Q. His axe slipped and fell into          S. I felt ashamed of my self.               Directions (101–110) : In the
        the water.                            6. I was mistaken in assessing       following questions, the first and the
    R. God Mercury appeared be-                   a true friendship.               last part of the sentences are num-
        fore him and asked about the          (1) RPQS           (2) PRQS          bered 1 and 6. The rest of the sen-
        matter.                               (3) SRPQ           (4) QRSP          tences are split into four parts and
    S. He could not get it back as                                                 named P, Q, R and S. These four
                                          97. 1. He wanted to adop t his
        the river was very deep.                                                   parts are not given in their proper or-
                                                  father’s profession.
    6. He dived into the water and                                                 der. Read the parts and find out which
                                              P. He was influenced by his
        came up with an axe of gold.                                               of the four combinations is correct.
                                                  strong desire to see India free.
    (1) RPQS           (2) RPSQ                                                    Then find the correct answer.
                                              Q. From now on, he was a                            (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
    (3) QSRP           (4) QSPR
                                                  changed man.
93. 1. A dog stole a piece of a meat                                                                       Exam. 30.11.2008)
                                              R. He made up his mind.
        from a butcher’s shop.                                                     101. 1. There was a lamp hanging
                                              S. He came in contact with Ma-                  on the wall.
    P. He barked in anger.
                                                  hatma Gandhi.
    Q. He ran to the jungle with the                                                      P. Then he picked a lot of jew-
                                              6. He wished to change the lot                  els off the trees in the gar-
        piece of meat.
                                                  of the naked and hungry                     den.
    R. He saw his reflection.
                                                  masses of India.
    S. He crossed a river on the                                                          Q. He put the lamp inside his
                                              (1) QRPS           (2) SPRQ                     shirt.
                                              (3) RSPQ           (4) PQSR                 R. He put them in his pockets.
    6. He lost his piece of meat.
    (1) QPSR           (2) QSRP           98. 1. Reena made a cup of tea in               S. Alladdin climbed a ladder and
                                                  this manner.                                took down the lamp.
    (3) QPRS           (4) SRPQ
                                              P. Next, she added milk and                 6. Then he put more jewels in-
94. 1. Ramai and Samai were two
        poor young men.                           sugar.                                      side his shirt on top of the
    P. On market day they sold their          Q. When the water was boiling                   lamp.
        labour.                                   she added tea-leaves.                   (1) PRQS          (2) RSPQ
    Q. The lived near Mahespur.               R. She turned off the gas.                  (3) SQPR          (4) QSRP
    R. On other days, they remained           S. First she put the water to boil.  102. 1. Gopal and Sheela felt very
        in the village looking for            6. Finally, she poured the tea                  bored one evening.
        work.                                     into cup.                               P. Gopal wanted to stay on for
    S. They wanted regular work.              (1) SQPR           (2) QPRS                     the next show.
    6. The headman gave them two              (3) PRSQ           (4) RSQP                 Q. So they decided to go to the
        plots.                            99. 1. Once upon a time, there was                  cinema.
    (1) QPRS           (2) RPQS                   a little man.                           R. They reached the theatre in
    (3) SPQR           (4) PQRS               P. Some people called him Rabi.                 time for the interval.
95. 1. Roger wanted to become a               Q. He walked like a rabbit.                 S. On the way there was a
        doctor.                               R. His face and hands were                      traffic jam.
    P. He put away enough money                   brown.                                  6. But Sheela wanted to return
        to pay his first year fees.           S. That is why people called him                home.
    Q. They could not afford the                  Brownie.                               (1) PSQR           (2) SQPR
        fees.                                 6. But his real name was Tho-              (3) QSRP           (4) SQRP
    R. Undaunted, he got himself a                mas Cook, though he never        103. 1. Ferdinand rose up to receive
        job in the dockyard.                      cooked anything.                            the messenger.
    S. However, he came from a poor           (1) QPSR           (2) SRPQ                 P. At the end of his account he
        family.                                                                               was moved to tears.
                                              (3) RSQP           (4) RQPS
    6. Once enrolled, he was                                                              Q. He fell on his knees and
        recognised as a gifted stu-      100. 1. She was an old woman with
                                                                                              thanked him.
        dent, and scholarships took               a large purse that had every-
                                                  thing in it.                            R. He made him sit on a level
        care of the rest of this stud-
                                                                                              with himself.
        ies.                                   P. It was about eleven O’clock
                                                  at night.                               S. He listened to the circum-
    (1) SRPQ           (2) PRSQ
                                                                                              stantial account of his voy-
    (3) SQRP           (4) QRSP                Q. It had a long strap.
96. 1. I went to my friend last week.          R. She carried it slung across
                                                                                          6. It was a great conquest the
    P. He politely refused to oblige me.          her shoulder.
                                                                                              Almighty gave to a sovereign.
    Q. I did not speak even a single           S. A boy ran up behind her.
                                                                                          (1) RPSQ          (2) RSPQ
        word.                                  6. He tried to snatch her purse.
                                                                                          (3) QPRS          (4) PRSQ
    R. Actually I wanted his scooter          (1) PQRS           (2) SQRP
                                                                                   104. 1. In order to judge the inside
        for a day.                            (3) QRPS           (4) SRQP                     of others, study your own