (1) RSPQ          (2) QSRP
       P. My parents used to bring me           (1) RSQP         (2) PSRQ              (3) SRPQ          (4) PQRS
          breakfast in the morning.             (3) SQPR         (4) RPSQ          327. 1. I stopped just outside the
       Q. My head was shaved and I          324. 1. Archimedes was a famous                door of the hut.
          put on the yellow robe.                   Greek mathematician, phys-          P. It was made dimmer by a
       R. Every day I got up at five                icist and inventor,                    thick pall of smoke that filled
                                                 P. Then attached one end of the           the room.
                                                    rope over it to a heavily lad-      Q. The first thing I did then was
       S. When I was eleven I went to
                                                    en ship.                               to dash towards the board-
          a monastery near my home.
                                                                                           ed window and tear down
       6. That was a special privilege           Q. King Hieron had doubts about
                                                                                           the boards.
                                                    Archimedes claim that he
          the novices had.                                                              R. Before venturing into it, I al-
                                                    could lift great weights with
       (1) PSRQ          (2) PQRS                                                          lowed a minute to pass to
                                                    ease with the help of pulleys.
                                                                                           get my eyes accustomed to
       (3) QRSP          (4) SQRP                R. He handed the other end of
                                                                                           the dim light.
 321. 1. As a boy Charles Darwin                    the rope to the king and
                                                                                        S. As I finally stepped in to the
          showed no promise to be a                 asked him to pull it gently.
                                                                                           murky space, I could dis-
          good student.                          S. To prove him right,                    cern the wasted frame of my
       P. He was a failure at school.               Archimedes constructed a               old friend on the bed.
       Q. He had greater interest in                multiple pulley.                    6. The dingy room, dangerous-
          flowers, birds and stories             6. The king pulled it and to his          ly suffocating so far, was
          about them.                               great astonishment, the ship           being filled with fresh air
       R. The narrow old fashioned                  was lifted out of water.               and pale sunbeams
          syllabus of his school was            (1) SQRP         (2) PRQS              (1) QSRP          (2) PSQR
          dull to him.                          (3) QSPR         (4) RQPS              (3) SPRQ          (4) RPSQ