S. As a result of the rise in the         (1)  CABD          (2) ABCD             (C) dare not take risks
           temperature, polar ice-caps           (3)  BADC          (4) BDCA             (D) is that many people
           and ice-bergs melt down and     263. (A)    the public                        (1) BADC            (2) CBAD
           the water level in seas and           (B)   aim is to educate                 (3) ACBD            (4) BDAC
           rivers swells.
                                                 (C)   the NGOS’s                   271. (A) whole of last year
       6. Natural disasters like Tsuna-          (D)   about the danger of smok-         (B) twice
           mi, earthquake may also re-                 ing                               (C) during the
           sult from Global Warming.
                                                 (1) CBAD           (2) ABDC             (D) I only went fishing
           (1) PQRS      (2) QRPS
                                                 (3) BADC           (4) CADB             (1) CADB            (2) BADC
           (3) RPQS      (4) SQPR
                                            264. (A) although a great scientist          (3) ACBD            (4) DCAB
259. 1. The telescope, originally in-
                                                 (B)Einstein was weak in arith-     272. (A) a vaulable aid to education
           vented by a Dutch spectacle                metic
           maker Hans Lippersky was                                                      (B) the cinema offers
                                                 (C)right from his school days           (C) not only amusement
           kept a secret.
                                                 (D) it has been established that
       P. He made a high powered tele-                                                   (D) but is also
                                                 (1) ADBC           (2) DABC
           scope from lenses got from                                                    (1) DABC            (2) BCDA
           spectacle makers.                     (3) DCBA           (4) DBCA
                                                                                         (3) BDAC            (4) CBDA
       Q. Then in 1609, Galileo heard       265. (A) people blame others for their
                                                                                    273. (A) well skilled in his job
           about the invention.                       misdeeds
                                                                                         (B) he is a capable person..
                                                 (B) of the present-day-World
       R. He presented a telescope of                                                    (C) but his roughness of a rus-
           a higher power to the Vene-                                                       tic nature
           tian Senate.                          (C) most of the troubles
                                                 (D) from the fact that instead of       (D) devalues his achievements
       S. He conducted his own ex-                                                       (1) BCDA            (2) ADBC
           periments and discovered                   doing their duty
                                                 (1) CBDA            (2) DCBA            (3) CDBA            (4) BACD
           the secret within 24 hours.
                                                 (3) ABDC            (4) CBAD       274. (A) just to prove
       6. Galileo became famous as
           the inventor of the telescope    266. (A) his writings are so philosoph-      (B) disparaging each new pro-
           because he made it popular.                ical                                   duction
           (1) PQSR      (2) QSPR                (B) to read between the lines           (C) no one liked their caustical-
                                                 (C) that it is sometimes difficult          ly
           (3) RPQS      (4) QRPS
                                                 (D) and find out what he wants          (D) the playwright’s worthless-
     Directions (260–279) : In the fol-
                                                      to convey                              ness
lowing questions, sentence/passage is
split into four parts and named A, B,            (1) ACBD            (2) ABCD            (1) CBAD            (2) DBAC
C and D. These four parts are not giv-           (3) BCAD            (4) BDAC            (3) CDAB            (4) ADBC
en in their proper order. Read the sen-     267. (A) choice of goals that are not   275. (A) inside the auditorium
tence/passage and find out which of              (B) wisdom is equally needed            (B) other people
the four combinations is correct. Them           (C) only beneficient but also at-       (C) apart from us
find the correct answer and indicate                  tainable                           (D) there were several
it by blackening the appropriate circle          (D) in private life in the              (1) CDBA            (2) ABDC
in the Answer Sheet.                             (1) BDAC            (2) ADCB            (3) CBDA            (4) BDAC
      (SSC CGL Tier-II Exam. 12.04.2015)         (3) ABCD            (4) CBDA       276. (A) for some time
 260. (A) to understand                     268. (A) to raise their status               (B) which is troublesome
       (B) to many people                        (B) from others                         (C) the weather becomes cool
       (C) threatening and even impos-           (C) and to gain acceptance                  and pleasant
           sible                                 (D) people follow fashion               (D) though there is humidity in
       (D) grammar appears                       (1) DBCA            (2) ABCD                it
       (1) CABD           (2) BDCA               (3) BCAD            (4) DACB            (1) DBAC            (2) ACBD
       (3) DACB           (4) ADBC          269. (A) have some influence on              (3) CBAD            (4) CADB
 261. (A) a lazy sulky                           (B) alter much of his natural      277. (A) has only spread to other parts
       (B) the rascal is                              bent                                   of the world recently
       (C) him at arms length                    (C) no doubt, education and sor-        (B) mango has been commeri-
       (D) good for–nothing, keep                     roundings                              cially cultivated
       (1) BADC           (2) DCAB               (D) the direction of a man’s life;      (C) for many years, although its
       (3) ADCB           (4) CDBA                    but they do not                        cultivation
 262. (A) into the office                        (1) CADB            (2) DACB            (D) in the Indo- Burma Malayan
       (B) someone broke                         (3) CBAD            (4) ADBC                region of southeast Asia
       (C) highly confidential letters (D)  270. (A) reasons for this failure            (1) ADBC            (2) DACB
       and stole some                            (B) one of the principal                (3) BDCA            (4) BADC