191. 1. With a little cajoling            sentences/passage and find out which            R. that we are not
      P. was moved inside a small         of the four combinations is correct.            S. to seek happiness
          cement enclosure                Then find the correct answer.                   6. seizing every opportunity.
      Q. beneath the rail tracks                         (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II      (1) RPQS         (2) QSRP
      R. the friendly leopard                                   Exam. 29.09.2013)
                                                                                          (3) RSQP         (4) PSQR
      S. at the corner of his cage         196. 1. Many people advised me            202. 1. Indiscriminate industriali-
      6. of the toy train.                          against opting for English.              zation resulted
      (1) RSPQ          (2) SRPQ                P. The reason is I l ove the              P. as the rural
      (3) RPSQ          (4) SQPR                                                          Q. in cities in search
                                                Q. Similarly I chose Political
192. 1. In the shops of Great Britain,                                                    R. in urban migration
          Nirad Choudhary                                                                 S. poor settled
                                                R. I decided to opt for it.
      P. of our elephant-headed God                                                       6. of opportunities.
          of success, Ganesha                   S. I fi nd Poli ti cal Sci ence
                                                    extremely interesting.                (1) PQRS         (2) SRQP
      Q. who was likely to be a                                                           (3) RPSQ         (4) PSQR
                                                6. It was a subj ect in my
          counterpart                                                                203. 1. There are some stores
                                                    graduation as well.
      R. missed the image of any God                                                      P. that make it easy
                                                (1) PQRS         (2) RPSQ
      S. presiding over all our                                                           Q. who have
                                                (3) RPQS         (4) SRPQ
                                           197. 1. The availability of electric           R. with reasonable goods
      6. particularly financial ones.
                                                    power                                 S. for people
      (1) QPSR          (2) RQPS
                                                P. would make a tremendous                6. a limited budget.
      (3) SPQR          (4) PSQR                    difference                            (1) PQRS         (2) SPQR
193. 1. They       were       enjoying          Q. to be improved                         (3) RPSQ         (4) QPSR
                                                R. to the countryside                204. 1.The transition from
      P. from the horrors of poison
                                                S. and enable rural economy               P. school to college
                                                6. in various directions.                 Q. meet it
      Q. and the lurking phantoms
                                                (1) PRSQ         (2) RQSP                 R. so one must
      R. completely distracted
                                                (3) QRPS         (4) RSQP                 S. is demanding
      S. enormously
                                           198. 1. Most of the diamonds found             6. without expectations.
      6. in the jungle around them,
                                                P. are high enough to allow               (1) SQRP         (2) PSRQ
      (1) RSPQ          (2) SRPQ
                                                Q. where the pressure and
      (3) RQSP          (4) QRPS                                                          (3) PRQS         (4) RQPS
194. 1. Modern         industrialized                                                205. 1. The Railways have launched
                                                R. on Earth were formed below
          communities                                                                     P. where one can find
                                                S. the Earth’s crust in the upper
      P. and the rich glow of health                mantle                                Q. on a Google map
          which comes                                                                     R. an online application
                                                6. diamonds to crystallize.
      Q. have lost touch with soil                                                        S. the exact location of 6,500
                                                (1) PSRQ         (2) SRQP
      R. which nature gives                                                                  trains
                                                (3) RSQP         (4) RPSQ
      S. and do not experience that joy                                                   6. on a real time basis.
                                           199. 1. Computers and mobile
      6. from contact with mother                   phones                                (1) QRSP         (2) QRPS
          earth.                                                                          (3) RPSQ         (4) SQPR
                                                P. grammar and reducing
      (1) RSPQ          (2) QSRP                                                     206. 1. A man is born alone
                                                Q. are turning us into
      (3) QRSP          (4) QPSR                                                          P. good and bad
                                                R. lazy writers
195. 1. By tradition, the medical               S. ruining our spelling and               Q. he experiences the
                                                6. our attention span.                    R. and dies alone, and
      P. has sealed lips and
                                                (1) QRSP         (2) SPQR                 S. consequences of
      Q. to explain its problems
                                                (3) QSPR         (4) SRPQ                 6. his actions alone.
      R. has been even more reluctant
                                           200. 1. Greed is regarded as                   (1) RQSP         (2) RQPS
      S. to the general public
                                                P. possible ruinous and                   (3) QSPR         (4) PQRS
      6. than to the patient.
                                                Q. because it has                    207. 1. In the first years of his reign,
      (1) PRQS          (2) RSPQ
                                                R. destructive effects                       Asoka was an autocrat.
      (3) PQRS          (4) SRPQ
                                                S. immoral behaviour                      P. The effect over the slaughter
       Directions (196-215) : In the                                                         on his mind was profound.
                                                6. on the other people.
following questions, the 1st and the last
                                                (1) RQPS         (2) SPRQ                 Q. He was successful but
sentence are numbered 1 and 6. The
                                                (3) SQPR         (4) SQRP                    thousands were slain in the
rest of the sentences/passage is split
                                           201. 1. It is true                                battle.
into four parts and named P, Q, R and
S. These four sentences/parts are not           P. born to be happy but                   R. Ab out the ninth year he
given in their proper order. Read the           Q. we are born                               decided to conquer Kalinga.