180. 1. In ancient times a King                (1) RQSP          (2) SQPR              S. And stare as long as sheep
         named Sagar performed                 (3) PQRS          (4) RPQS                   or cows
         the‘Ashwamedha Yagna’.           184. 1. Albert Edward had never              6. Where squirrels hide their
     P. No one could capture the                   liked the new vicar.                     nuts in grass.
          horse.                               P. He wasn’t the type of man            (1) QPSR          (2) QSPR
     Q. Many tried to capture the                   they wanted, with a classy         (3) RSPQ          (4) SPRQ
          horse.                                    congregation.                188. 1. Louis Washkansky was a 56
     R. As per rules a splendid horse          Q. And now, he straightened                 year old South African.
          was let loose and allowed to              himself a little.                  P. He had a damaged heart.
          wander.                              R. He knew his value.                   Q. A team of doctors led by Dr.
     S. Those who tried had to fight           S. He’d said from the beginning              C. Barnard was formed.
          Sagar’s warriors.                         that they had made a mis-          R. He could not be cured.
     6. Thus Sagar’s fame spread                    take.                              S. So the doctors decided to
          far and wide.                        6. He wasn’t going to allow him-             give him a new heart.
     (1) RSPQ          (2) RQPS                     self to be put upon.               6. The team conducted the op-
     (3) RQSP          (4) QPRS                (1) PSQR          (2) QRPS                   eration.
181. 1. The bee has no sense of pro-           (3) SPQR          (4) SRPQ              (1) QSRP          (2) RPSQ
         portion.                         185. 1. Jai Hai is a hand-ball type          (3) SQPR          (4) PRSQ
     P. It goes about collecting hon-              game.
                                                                                 189. 1. Bhima reached the Rak-
          ey.                                  P. In fact, this game orginated             shasa’s den.
     Q. It has never learnt to spend.               in the Basque region of
                                                                                       P. He was a monster with red
     R. As though starvation was                    Spain.
                                                                                            hair and a red beard.
          staring it at its face.              Q. And in Florida it is legal to
                                                                                       Q. He climbed down from the
     S. Even with stocks sufficient                 place bets on the players of
          for 20 generations.                       Jai Hai.
                                                                                       R. At once he sat down to eat
     6. And that is how God has                R. It is one of the fastest-mov-
                                                                                            the food.
                                                    ing ball games.
          made them,                                                                   S. The Rakshasa saw him.
                                               S. Although played quite well in
     (1) PRQS          (2) RSQP                                                        6. When he saw what Bhima
                                                    Florida & Latin America, it
     (3) QSPR          (4) QRPS                     is not an American game.                was doing, he roared.
182 1. Snakes are the most feared              6. Sports experts agree that Jai        (1) PQRS          (2) RQPS
         of all reptiles.                           Hai requires more skill,           (3) QRSP          (4) QPSR
     P. Superstition and ignorance                  speed, endurance and nerve   190. 1. His son fell into bad compa-
          prevents proper treatment.                than any other game.                   ny of village boys.
     Q. It is also beneficial to man.          (1) PSRQ          (2) PSQR              P. The father wanted to wean
     R. Snake is not a source of fear          (3) SRPQ          (4) SPRQ                   his son from bad company.
          and harm.                       186. 1. Proud Little Astronomer sees         Q. A few days later all bananas
     S. Many people are killed by                  a huge dragon in the moon.               got spoiled.
          snakes in India and all over         P. Big Astronomer calls him and         R. His father was much worried
          the world.                                shows him the fly.                      about his son’s bad compa-
     6. Medicines are made from its            Q. He runs to the Big Astrono-               ny.
          poison.                                   mer and calls him home.            S. To give a lesson to the son,
     (1) PRSQ          (2) QRSP                R. He is very excited and re-                his father gave him a few
     (3) SPRQ          (4) SRQP                     members his rival Big As-               good bananas with a rotten
                                                    tronomer.                               one.
183. 1. Computers have infiltrated
         into all aspects of life.             S. Big Astronomer agrees and            6. The boy understood the de-
                                                    later discovers a fly in the            sired lesson his father want-
     P. This shows that the comput-
                                                    telescope lens.                         ed to give him.
          er has become all-powerful.
                                               6. Little Astronomer is shame-          (1) RPSQ          (2) SQPR
     Q. So, it is with many other
                                                    faced and becomes humble.          (3) PSQR          (4) QSPR
          things where computers are
          indispensable.                       (1) RQSP          (2) PQRS             Directions (191-195) : In the
                                               (3) RSPQ          (4) QPSR        following questions, the 1st and the
     R. City traffic, airline booking
                                                                                 last sentence of the passage are
          and air-traffic are all comput- 187. 1. What is this life it, full of
                                                                                 numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
          er-controlled.                           care,
                                                                                 passage is split into four parts and
     S. In such a situation, comput-           P. No time to stand beneath the
                                                                                 named P, Q, R and S. These four parts
          er breakdown means the                    boughs
                                                                                 are not given in their proper order.
          breakdown of the system it           Q. We have no time to stand and
                                                                                 Read the sentences and find out which
          controls.                                 stare.
                                                                                 of the four combinations is correct.
     6. Such is our dependence on              R. No time to see, when woods             (SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Main
          it.                                       we pass                                             Exam. 07.04.2013)