133. 1. A rocket burns a fuel that              (1) RPSQ        (2) PRSQ                 S. It was unloading a cargo of
         makes a great deal of gas at           (3) SPQR        (4) QSPR                     pig iron.
         the back of the rocket.               Directions (136-140) : In the fol-        6. I wanted to earn money for
     P. Ordinary fuel will burn only      lowing questions, the first and the                food.
         in air, because it needs the     last part of the passage/sentences             (1) PQRS          (2) QSRP
         oxygen in the air.               are numbered 1 and 6. The rest of              (3) PRSQ          (4) SRPQ
     Q. A rocket can therefore travel     the passage/sentences are split into     140. 1. He could not rise.
         outside the atmosphere in        four parts and named P, Q, R and S.
                                                                                         P. All at once, in the distance,
         space where there is no air.     These four parts are not given in their
                                                                                             he heard an elephant trum-
     R. This gas pushes against the       proper order. Read the sentences/
         rocket and sends it forward.     passage and find out which of the
                                          four combinations is correct. Then             Q. He tried again with all his
     S. However, rocket fuels have                                                           might but to no use.
         their oxygen in them and so      find the correct answer.
                                           (SSC Stenographer (Grade"C" &"D") Exam.       R. The next moment he was on
         they burn without air.
                                                                       26.09.2010)           his feet.
     6. In fact, it will travel faster in
                                          136. 1. The only choice                        S. He stepped into the river.
         space than in the air because
         the friction of the air is not         P. universities will be to               6. It was colder than usual.
         there to slow it down.                 Q. tuition fees to meet                  (1) PQSR          (2) PRQS
     (1) QSRP         (2) RPSQ                  R. left before the Indian                (3) QPRS          (4) QPSR
     (3) SQPR         (4) PRQS                  S. substantially raise the                Directions (141 – 145) : In the
134. 1. Some of the other patrons are           6. the rising expenditure          following questions, the 1st and the
         even more of a problem than            (1) RPSQ          (2) PQSR         last sentence of the passage are
         the theatre itself.                                                       numbered 1 and 6. The rest of the
                                                (3) SQRP          (4) QPSR
     P. They make noises and cre-                                                  passage is spilt into four parts and
                                          137. 1. The salmon fish pu shed          named P, Q, R and S. These four parts
         ate disturbances at their                  themselves
         seats.                                                                    are not given in their proper order.
                                                P. to return to their spawning     Read the sentences and find out which
     Q. Some act as if they were at
                                                    grounds                        of the four combinations is correct.
         home in their own living room
                                                Q. and fertilized them             Then find the correct answer.
         watching the TV set.
                                                R. but once they laid their eggs          (SSC Stenographer (Grade "C" & "D"
     R. People are often messy, so
         that you’re constantly aware           S. to their limits                                       Exam. 09.01.2011)
         of all the food they’re eating.        6. they died                        141. 1. Once there was a king.
     S. Many people in the theatre              (1) SQPR          (2) RSQP                P. On the next day a group of
         often show themselves to be            (3) SPRQ          (4) RPSQ                    merchants passed on that
         inconsiderate.                   138. 1. One of my friends Krishnan                  way.
     6. People are also always mov-                 went to live in a village.            Q. The people in his kingdom
         ing around near you, creat-            P. But it was a very slow ani-                were very lazy.
         ing a disturbance and inter-               mal.                                  R. The king wanted to teach
         rupting your enjoyment of              Q. So Krishnan bought a don-                  them a lesson.
         the movie.                                 key for 200 rupees.                   S. One night he had arranged
     (1) SPQR         (2) PSRQ                  R. One day his new neighbour                  a big stone in the middle of
     (3) QRSP         (4) RSQP                      told him that he must buy a               the road.
135. 1. A friend’s rudeness is much                 donkey.                               6. They didn"t move the stone,
         more damaging than a                   S. Every family there had a                   but passed round it.
         stranger’s.                                donkey to carry things for            (1) SQPR         (2) RPQS
     P. You feel hurt instead of an-                them.                                 (3) QRSP         (4) QSRP
         gry.                                   6. It did not like to work.         142. 1. The camel has tough leathery
     Q. You feel that you’re being              (1) SQPR          (2) RSQP                    lips
         taken for granted.                                                               P. that will not sink in the sand
                                                (3) QPRS          (4) PRSQ
     R. When a friend says sharply,                                                       Q. and a reserve of food supply
         “I don’t have time to talk to    139. 1. The next morning I found
                                                    myself somewhat refreshed             R. broadened feet
         you just now.”
                                                    but very hungry.                      S. capable of consuming the
     S. When a friend shows up late
                                                P. I asked him to let me help                 coarsest vegetation
         for lunch or a shopping trip,
         with no good reason,                       unload the vessel.                    6. in its humps.
     6. Friends after all, are sup-             Q. I noticed I was near a large           (1) SRPQ         (2) SRQP
         posed to make up for the                   ship.                                 (3) RSQP         (4) RPQS
         thoughtless cruel ties of              R. I went at once to the cap-       143. 1. Poliomyelitis or polio is a
         strangers.                                 tain.                                     serious infection.