6. Mrs. M stood in the centre of           6. Nature, morever, binds the       89. (1) Ramani is a student of medi-
        her bedroom looking at a ru-               arbitrary limits of mind and              cine.
        ined copy of the Holy book,                body; we are not free to do,          (P) The hopes of millions of can-
        forcing back her tears.                    by whatever effort, what is               cer patients and doctors rest
    (1) PQRS           (2) PRQS                    beyond our capacity.                      on his research.
    (3) SPRQ           (4) RSQP                (1) QRSP          (2) RSPQ                (Q) But, of late he has become a
82. 1. We do not know whether the              (3) PQRS          (4) SRQP                    drug addict.
        machines are the masters or        85. 1. The student came late to the           (R) He is doing research in can-
        we are.                                    school.                                   cer.
    P. They must be given or rather            P. He went home weeping.                  (S) He has already done very
        ‘fed’ with coal and given petrol       Q. The watchman didn’t allow                  useful work in this field, and
        to drink from time to time.                him inside the school.                    is hopeful of finding a solu-
    Q. Already man spends most of                                                            tion to this disease.
                                               R. The boy was waiting outside
        his time looking after and                 for some time.                        (6) This addiction has been in-
        waiting upon them.                                                                   creasing day by day, and has
                                               S. He then decided to go home.
    R. Yet we have grown so depen-                                                           started affecting his work.
                                               6. It was a bad day for him.
        dent on them that they have                                                      (1) QPSR          (2) RSPQ
                                               (1) QSPR          (2) QSRP
        almost become the masters                                                        (3) SRPQ          (4) RSQP
        now.                                   (3) QRSP          (4) QPSR
                                                                                   90. (1) The internet has given
    S. It is very true that they were          Directions (86-90) : In the fol-          (P) to keep in touch with friends
        made for the sole purpose of     lowing questions, the first and the last
                                                                                         (Q) and even allowed them
        being man’s servants.            part of the sentences/passage are
                                                                                         (R) students access to reams of
    6. And if they don’t get their       numbered (1) and (6). The rest of the
        meals when they expect           sentences/passage are (is) spilt into
                                                                                         (S) made it cheaper
        them, they will just refuse to   four parts and named (P), (Q), (R) and
                                         (S). These four parts are not given in          (6) to attend universities remotely
        work.                                                                            (1) RPSQ          (2) RSPQ
                                         their proper order. Read the parts and
    (1) RSQP           (2) RSPQ
                                         find out which of the four combina-             (3) SRPQ          (4) PRSQ
    (3) SPQR           (4) SRQP          tions is correct.                            Directions (91-100) : In the fol-
83. 1. The king of the oilfield is the          (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &  lowing questions, the first and the last
        driller.                                Central Excise) Exam. 25.11.2007) part of the sentences are numbered 1
    P. During the process of drill-        86. (1) Superstition and               and 6. The rest of the sentences are
        ing, gas and oil may be met.           (P) the supposed powers            split into four parts and named P, Q, R
    Q. He is a very skilled man.                                                  and S. These four parts are not given
                                               (Q) thrive on
    R. If this rushes out and catch-                                              in their proper order. Read the parts
                                               (R) magical practices              and find out which of the four combi-
        es fire it is dangerous.
                                               (S) of dreams to                   nations is correct. Then find the cor-
    S. Sometimes he sends his drill
                                               (6) foretell the future.           rect answer.
        more than a mile.
                                               (1) SPQR          (2) PSQR                        (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
    6. This danger is well-known
                                               (3) RSQP          (4) RQPS                                 Exam. 10.12.2006)
        and steps are taken to pre-
        vent it.                           87. (1) The stronger                    91. 1. Early to bed, early to rise,
    (1) PQRS           (2) QSPR                (P) the phosphor                              makes a man healthy,
                                                                                             wealthy and wise.
    (3) QPRS           (4) QSRP                (Q) the more light
                                                                                         P. But for the morning tea, I had
84. 1. Freedom is first of all a per-          (R) of electrons
                                                                                             to wait for someone to get up
        sonal matter.                          (S) the beam                                  before me.
    P. A man who will not submit to            (6) gives out.                            Q. This saying inspired me to
        the discipline of his chosen           (1) RPQS          (2) SQRP                    rise early.
        occupation is not free to be a         (3) SRQP          (4) RQPS                R. That day I was the first to get
        great surgeon, an engineer,                                                          up.
                                           88. (1) There are thousands of us
        or a golfer or an executive.                                                     S. One day I got up early in the
                                               (P) former school and college
    Q. Life imposes a drastic disci-                                                         morning.
        pline on all living things, in-                                                  6. One day I realised that it was
                                               (Q) by some of our
        cluding human beings.                                                                a waste of time to get up early
                                               (R) at the careers chosen
    R. We are free to eat poison or                                                          and wait for the morning tea.
        jump off a tall building, but          (S) who are surprised
                                                                                         (1) QSRP          (2) QPRS
        not to escape the consequenc-          (6) and their success in these
                                                                                         (3) PQRS          (4) SPQR
        es.                                        fields.
                                                                                   92. 1. A wood-cutter was cutting a
    S. We are bound by the laws of             (1) SRQP          (2) RQSP
                                                                                             tree on a river bank.
        cause and effect.                      (3) PQSR          (4) SPQR                P. He knelt down and prayed.