6. though my neighbour’s                6. At last the tree was lying on          P. The master sat on the mule,
           house remained untouched.             the ground.                                whipped him hard because
      (1) QRPS         (2) PRSQ                  (1) PQRS        (2) RPQS                   he was in a hurry to reach
      (3) RPQS         (4) SQPR                  (3) RPSQ        (4) SRQP                   the market.
      Directions (240-259) : In the      243. 1. A mob went berserk at R G              Q. He started running across
following questions, the first and the           Kar Hospital on Friday.                    the field.
last sentences of the passage are             P. The agitators also smashed             R. Forced to run faster, the
numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the                equipment and windows of                   mule co llap sed on the
passage is split into four parts and             the hospital.                              ground.
named P, Q, R and S. These four parts         Q. The boy had died on the operat-        S. When his master saw him
are not given in their proper order.             ing table soon after being admin-          running fast he thought that
Read the sentence and find out which             istered anaesthesia.                       his mule was a good runner.
of the four combinations is correct.          R. Thi s happened after the               6. He thought, “Though my
Then find the correct answer.                    death of a 15 year old boy.                mother was a race horse but
       (SSC GL Tier-II Exam. 21.09.2014)      S. The victim’s relatives and                 my father was only a don-
                                                 neighbours clashed with the                key.”
240. 1. Many scientists are working
          on safer and better ways to            police.                                (1) QSPR            (2) SPRQ
          kill mosquitoes.                    6. Work at the hospital stopped           (3) PSQR            (4) RPQS
      P Bringing more of these ani-              for the rest of the day.          247. 1. Thomas Alva Edison was
          mals into places where mos-            (1) QSPR        (2) PRQS                   born on 11 February 1847.
          quitoes live might help.               (3) RQSP        (4) SQPR               P. In 1869, he borrowed a small
                                         244. 1. Children are not the only                  amount of money and became a
      Q. Mosquitoes have many natu-
                                                 ones who can fly kites.                    freelance inventor.
          ral enemies like bats, birds,
          etc.                                P. In some countries like Ma-             Q. He soon became fascinated
                                                 laysia, there are kite festivals.          with electrical currents.
      R. Mosquito nets can be used
                                              Q. These experts are mostly               R. He was always an inquisitive boy.
          for protection.
                                                 adult amateur kite fliers.             S. He created the world’s first in-
      S. But, there is no sure way to
                                              R. Kite flying is a good leisure              dustrial research laboratory.
          protect everyone from their
          deadly bites.                          activity for parents with their        6. He was indeed one of the out-
                                                 children.                                  standing geniuses the world
      6. This is a natural solution.
                                              S. Self designed kites are flown              had.
          (1) SRQP      (2) PQRS
                                                 by exp erts du rin g such                  (1) PSRQ        (2) QRSP
          (3) SRPQ      (4) RSQP                                                            (3) RQPS        (4) PQRS
241. 1. The spider fell seven times                                                248. 1. Gulliver landed on the shores
                                              6. Some of them play music
          to reach its goal but didn’t                                                      of Lilliput.
          give up hope.
                                                 (1) PSQR        (2) SRPQ               P. He planned to carry Gulliv-
      P. The king learnt a lesson from                                                      er to the capital city.
                                                 (3) QSPR        (4) RPSQ
          the spider.                                                                   Q. The Lilliputians put an
                                         245. 1. The motor car is one of the
      Q. It tried again and this time it                                                    oi ntme nt on Gu l l i ver’ s
                                                 useful gifts of modern sci-
          succeeded in reaching the                                                         wounds.
          top.                                                                          R. He fell asleep thereafter.
                                              P. One of these is the smoke
      R. Then he attacked his enemies            and pollution that it creates.         S. The Emperor of the land was
          repeatedly.                                                                       informed.
                                              Q, It has made short and medi-
      S. He appealed to the people for           um distance journeys fast              6. It alleviated all the pain and
          help and collected soldiers to         and comfortable.                           discomfort.
          form a large army.                  R. The other is that it has made              (1) PQSR        (2) RSPQ
      6. At last he won the battle and           journey by road hazardous.                 (3) SRQP        (4) QSPR
          got back his kingdom.               S. Yet we cannot say that a mo-      249. 1. Phillip is a 55 year old blind
          (1) PQSR      (2) QPSR                 tor car is a blessing without              man.
          (3) RSQP      (4) PSRQ                 disadvantages.                         P. He enjoys the sweet smell it-
242. 1. A few workmen came to cut             6. Finally, in this age of energy             self.
          down the tree.                         crisis, a personal car is an           Q. He can smell a rose but can’t
      P. It took them all morning.               expensive object to maintain.              tell its colour.
      Q. They did not know what to               (1) QSPR        (2) RSPQ               R. He has been blind since
          do with the roots.                     (3) PSRQ        (4) SQPR                   birth.
      R. It was not an easy job to cut   246. 1. A mule began to day dream              S. It does not matter to him.
          down such a huge tree.                 that he was a good runner              6. People sometimes pity him
      S. They decided that the roots             as his mother was a race                   but he tells them he is hap-
          had to be dug out.                     horse.                                     py.