6. Sometimes we do n’t use          last sentence/part of the passage are          6.  flushes out virus particles.
          words but make gestures (like   numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the              (1) RQPS            (2) QPRS
          traffic signs) or sim ple       passage/sentences are split into four          (3) SQPR            (4) QRPS
          movements of the hand in        parts and named P, Q, R and S. These      225. 1.  Miss Sullivan led Helen into
          order to communicate.           four parts are not given in their proper           her room and gave her a doll.
      (1) QPRS            (2) PQRS        order. Read the sentences and find out
                                                                                         P. Helen was simply making her
      (3) PSQR            (4) PRSQ        which of the four combinations is
                                                                                             fingers go in monkey-like
218. 1. Sherlock Holmes is the            correct. Then find the correct answer.
      P. who is in a state of grace          (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry Operator
                                                                                         Q. Miss Sullivan tried to make
                                             & LDC Exam. 27.10.2013, IInd Sitting)
      Q. is raised to the status.                                                            Helen understand that ‘d-o-l-
                                           222. 1. Science is concerned with                 l’ applied to both.
      R. because in him scientific
                                                    finding out how things
          curiosity                                                                      R. Miss Sullivan spelled the
                                                    actually happen.
      S. exceptional individual                                                              word ‘d-o-l-l’ on to Helen’s
                                                P. He showed that a light object             hand.
      6. of a heroic passion.                       falls to the ground at the
      (1) SRQP            (2) SPRQ                                                       S. Miss Sullivan put her big rag
                                                    same rate as a heavy object.
      (3) RPSQ            (4) PRQS                                                           doll into her lap and also
                                                Q. It does not mean laying down              spelled ‘d-o-l-l’.
219. 1. The goals of our present                    principles as to how they
          system                                                                         6. Her teacher had been with
                                                    ought to happen.
                                                                                             her several weeks before
      P. schooling is to prepare                R. This did not agree with the               Helen understood that
      Q. students for the examination               views of most learned men of             everything has a name.
          system                                    that time.
                                                                                         (1) SRPQ            (2) QPSR
      R. which will take them to the            S. The most famous example of
                                                                                         (3) RPSQ            (4) PSQR
      S. of primary and secondary                   this concerns Galileo’s
                                                    di scovery about fal li ng      226. 1. Marie chose to study Physics
      6. best technical institutions in
                                                    bodies.                              P. that investigates the four
          the country.
                                                                                             forces at work
      (1) QPRS            (2) PRQS              6. But Galileo proved his point
                                                    experimentally by dropping           Q. in the universe
      (3) PSQR            (4) SPQR
                                                    weights from the Leaning             R. which is a branch of science
220. 1. Egotism is the most common
                                                    Tower of Pisa.                       S. both on a large scale, as in
          fault of mankind.
                                                (1) PSQR           (2) QSPR                  the solar system
      P. However, with time it becomes
                                                (3) RQPS           (4) SQPR              6. or on a small scale, as in
          an exaggerated form of self
                                           223. 1. After inventing dynamite,                 atoms.
                                                    Alfred Nobel became a rich           (1) RQPS            (2) RPQS
      Q. It is the product of a
          perfectly natural desire to               man.                                 (3) PSRQ            (4) SPRQ
          display oneself.                      P. He created a fund just two       227. 1. A proposal has been made
      R. This i s necessary as i t                  weeks before his death.              P. tourists will continue to visit
          impairs the personality and           Q. Alfred did not want to be                 game parks
          frustrates all efforts at self            remembered as the inventor           Q. to-trim the horns of rhinos to
          improvement.                              of dynamite.                             discourage poachers
      S. Beyond any shadow of doubt,            R. He       apprehended        its       R. and the question is whether
          it is a defect that ought to be           universally destructive power        S. to see rhinos once the
          constantly hunted down, and               too late.                                animals’ horns
          scotched.                             S. Prizes are given from this            6. have been trimmed.
      6. One should always be on                    fund to people for their             (1) RPQS            (2) SQPR
          gu ard not to give into                   enormous contributions to            (3) QRPS            (4) PRSQ
          egotism.                                  humanity.
                                                                                        Directions (228-233) : In the
      (1) PSRQ            (2) PQRS              6. Nobel prizes for various        following questions, the 1st and the
      (3) QPSR            (4) RSPQ                  disciplines are awarded each   last sentences of the passage are
221. 1. When the Impressionists                     year on the anniversary of his numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
                                                    death.                         passage/sentences is (are) split into
      P. they made them look like
                                                (1) PQRS           (2) RQPS        four parts and named P, Q, R and S.
      Q. everyday and often putting
                                                (3) QPSR           (4) SPQR        These four parts are not given in their
      R. people you would see
                                           224. 1. The pungent vapour that is      proper order. Read the passage/
      S. painted pictures of people
                                                    released                       sentences and find out which of the
      6. more emphasis on the scene.
                                                P. which make our eyes stream      four combinations is correct. Then find
      (1) SRQP            (2) PRQS                                                 the correct answer.
                                                    and nose run,
      (3) SPRQ            (4) RQPS                                                               (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
                                                Q. contains irritant chemicals
     Directions (222-227) : In the                                                                     Operator & LDC Exam.
                                                R. when we chop onions
following questions, the 1st and the                                                                   10.11.2013, Ist Sitting)
                                                S. eases congestion as well as