228. 1. Sapp ho was one of the            231. 1. The harnessing of our rivers              Q. But the vehicles on either
         greatest and earliest of               P. is a great national problem                  side looked as though they
         women poets.                           Q. the waters of which                          would be there forever.
     P. Whatever we know about her              R. which must be considered                 R. The reason was that she was
         poetry today is from the               S. now mostly run to waste                      due to appear for an
         quotations found in the works                                                          interview in less than half-
                                                6. and dealt with on national
         of others.                                                                             an-hour.
     Q. She lived on the island of                                                          S. She was fretting : she could
                                                (1) RPQS            (2) QSPR
         Lesbos in the late 600’s BC.                                                           not afford to be late.
                                                (3) QSRP            (4) RPSQ
     R. Most of Sappho’s works –                                                            6. Or, worse — would she arrive
                                          232. 1. Many people drive
         about 10 books of verse have                                                           late and create a bad first
                                                P. hopelessly jammed                            impression ?
         been destroyed.
                                                Q. their own cars to work                   (1) RSQP         (2) RSPQ
     S. Only one of her poems has
                                                R. the roads would become
         survived in its complete form.                                                     (3) SRQP         (4) SRPQ
                                                S. but if everyone did this
     6. Without doubt, she was one                                                     236. 1. When you are debating
                                                6. especially during rush-hours.                whether to
         of the best lyric poets of
                                                (1) QSRP            (2) PRQS
         Ancient Greece.                                                                    P. but also helps you stay
                                                (3) RPSQ            (4) QSPR
     (1) PRQS           (2) PQSR                                                            Q. take your evening walk or
                                          233. 1. I realize that peace and                      skip it
     (3) QSPR           (4) QRSP
                                                P. security are rightful aims,
229. 1. Most men spend most of their                                                        R. not only keeps your weight in
                                                Q. violent adventure is probably                check
         lives looking after and waiting
                                                R. and that my own desire for               S. remember that taking a long
         upon machines.
                                                S. merely an adaptation to the                  a walk
     P. They must be fed well and
                                                6. age in which I live.                     6. calm and relaxed.
         kept at right temperatures.
                                                (1) PQRS            (2) SRQP                (1) RPQS         (2) QSRP
     Q. They might burst with rage
                                                (3) PRQS            (4) SPQR                (3) SRPQ         (4) QRSP
         and blow up causing ruin.
                                                 Directions (234-239) : In the         237. 1. The enzymes in washi ng
     R. If they do not get their meals
                                          following questions, the 1st and the                  powder
         they refuse to work.
                                          last sentence o f the p assage are
     S. Machines are very stern                                                             P. making them able to survive
                                          numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
         masters.                                                                           Q. come from bacteria
                                          passage/sentences is (are) split into
     6. So, men need to wait upon         four parts and named P, Q, R and S.               R. to live in hot springs
         machines attentively.            These four parts are not given in their           S. that have evolved
     (1) SPRQ           (2) PQRS          proper order. Read the passage/                   6. the rigours of the hot cycle.
     (3) QSPR           (4) RPQS          sentences and find out which of the               (1) PQSR         (2) QSRP
230. 1.Books have been present            four combinations is correct. Then find           (3) SQRP         (4) QSPR
         since the time the first scripts the correct answer.                          238. 1. T he li on used to b e very
         were formed — about 5000                       (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry            widely distributed in Africa
         years ago.                                           Operator & LDC Exam.              and Asia.
     P. The books of that time looked                        10.11.2013, IInd Sitting)      P. There are special fo rest
         di fferent from the ones          234. 1. The first illness I read about               zones set aside for wild-life
         available today.                             was cholera.                              in various countries.
     Q. Then an important invention,             P. I sat for a while, too                  Q. Indiscriminate killing has
         letter press printing, also                  frightened to move.                       caused the number to fall.
         known as ‘black art’ changed            Q. I came to malaria.                      R. Today they are a relatively
         the world.                              R. As I read the list of                       rare species.
     R. Later, the books came in the                  symptoms, it seemed to me             S. If the species survives at all,
         form of rollers, or texts were               that perhaps I had cholera                it will be only in national
         stapled together and covered                 myself.                                   parks.
         with a wooden book cover.               S. Then, in a kind of dream, I             6. No hunting is permitted in
     S. Initially, people bound the                   started to turn the pages of              such reserved areas.
         small clay tablets together                  the book again.                       (1) RQSP         (2) SRPQ
         with leather bands.                     6. Yes, there was no doubt                 (3) RSPQ         (4) QSPR
     6. There was no longer the need                  about it — I had malaria too.    239. 1. After the tornado had hit the
         to write text by hand; instead          (1) RPSQ          (2) PQSR                     coastal areas,
         copies of text could be made            (3) SPQR          (4) QSPR                 P. my house was gone,
         with the help of a printing       235. 1. Lata was caught in a traffic             Q. I became a pauper overnight
         press.                                       jam.                                  R. my fields were completely
     (1) PRQS           (2) PSRQ                 P. Would she really have to miss               destroyed,
     (3) SPRQ           (4) SRQP                      the interview ?                       S. my livestock was lost and