R. No one can view the world                   Q. His studies went on unin-        122. 1. It is easy to criticize the
         with complete impartiality.                     terrupted abroad until he               people at the helm, for the
     S. This is of course a matter of                    received a call from India.             slow progress in every field.
         degree.                                    R. He went to Cambridge to               P. We are well aware that the
     6. It is this approach towards                      study.                                  intellectuals are leaving our
         impartiality that constitutes              S. But now and then, he could                country for better employ-
         growth in wisdom.                               not help listening to politi-           ment opportunities.
     (1) QRSP         (2) RQPS                           cal discussions in his house.       Q. Then question remains unan-
     (3) SRPQ         (4) PRSQ                      6. Till the end of his career, he            swered because our country
                                                         made Gandhi his political               cannot show opportunities to
117. 1. But at that moment I glanced
                                                         master.                                 the intellectuals.
         round at the crowd that had
         followed me.                               (1) RSQP         (2) SRQP                R. Then, what about their obli-
                                                    (3) PQRS         (4) SRPQ                    gation to the Motherland ?
     P. It was an immense crowd,
         two thousand at the least           120. 1. Venice is a strange and                 S. First, we should ask our-
         and growing every minute.                       beautiful city in the north of          selves as to what is happen-
                                                         Italy.                                  ing to the young intellectuals
     Q. They were watching me as
                                                    P. There are about four hun-                 in India.
         they would watch a conjur-
         er about to perform a trick.                    dred old stone bridges join-        6. This situation of ‘Brain-Drain’
     R. I looked at the sea of yellow                    ing the islands of Venice.              leads to a variety of problems.
         faces above the garish                     Q. In this city there are no mo-         (1) PSQR          (2) RPSQ
         clothes – faces all happy and                   tor-cars, no horses and no          (3) PSRQ          (4) SPRQ
         excited over this bit of fun,                   buses.                         123. 1. It is the responsibility of par-
         all certain that the elephant              R. These small islands are near              ents to teach the young moral
         was going to be shot.                           one another.                            values in life.
     S. It blocked the road for a long              S. It is not one island but a            P. Many children take advantage
         distance on either side.                        hundred and seventeen is-               of their parents’ busy sched-
     6. They did not like me, but                        lands.                                  ule.
         with the magical rifle in my               This is because Venice has no            Q. This results in children’s ig-
         hands, I was momentarily                   streets.                                     norance of social values.
         worth watching                             (1) PQRS         (2) RSPQ                R. The reason behind it is that
     (1) RPQS         (2) QSRP                      (3) SRPQ         (4) PSQR                    parents are quite busy nowa-
     (3) SRPQ         (4) PSRQ                    Directions (121 – 125) : In the                days.
118. 1. There are many roads into           following questions, the 1st and the             S. Nowadays parents spend
         the world of books, but the        last sentence of the passage are num-                very meagre time with chil-
         way of fiction is probably the     bered 1 and 6. The rest of the pas-                  dren.
         most common.                       sage is split into four parts and named          6. As such, the society is going
     P. Then too the appeal of the          P, Q, R and S. These four parts are                  away from the value system.
         story, whether told as poem,       not given in their proper order. Read            (1) SRPQ          (2) PQRS
         play, history, biography, or       the sentences and find out which of              (3) SQRP          (4) SPQR
         novel is primitive and strong.     the four combinations is correct. Then      124. 1. The man who does his duty
     Q. The reason is plain.                find the correct answer.                             without any selfish desire for
     R. They are to us what epic                        (SSC Combined Graduate Level             fruit may be called a sanyasi
         poetry was to the Greeks                 Tier-I Exam. 16.05.2010 (Ist Sitting)          as well as yogi.
         and Romans, what the stage         121. 1. Education in India had a glo-            P. The man who has achieved
         was to the Elizabethans.                      rious beginning.                          much evenness of temper will
     S. The novel and the short story             P. But after the British rule, it              be serene, because his mere
         come closer to the experi-                    faced many changes.                       thoughts are changed with
         ence of the modern reader                Q. It went on for centuries with               the strength of action.
         than any other form of con-                   the same glory.                       Q. He would practise yoga, i.e.,
         temporary writing.                       R. English as the medium of in-                evenness of temper, and can-
   6 Mankind’s delight in stories is                   struction had a very great re-            not but perform action.
     as timeless and universal as the                  sponse.                               R. The root of the matter is that
     art of the story teller.                     S. One of the changes was the                  one should not allow his mind
     (1) QSRP         (2) SRPQ                         introduction of English as the            to flit from object of desire to
     (3) RSQP         (4) PRSQ                         medium of instruction.                    another and from that to a
119. 1. Nehru spent most part of his              6. As the Britishers left we had               third.
         childhood in studies.                         a complexity of opinions re-          S. But he who abstains from ac-
     P. He rushed back to India and                    garding English                           tion altogether is only an idler.
         led an active political life join-       (1) PQRS           (2) QPSR                6. A yogi is one who is not at-
         ing hands with Gandhi.                   (3) PQSR           (4) SRPQ                    tached to his objects of sense