S. which have effects on human            S. just as human beings do                S. Next to a shriveled, white-
         that are                              6. when they breathe.                         coated lemon were two or-
     6. hard to pin down and quanti-           (1) QPRS          (2) SQPR                    anges covered with blue fuzz.
         fy.                                   (3) RPQS          (4) PRSQ                6. Each onion had sent curling
     (1) RPQS          (2) QRPS          163. 1. The multi sourcing of                       shoots through the net until
     (3) SQPR          (4) PRSQ                                                              the whole thing resembled a
                                               P. financial mess with
158. 1. After an entire generation of                                                        mass of green spaghetti.
                                               Q. coins led to a
         parents and teachers                                                            (1) SQPR           (2) QSRP
                                               R. using their own mix of
     P. the level of depression.                                                         (3) PRSQ           (4) RSQP
                                               S. different mints
     Q. children’s self-esteem, an in-                                              167. 1. There was no proper light
                                               6. metals and alloys.
         dicator of good mental health,                                                      system on the highway.
                                               (1) QPSR          (2) PSRQ
     R. has worked hard to improve                                                       P. In addition, cloud s were
                                               (3) RPQS          (4) SQRP
         its                                                                                 gathering in the sky.
                                         164. 1. It may seem odd
     S. in young people has skyrock-                                                     Q. The night was darker than
                                               P. one should only read                       usual.
                                               Q. but people read for such a             R. Then suddenly, the wind
     6. It is how we feel about our-
         selves,                               R. to have to insist that                     dropped.
     (1) PQRS          (2) QSRP                S. because one liked it                   S. The atmosphere now was
                                               6. variety of reasons.                        very stuffy.
     (3) RQSP          (4) SPRQ
                                               (1) QPSR          (2) RSPQ                6. The moon also hid behind the
159. 1. The Bermuda Triangle is an
         area                                  (3) SPRQ          (4) RPSQ                    clouds and it made the night
     P. of many unexplained disap-            Directions (165–170) : In the fol-             gloomier.
         pearances,                      lowing questions, the 1st and the last          (1) QRPS.          (2) RPQS
                                         sentence are numbered 1 and 6. Re-              (3) QPRS           (4) SPRQ
     Q. the three points of the trian-
                                         maining sentences are named P, Q, R
         gle being Miami,                                                           168. 1. AIDS is a disease caused by
                                         and S. These four sentences are not
     R. is famous for being the sup-                                                         a virus called HIV.
                                         given in their proper order. Read the
         posed site                      sentences and find out which of the             P. This results in the victim’s
     S. of the Atlantic Ocean off the    four combinations is correct. Then find             inability to defend themselves
         coast of Florida and            the correct answer.                                 from any infections leading to
     6. Bermuda, and San Juan in                        (SSC Graduate Level Tier-II
         Puerto Rico.                                   Exam. 04.08.2011 Paper-II)       Q. This disease destroys part of
     (1) PQRS          (2) SRPQ          165. 1. Efforts should be made to                   the body’s immune system.
     (3) QSRP          (4) RPQS                    stimulate exports.                    R. AIDS patients are carriers of
160. 1. Most of the people acquire             P. We have another source of                  the virus.
     P. which makes them hesitant                  foreign exchange.                     S. People who are infected de-
     Q. their ancestral culture and            Q. But people are reluctant to                velop AIDS within five to ten
                                                   part with it.                             years.
     R. to accept new ideas and the-
         ories of                              R. I mean the huge quantities of          6. And they are infected for
                                                   hoarded gold.                             years without knowing it and
     S. tradition without questioning
                                               S. It is necessary to increase                transmit the disease to oth-
                                                   our foreign exchange re-                  ers.
     6. the changing world.
                                                   serves.                               (1) QPSR           (2) PSQR
     (1) SPRQ          (2) QRSP
                                               6. If they are willing, gold can          (3) RSQP           (4) SRPQ
     (3) QSPR          (4) PQRS
                                                   be sold abroad.                  169. 1. Helen Keller has an ageless
161. 1. Local industries often
                                               (1) PRSQ          (2) SPRQ                    quality about her in keeping
     P. protest the high salaries
                                               (3) SRPQ          (4) PSRQ                    with her amazing life story.
     Q. that this will unreasonably
                                         166. 1. The vegetable bin of my re-             P. Although warned by this hu-
                                                   frigerator contained an as-               man reaction, she has no
     R. arguing vehemently                                                                   wish to be set aside from the
                                                   sortment of weird — looking
     S. offered by multinational firms             items.                                    rest of mankind.
     6. all wages to an excessive level.       P. The carrots dropped into U             Q. She is an inspiration to both
     (1) RQPS          (2) PSRQ                    shapes as I picked them up                blind and who can see every-
     (3) SRQP          (4) PRSQ                    with the tips of my fingers.              where.
162. 1. Although fruits can no longer          Q. To the right of the oranges            R. When she visited Japan af-
         grow once picked,                         was a bunch of carrots that               ter World War II, boys and
     P. taking in oxygen and                       had begun to sprout points,               girls from remote villages ran
     Q. they continue to respire for               spikes and tendrils.                      to her, crying, ‘’Helen Keller”.
         sometime,                             R. Near the carrots was a net             S. Blind, deaf and mute from
     R. giving off carbon dioxide,                 bag of onions.                            early childhood, she rose