6 : Man should realise that most       6. Both the elephant and the trainer          (1) PSRQ        (2) SQPR
            worry and fatigue can be             would return home.                         (3) RPSQ        (4) PRSQ
            prevented.                           (1) SQPR        (2) QSRP              77. 1. The very first battle they fought
       (1) PSRQ        (2) QPSR                  (3) QPRS        (4) RQSP                   P. and they had to fall back
       (3) RSQP        (4) SQPR              72. 1.Anna had longed to see her               Q. cross the border
  69. 1 : In our home everyone drinks            son.                                       R. was lost
            milk at least once a day.         P. “He will arrive at the station at 10       S. letting the enemy
       P : All these we owe to our milk-         O’ clock”, she said to herself.         6. and enter the country
            man                               Q. She prepared herself for it.               (1) RQSP        (2) RPSQ
       Q : We, the children get milk          R. She looked at the clock.                   (3) QRPS        (4) QPRS
            twice a day.                      S. There were only five minutes left.    78. 1. A nation
       R : He says, he is 18, but he is       6. She rushed out of her house and         P. the material assets it possesses
            not sure.                            hailed a taxi to reach the station
                                                                                        Q. is not made by
       S : We also eat curd, and enjoy           in time.
            buttermilk.                                                                 R. and collective determination
                                                 (1) QPRS        (2) SPRQ
       6 : Probably he needs more milk                                                   S. but by the will
                                                 (3) PRQS        (4) QSRP
            than we.                                                                     6. of the people
                                            73.1. Mr. Ramaswamy is a very strict            (1) PQRS        (2) QPSR
       (1) SRPQ        (2) QSPR
       (3) PRQS        (4) PSRQ                                                             (3) RSPQ        (4) SRPQ
                                              P. He earns nearly three thousand
  70. 1 : One of his greatest successes                                                79. 1. When the Governor
                                                 rupees a month.
            was to improve the water                                                     P. the bell had rung
                                              Q. He also believes that it is foolish
            supply.                                                                     Q. justice should be immediately
                                                 to waste one’s time or money.
       P : The lepers could obtain it                                                   R. he ordered that
            for filling a vessel at a         R. He is not a poor man.
                                                                                         S. found out why
            mountain stream.                  S. He believes that life means work
                                                 only.                                   6. done to the horse
       Q : They carried it to the village
                                              6. But he wants his children to lead          (1) RSPQ        (2) PQSR
            on their sore covered shoul-
            ders.                                a simple life.                             (3) SPRQ        (4) SQRP
       R : Water was scarce.                     (1) PSQR        (2) SQRP              80. 1. When you ponder over
       S : They had to go some dis-              (3) RQPS        (4) SRQP                   P. that the only hope
            tance to wash their clothes.     74. 1. It will be better                       Q. you will realize
       6 : That was one reason they              P. to a few than enrol                     R. of world peace lies
            remained dirty as often                                                         S. the question deeply
                                                 Q. to provide quality education
       (1) RPQS        (2) PQRS                                                          6. in the United Nations
                                                 R. them out as graduates
       (3) QPRS        (4) RQPS                                                             (1) QRSP        (2) SPQR
                                                 S. in masses and churn
     Directions (71-80) : In the fol-                                                       (3) SQPR        (4) RSPQ
                                              6. after perfunctory teaching
lowing passage, the first and the last                                                       Directions (81-85) : In the fol-
part of the sentences are numbered 1             (1) QRSP        (2) RSPQ
                                                                                      lowing questions, the first and the last
and 6. The rest of the sentences are             (3) QPSR        (4) SRQP             sentence of the passage are numbered
split into four parts and named, P, Q,       75. 1. ‘I was born here in the old city’ 1 and 6. The rest of the passage is
R and S. These four parts are not given          the girl told us.                    split into four parts and named P, Q,
in their proper order. Read the parts         P. her answer suggested that her        R and S. These four parts are not giv-
and find out which of the four combi-            family has roots                     en in their proper order. Read the sen-
nations is correct. Then find the cor-                                                tences and find out which of the four
                                              Q. When we inquired
rect answer.                                                                          combinations is correct. Then find the
                                              R. as opposed to the modern towns
               (SSC Section Officer (Audit)                                           correct answer.
                                                 that consist mostly of hotels.
                       Exam. 10.12.2006)
                                              S. and belongs to the traditional part    (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)
71. 1. Once a week Deesa led Moti                                                                              Exam. 30.09.2007
     Guj, the elephant, down to the              where the temples are
                                                                                                                   (IInd Sitting)
     river.                                   6. Some say people here are more
                                                                                       81. 1. When she got to her house,
  P. After inspection the two would              ethnically pure.
                                                                                                 there was nothing to retrieve.
     stand up.                                   (1) QPSR        (2) SRPQ
                                                                                             P. All valuables were smashed
  Q. Then Deesa looked at his feet and           (3) PSRQ        (4) SRQP                        or stolen.
     examined his whole body for             76. 1. Making ourselves                         Q. The curtains were burned;
     sores.                                      P. our language                                 books were ripped to shreds.
  R. The animal knew it was time to                                                          R. Her medals and trophies had
                                                 Q. part of growing into
     return.                                                                                     been flung everywhere.
                                                 R. masters of
  S. The elephant lay down on his side,
                                                 S. is an important                          S. The house had been complete-
     while Deesa rubbed him with a
                                                 6. full manhood or womanhood                    ly ransacked.
     coir scrubber.