P. and though one has one’s        110. 1. Long, long, time ago                    (Q) A butterfly came and sat on
         prevailing passion,                  P. who lived with his three                   the bunch of flowers – was
     Q. for, men, in general are very             wives                                     painted by Shyam.
         much alike                           Q. in a country called Kosala             (R) And an ox tried to eat from
     R. yet their operations are very         R. there ruled a noble king                   the basket of apples – was
         much the same                        S. and four sons                              painted by Sohan.
     S. and another has another               6. beautiful, graceful and well           (S) And the judge himself tried
     6. and whatever engages or dis-              versed in all shastras.                   to lift the curtain.
         gusts, pleases or offends            (1) PQRS            (2) SPQR              (6) So Ram got the prize.
         you in others, will engage,          (3) RQPS            (4) QRSP              (1) PSQR           (2) PQRS
         disgust, please or offend oth-                                                 (3) PSRQ           (4) QRPS
                                              Directions (111 – 115) : In the
         ers in you.                                                             114. (1) The farmer wanted to please
                                        following questions, the first and the
     (1) QPSR          (2) PQRS         last part of the sentences/passage are              the men.
     (3) RQPS          (4) PRQS         numbered (1) and (6). The rest of the           (P) The poor donkey struggled
105. 1. Paucity of funds                sentences/passage are (is) split into               and kicked.
     P. universities cannot make        four parts and named (P), (Q), (R) and          (Q) They tied his legs together
     Q. essentials like books           (S). These four parts are not given in              and slung him on a pole.
     R. sufficient expenditure on       their proper order. Read the sentenc-           (R) The farmer and his son put
     S. ordains that the                es/passage and find out which of the                the ends of the pole on their
                                        four combinations is correct.                       shoulders.
     6. journals and equipment.
                                               (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &         (S) He and his son got off the
     (1) QPRS          (2) SPRQ
                                               Central Excise) Exam. 14.12.2008)            donkey.
     (3) PQRS          (4) QSRP
                                        111. (1) Einstein was a bad student.            (6) They walked into the town
106. 1. The symptoms of
                                              (P) He attended classes regular-              carrying the donkey.
     P. and certain other changes                 ly and took down careful
     Q. what is popularly called                                                   (1) PQRS                (2) SQRP
     R. serious forgetfulness, confu-                                              (3) RSQP                (4) QSPR
                                              (Q)His friend Marcel Grossman,
         sion                                     on the other hand, was an ir-  115. (1) The wife is
     S. “serility” include                        reproachable student.                 (P) not the husband’s slave
     6. in personality behaviour.             (R) These notes he shared with            (Q) but his companion and his
     (1) QSRP          (2) PQRS                   Einstein.                                 help-mate
     (3) SRQP          (4) QPSR               (S) He resented having to attend          (R) and an equal partner
107. 1. When they heard the bell                  lectures.                             (S) in all his joys and sorrows
     P. out of his clothes                    (6) If Einstein passed his exam-              and is
     Q. as quickly                                inations, it was only because         (6) as free as the husband to
     R. every boy scrambled                       of Grossman.                              choose her own path.
     S. and got into bed                      (1) SQPR            (2) QRPS              (1) QRSP           (2) PRQS
     6. as possible                           (3) PSRQ            (4) RSQP              (3) QSRP           (4) PQRS
     (1) QRPS          (2) PSQR         112. (1) Creating and modifying a            Directions (116-120) : In the fol-
     (3) RQSP          (4) RPSQ                   school timetable is a complex  lowing questions, the first and the last
                                                  task.                          part of the sentences are numbered 1
108. 1. Thirty years from now
                                                                                 and 6. The rest of the sentences are
     P. and industry will be scarce           (P) ‘TT Plus’ closely models the
                                                                                 split into four parts and named P, Q,
     Q. almost half of the people                 real world timetable creation
                                                                                 R, and S. These four parts are not giv-
     R. that water for drinki ng,                 tasks.
                                                                                 en in their proper order. Read the parts
         farming                              (Q)So is the job of computerizing
                                                                                 and find out which of the four combi-
     S. then living may find                      it.
                                                                                 nations is correct. Then find the cor-
     6. according to a study by Dr.           (R) All timetables can be viewed   rect answer.
         S. Posten.                               on the screen before they are
                                                                                         (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
                                                  actually printed.                      Central Excise) Exam. 29.03.2009)
     (1) SPQR          (2) SRPQ
                                              (S) It has a comprehensive man-
     (3) QSRP          (4) QSPR                                                   116. 1. I think the essence of wis-
                                                  ual and useful glossary of
109. 1. A good cry can be a                                                                  dom is emancipation as far
     P. bring relief from anxiety                                                            as possible, from the tyran-
                                              (6) It relieves you of the anxiety             ny of the here and the now.
     Q. prevent a headache or                     to get it all right.
     R. and it might even                                                                P. If any one could, he would
                                              (1) QPSR            (2) RPSQ                   hardly be able to remain
     S. healthy way to
                                              (3) SPRQ            (4) PQSR                   alive.
     6. other physical consequence
                                        113. (1) Three painters competed for             Q. But it is possible to make a
     (1) SRQP          (2) SRPQ                   a prize.                                   continual approach towards
     (3) SPRQ          (4) SPQR               (P) Ram painted a curtain.                     impartiality.