above her triple handicap to             S. Further it is an architec-       176. 1. Martha taught English Liter-
          become one of the best                        tural marvel.                           ature.
          known characters in the mod-             6. Due to all these factors Ma-          P. She would involve them in
          ern world.                                    durai is a popular tourist               roleplays.
      6. She believes the blind should                  spot.                               Q. Her students were young
          live and work with their fel-            (1) QSRP          (2) RSPQ                    learners.
          lows, with full responsibility.          (3) PQRS          (4) SRPQ               R. This way the students found
      (1) QPSR            (2) PQSR            173. 1. A jackal fell into a dyer’s tub.           it easier to identify with
      (3) RSQP            (4) SQRP                 P. He ordered that he should                  the characters.
170. 1. India led the battle of free-                   be respected.                       S. They fell into the age group
          dom against imperialism.                 Q. Meanwhile a lion arrived on                of 14- 16 years.
      P. That technique brought us                      the scene.                          6. They looked forward to at-
          success.                                 R. He posed as the King of the                tending her classes.
      Q. We therefore championed the                    forest.                             (1) QSPR           (2) QPSR
          cause of other countries.                S. The dyed jackal ran away.             (3) RSPQ           (4) SQRP
      R, We fought it with a special               6. Other jackals ran after him      177. 1. Mary and Jo were amateur
          technique.                                    and tore him to pieces.                 singers.
      S. We are happy that they                    (1) PQRS          (2) QPRS               P. He called them for auditions
          achieved freedom.                        (3) SQRP          (4) RPQS                    the following week.
      6. But some countries are still         174. 1. Six year old Prabodh aimed            Q. So they approached a lead-
          slaves.                                      his toy gun at his sister                 ing music company.
      (1) QSRP            (2) SRPQ                     while playing.                       R. They wanted to try their luck
      (3) RPQS            (4) RSQP                 P. ‘You may aim at the pole, or               at playback singing.
      Directions (171 – 190) : In the                  at the wall or at the tree,          S. But the manager said that
following questions, the first and the                 where no one can get hurt.’               they would have to qualify
last part of the sentences are num-                Q. Mother got up immedi-                      an audition test.
bered 1 and 6. The rest of the sen-                    ately saying, ‘No one shoots         6. Fortunately they qualified
tences are split into four parts and                   a human being’ and calmly re-             the test.
named P, Q, R and S. These four parts                  moved the gun from Prabodh.
                                                                                            (1) RSPQ           (2) QPRS
are not given in their proper order.               R. Still Prabodh aimed his gun
                                                                                            (3) PRSQ           (4) RQSP
Read the sentence and find out which                   at the kid.
                                                                                       178. 1. Rubik’s Cube was most pop-
of the four combinations is correct.               S. When his mother saw this
                                                                                                ular puzzle in 1980s.
Then find the correct answer.                           she said, ‘No, Prabodh ! Not
                                                        at the baby!’                       P. His name was Erno Rubik.
   (SSC CPO (SI, ASI & Intelligence Officer
                                                   6. With such a firm action on            Q. In 1977 he produced the
               Exam. 28.08.2011 Paper-II)
                                                        his mother’s part, Prabodh               plastic version.
171. 1. A lot of people simply dump
                                                        reali zed where the gun             R. It was invented by an archi-
          their rubbish in open bins.
                                                        should not be aimed.                     tect.
      P. All sorts of diseases are car-
                                                   (1) PRSQ          (2) QSPR               S. The first cube was made of
           ried by the flies.
                                                   (3) SPRQ          (4) SRQP                    wood.
      Q. Then they come into the
                                              175. 1. A man wearing dark sunglass-          6. It won a prize at the Budap-
           house and infect uncovered
                                                       es walked into the bank.                  est International Fair.
                                                   P. Then he shouted, “Give me             (1) QRPS           (2) RSPQ
      R. In this rubbish the flies
           breed and multiply.                         all your money, all the mon-         (3) RPSQ           (4) PRSQ
                                                       ey in this bank right now.”     179. 1. Carpentry is a very strenu-
      S. Such carelessness invites
           flies to the rubbish.                   Q. Everyone in the l obby                    ous profession.
                                                       screamed and started run-            P. Because of such tools they
      6. Consumption of such food
                                                       ning.                                     put themselves at risk of in-
           can only bring disease and
           sickness.                               R. He went up to the teller and               jury.
                                                       held up a hand grenade for           Q. In such areas it is all too easy
      (1) SPQR           (2) RQPS
                                                       all to see.                               to fall or slip.
      (3) RPQS           (4) SRQP
                                                   S. Nervously the young female            R. Sometimes their work de-
172. 1. Madurai is a historically                       teller handed the man three              mands climbing on high rise
          important place.                              big bags loaded with cash.               buildings.
      P. Besides all these the                     6. Holding the grenade in one            S. Carpenters have to work with
           Chitra festival attracts visitors.           hand and the bags in the                 sharp tools.
      Q. It has the famous Meenak-                      other, he walked out of the
                                                                                            6. Their lives, thus, are full of
           shi Temple.                                  building.
      R. The place is also famous for              (1) PSRQ          (2) QSPR
                                                                                            (1) SPRQ           (2) PQSR
           the jasmine flower.                     (3) RPQS          (4) SRQP
                                                                                            (3) RPSQ           (4) SQPR