B. So they climbed the walls to      301.(A) Until they have come                (D) wrote novels, dramas, es-
          the top of the school, and            (B) some take no thought               says, and short stories
          found a number of tennis              (C) to the end of it                   (1) BDCA            (2) CADB
          balls.                                (D) of the value of time               (3) CABD            (4) ABDC
      C. In doing so, they held up the          (1) DCBA          (2) BDAC        310.(A) With reluctance
          minute hand and so upset the                                                 (B) of his kindly
                                                (3) ACDB          (4) CBDA
          clock’s timing.                                                              (C) and faithful Persian friend
                                           302.(A) To the undertaking
      D. They liked it so much up                                                      (D) he accepted the invitation
                                                (B) may very well be compared
          there that they went back
                                                (C) of a journey                       (1) ADBC            (2) CBAD
          again and spent their time
                                                (D) the process of learning            (3) BADC            (4) DBAC
          carving their names on the
                                                (1) DBAC          (2) CBDA        311.(A) Stubbornly refused
          top of every tower.
                                                (3) ACDB          (4) BDCA             (B) the thief almost
      (1) BDAC            (2) DABC
                                           303.(A) Half its beauty and useful-         (C) his hands up or he would
      (3) CDBA            (4) ACBD                                                     shoot
298. A. Tagore pointed out various                                                     (D) when the policeman told him
                                                (B) knowledge would lose
          evils of society of the time.                                                to keep
                                                (C) without hard toil
      B. And the beginning of the                                                      (1) CADB            (2) BADC
          twentieth century were very           (D) if we could acquire it
                                                                                       (3) ACBD            (4) DBAC
          tradition-bound.                      (1) BADC          (2) DCAB
                                                                                  312.(A) Shall have shifted
      C. The Indian people in the nine-         (3) CBDA          (4) CDBA
                                                                                       (B) of this month we
          teenth                           304.(A) Purity of our lives depends
                                                                                       (C) by the end
      D. Through the Brahmo Samaj               on
                                                                                       (D) to owe new house
          he tried to abolish evil cus-         (B) much of the happiness and
                                                                                       (1) BDCA            (2) DABC
          toms like child-marriage and          (C) of our companions and friends
                                                                                       (3) CBAD            (4) ADBC
          caste system.                         (D) our making a wise choice
                                                                                  313.(A) Asked me what I was and
      (1) BADC            (2) CBAD              (1) DCBA          (2) CBAD             where I was bound for
      (3) ABCD            (4) BACD              (3) BADC          (4) ADCB             (B) I met with a very aged man
299. A. The phantom head created by        305.(A) On earth have not                   who
          the witches warned him                (B) the noblest deeds                  (C) of the hill called difficulty (D)
          against Macduff.                      (C) been done for gold                 when I came to the foot
      B. The second time they gave              (D) that have been done                (1) ABDC            (2) DCBA
          him some very ambiguous               (1) CADB          (2) DBCA             (3) CBAD            (4) CBDA
          hope.                                 (3) ACBD          (4) BDAC        314.(A) My actions towards him
      C. But a bloody child and a child    306.(A) Is often worse than                 (B) he told me several things (C)
          crowned with a golden crown           (B) to make him sad                    had been felt to be very unkind
          encouraged him to be bold             (C) to hurt a person’s heart,          (D) and one of them was that
          and proud.                                                                   (1) BDAC            (2) ACDB
                                                (D) breaking his head
      D. When Macbeth met the weird             (1) BACD          (2) CBAD             (3) CBDA            (4) ABCD
          sisters or witches.                                                     315.(A) And never got uncoiled
                                                (3) ADBC          (4) DCBA
      (1) DBAC            (2) BACD                                                     (B) out of which interminable
                                           307.(A) A right to equal opportunity
      (3) CABD            (4) DABC                                                     serpents
                                                (B) while we are born equal
     Directions (300–319) : In the fol-                                                (C) it was a town of machinery
                                                (C) all have not the same capac-
lowing questions, the passage/sen-                                                     and tall chimneys
tence is split into four parts and named                                               (D) of smoke trailed themselves
                                                (D) meaning that we have
A, B, C and D. These four parts are                                                    for ever and ever
                                                (1) ACDB          (2) CABD             (1) DBAC            (2) ACBD
not given in their proper order. Read
the sentence/passage and find out               (3) BDAC          (4) DBCA             (3) BCAD            (4) CBDA
which of the four combinations is cor-     308.(A) Bestowed with indifference     316.(A) Use a fairly good quality cot-
rect. Then find the correct answer.             (B) with kind words is much more       ton
       (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam.12.04.2015         (C) a small gift accompanied (D)       (B) as the thread is inserted in
          Kolkata Region, TF No. 315 RI 3)      acceptable than a large gift           the needle’s eye
300.(A) We can give him                         (1) DABC          (2) CBDA             (C) or nylon thread so that
      (B) and let him do nothing                (3) ADCB          (4) BCAD             (D) the strands do not unravel
      (C) to lock up a man                 309.(A) He was a versatile writer who       (1) DCAB            (2) ACDB
      (D) is one of the cruelest pun-           (B) that are all considered the        (3) ABCD            (4) BCDA
      ishments                                  best in their spheres             317.(A) The blossoming flowers and
      (1) CBDA            (2) DCAB              (C) Tagore was a poet before ev-       weakening the roots of our soci-
                                                erything else but                      ety
      (3) ADCB            (4) BDCA