S. This caused a sudden change              R. It should increase our                   Q. But, the Rajputs under Rani
         of his heart.                               confidence.                                Padmini fought like tigers.
     6. He joined the Bud dhist                  S. We should then work at it                R. Khilji attacked Chittor again,
         community and became a                      during our leisure.                        and rushed into the fort, only
         monk.                                   6. That is the way to be healthy,              to be stunned.
     (1) RPQS          (2) RSPQ                      wealthy and happy.                      S. Khilji desired to capture
     (3) RQSP          (4) RQPS                  (1) PRQS         (2) QSPR                      Chittor and i ts beautiful
208. 1. Vegetarianism promotes a                 (3) QRPS         (4) QPSR                      Queen, Rani Padmini.
         natural way of life.               212. 1. The majority of chi ldren                6. The Rani and the other women
     P. A vegetarian’s life-style is                 world-wide who are out of                  had burnt themselves alive.
         natural and healthy.                        schools are girls.                      (1) PQSR         (2) PSQR
     Q. Despite its message of                   P. She marries much later in life           (3) SQRP         (4) SRQP
         universal love and non-                     and has fewer children.                Directions (216–221) : In the
         violence, it has not spread.            Q. A working woman spends            following questions, the Ist and the last
     R. It is best cultivated in the                 90% of her income on the         sentence/part of the passage are
         mind.                                       family.                          numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
     S. This may be because it is an             R. An educated woman acquires        passage/sentences are split into four
         inward looking habit.                       self-respect and confidence.     parts and named P, Q, R and S. These
     6. Food and health are closely              S. Child mortality drops and         four parts are not given in their proper
         related.                                    fewer cases of mothers die       order. Read the passage/sentences
     (1) QSRP          (2) PQRS                      in child-birth.                  and fi nd out whi ch of the four
                                                 6. So when you educate a             combinations is correct. Then find the
     (3) QRSP          (4) PRSQ
                                                     woman the benefits cascade       correct answer.
209. 1. Optimism is not a deep,
                                                     across the society.                           (SSC (10+2) Level Data Entry
         complicated philosophy.
                                                                                            Operator & LDC Exam. 20.10.2013)
     P. In some persons it is an                 (1) PSQR         (2) RPSQ
                                                                                      216. 1. Fi res in the Steppes or
         inborn trait.                           (3) QRPS         (4) QPRS
                                                                                                bushes scared humans
     Q. In fact, it is always taking a      213. 1. Architecture began
         positive and bright view of life.       P. to build their own shelters
                                                                                            P. Gradually, they learnt to
     R. It is more of a general attitude         Q. on ready-made ones                          appreciate the power of fire.
         of life.                                R. when early people started               Q. It gave them l ight and
     S. They are tuned that way by               S. rather than relying                         warmth and kept away wild
         nature and temperament.                 6. such as trees and caves.                    animals.
     6. However in most cases it is              (1) RPSQ         (2) PRQS                  R. About 700,000 years ago,
         an acquired and nurtured                (3) RQPS         (4) PSQR                      humans         started      fire
         habit.                                                                                 accidentally by lightning.
                                            214. 1. People are like potatoes.
     (1) RQPS          (2) QRPS
                                                 P. It is only after potatoes have          S. They could harden the tips
     (3) PSRQ          (4) PSQR                      been sorted and bagged that                of wooden spears and cook
210. 1. Our life is full of ups and                  they are loaded onto trucks.               meat in it.
         downs.                                  Q. After potatoes have been                6. Soon they learnt to produce
     P. They too had problems in                     harvested, they have to be                 fire by striking flintstone and
         their lives.                                spread out and sorted in                   pyrite with each other or by
     Q. When we face failures we are                 order to get the maximum                   rubbing lumbers.
         often disheartened.                         market dollar.                         (1) PQSR            (2) PQRS
     R. They fought against all odds             R. This is the method that all             (3) QRSP            (4) QSPR
         and achieved success.                       Idaho potato farmers use - all   217. 1. There are a lot of ways to
     S. The lives of great men inspire               but one.                                   communicate speaking,
         us.                                     S. They are divided according to               singing, clapping, hooting.
     6. By following them we can                     size -big, medium and small.           P. Even animals communicate
         overcome crises.                        6. One farmer never bothered                   with one another.
     (1) SQPR          (2) PSQR                      to sort the potatoes.                  Q. Only humans can express
     (3) SPRQ          (4) QSPR                  (1) PQRS         (2) QSPR                      their thoughts and feelings in
211. 1. We should plan our leisure               (3) PRQS         (4) QSRP                      words because of our
         carefully.                         215. 1. Rani Padmini was a Rajput                   superior brain.
     P. The activity we choose should                Queen.                                 R. Both humans and animals
         make us happy.                          P. Allaudin Khilji invaded India               also communicate through
     Q. We shoul d choose some                       and reached the gates of                   body language
         interesting and useful                      Chittor, the capital city of the       S. But their ways differ from the
         activity.                                   Rajputs.                                   humans.