(1) SQRP        (2) RQSP                 P. Jane Golden started a pro-              (1) PRQS       (2) RQPS
        (3) PQRS        (4) QPSR                    gramme pairing troubl ed                (3) QPSR       (4) SQRP
250. 1. The Olympic games started in                youths with artists to paint    256. 1. A devastating earthquake
        Greece 2000 years back.                     murals.                                 struck Maharashtra and parts
     P. They were held in Athens.                Q. Young people got involved in            of Karnataka.
     Q. The modern Olympics was res-                creating magnificent pieces of       P. The communication network
        urrected by a Frenchman,                    art.                                    cut off the quake hit villages
        Pierre de Coubertin.                     R. The benefit could immediately           from the rest of the world.
     R. Danny Boyle’s show triumphed                be discovered.                       Q. The quake measured 6.6 on
        over the Beijing Olympic Open-           S. The young people became more            the Richter scale.
        ing Ceremony.                               responsible.                         R. Ten thousand people were
     S. The 2012 Olympics venue was              6. As a result, the mural pro-             killed and an equal number
        London.                                     gramme became a model for               of people were injured.
     6. The Queen played a surprising               other US cities seeking to           S. 40 villages of Maharashtra
        but much appreciated role in                help troubled youth.                    were destroyed completely.
        it.                                         (1) PRQS       (2) PQRS              6. 10 medical teams of the
        (1) PRSQ        (2) QSRP                    (3) SPQR       (4) QRPS                 Army were sent from Mum-
        (3) RQSP        (4) PQSR            254. 1. According to Greek mythol-              bai to the devastated zone.
251. 1. Abanidranath Tagore was the                 ogy, Atlas was a Titan of               (1) SPQR       (2) SQPR
        leading painter of Bengal.                  enormous strength.                      (3) QRSP       (4) PQSR
     P. He tried to modernise Mughal             P. Zeus ordered Atlas to carry     257. 1. Child labourers are pos-
        and Rajput styles to offset their           the earth and sky for all eter-         ing a grave problem be-
        influence.                                  nity.                                   fore India.
     Q. He countered the British Raj             Q. Because of his association           P. Children are paid low wages
        through his paintings.                      with the globe, maps be-                and the heinous opportun-
     R. He succeeded and his style was              gan to be decorated with this           ism of employers leads to the
        accepted as a natural Indian style.         image of Atlas.                         employment of children.
     S. During his time western model of         R. Atl as i s shown as a                Q. The government is indiffer-
        art was taught in the schools.              stooped figure carrying the             ent to this problem and com-
     6. Above all this great painter was            globe on his shoulders.                 mon people lack awareness
        a nephew of Rabindranath                 S. Finally, the word ‘atlas’ came          in guarding against this so-
        Tagore.                                     to denote a collection of               cial crime.
        (1) QPSR        (2) SPQR                    maps.                                R. It is the extreme poverty of
        (3) RPSQ        (4) QSPR                 6. Today an ‘atlas’ refers to any          parents that leads children
252. 1. The highway bypass would                    book that consists of sever-            to earn at a minor age.
        have disastrous effects on                  al maps.                             S. The illiteracy of parents is
        the area’s home owners.                     (1) PQRS       (2) PRQS                 also responsible for this evil.
     P. Finally the new road                        (3) QRPS       (4) QSPR              6. For the solution of this prob-
        would      cause residential        255. 1. At the age of four, Jagadish            lem we need a thorough eco-
        properties to depreciate.                   Chandra Bose was sent to a              nomic reform and the spread
     Q. What is more, home owners                   village ‘Pathshala’.                    of literacy.
        would have to deal with the              P. This step proved beneficial             (1) QPSR       (2) PQSR
        increased noise and pollu-                  to the boy, for he thus be-             (3) QPRS       (4) RSPQ
        tion.                                       came familiar with his moth-    258. 1. The main reason behind Glo-
     R. This would increase vehicles                er tongue and learnt to read            bal Warming is the emission
        in the neighbourhood.                       and write it.                           of greenhouse gases like car-
     S. The new road would cut di-               Q. This was very unusual be-               bon dioxide and methane.
        rectly through the middle of                cause a man of his father’s          P. The ozone layer of the earth
        the subdivision.                            status was expected to send             is depleted by cosmic re-
     6. This means that families who                his son to an English school.           search resulting in the warm-
        chose to move away would                 R. He also became acquainted               ing of the atmosphere.
        have to sell their homes for                with some of the rich trea-          Q. Burning of fuels in cars and
        far less than their current                 sures of Indian culture.                factories results in the emis-
        value.                                   S. He mixed with children of all           sion of harmful gases in the
        (1) SRQP        (2) PQRS                    castes and lost the sense of            air.
        (3) SPQR        (4) QRPS                    class superiority.                   R. Cosmic oriented research
253. 1. Other than Rome, Philadel-               6. His mother, too, reinforced             work and test fire of atom
        phia has maximum number                     what he learnt and did at               bombs are also the causes
        of murals.                                  school.                                 of Global Warming.