body of a victim in an ordinary         (R) New representatives who are                    keys have a deep, instinc-
        plane crash.                                aware of the needs of the people               tive fear of pythons and oth-
    6. The mystery of their deaths will             take their place.                              er tree snakes.
        be solved in time, but it won’t         (S) They rule through their elected           Q : But this fear is as irrational
        be easy or quick.                           representatives.                               as the fear of ghosts.
        (1) SRQP           (2) PQRS             (6) Thus in a democracy, the re-              R : Any way, snakes have been
        (3) QSPR           (4) RSPQ                 sponsibilities of the people are               feared and hated for thou-
      Directions (61–65) : In the fol-              great.                                         sands of years.
lowing questions, the first and the                 (1) SQPR          (2) QPSR                S : The fear of snakes, accord-
last sentence of the passage are num-               (3) QSPR          (4) QSRP                     ing to some biologists, may
bered 1 and 6. The rest of the pas-           64. (1) Satellites have been launched                be an instinct passed on to
sage is split into four parts and named             into space for various purposes.               us by our ancestors.
P, Q, R and S. These four parts are             (P) The other satellites we have              6 : In the literature of many
not given in their proper order. Read               launched are the Bhaskara,                     countries the snake is re-
the sentences and find out which of                 Apple and Insat-IA, IB, IC.                    garded as a symbol of evil.
the four combinations is correct. Then         (Q) We have launched our first sat-            (1) PQRS          (2) QPSR
find the correct.                                   ellite Aryabhatta on 19th April,          (3) RQSP          (4) QSPR
         (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &           1975.                                 67. 1 : One of the reasons why
         Central Excise) Exam. 12.11.2006)      (R) Our latest achievement is the                  people wear clothes is to
  61. (1) Fighting a fire demands a lot             launching of PSLV rocket.                      protect their bodies.
       of strength and endurance.               (S) Therefore in satellite technology,        P : In cold countries, on the oth-
   (P) The breathing unit may weigh as              we are able to compete with                    er hand, people wear wool-
       much as 25 kilograms.                        other developed countries.                     len clothes which keep the
  (Q) The protective clothing the fire-         (6) Only a few other countries have                body warm.
       fighter wears will weigh about               developed satellite technology.           Q : Besides cotton and wool, new
       10 kilograms.                                (1) QPRS          (2) QRPS                     fibres such as nylon and ray-
   (R) The fire-fighter will normally wear          (3) SQPR          (4) SQRP                     on are also used today for
       an oxygen mask and carry an                                                                 clothes.
                                              65. (1) National Integrity means Na-
       oxygen tank.                                                                           R : In hot countries like India,
                                                    tional Unity for all.
   (S) Apart from these, he will have to        (P) They are the evils of Communal-                people wear clothes made of
       carry the hose and other tools.              ism and Regionalism                            cotton which are cool.
   (6) The weight of the hose and other        (Q) Our Government is taking steps             S : The body has to be protect-
       tools, the fire-fighter carries, will        to remove such tendencies.                     ed from cold and heat.
       be around 50 kilograms.                                                                6 : We can say, therefore, that
                                                (R) But there are some evil tenden-
       (1) QPSR            (2) QRPS                 cies in our society to hamper our              all our clothes are made
       (3) QSPR            (4) SPRQ                 unity.                                         from three different materi-
  62. (1) We were taking tea at the             (S) The feeling of Indianness should               als-animal fur or skins,
       Rathna Tea Stall.                            be achieved to preserve our                    plant fibres and artifical fi-
   (P) We found a tourist bus which had             unity.                                         bres.
       just rammed into a tamarind tree         (6) And this is what every Indian             (1) PQRS          (2) SRPQ
       on the roadside.                             should aim at.                            (3) QSRP          (4) PSRQ
  (Q) We rushed out of the tea stall.               (1) SRQP          (2) QPRS            68. 1: A man should give the same
   (R) We helped the passengers to get              (3) QRPS          (4) QSPR                     care to himself that he gives
       out of the bus.                             Directions (66-70) : In the                     to his car.
   (S) Suddenly we heard a loud noise        following questions, the first and the           P : And sooner or later there
       followed by a cry for help.           last part of the sentences are num-                   comes a complete break
   (6) We informed the hospital and          bered 1 and 6. The rest of the sen-                   down.
       also the police about accident.       tences are split into four parts and             Q : -Everyday tens of thousands
       (1) SQPR            (2) QSRP          named P, Q, R and S. These four parts                 of men are trying to work
                                             are not given in their proper order.                  when their bo dies and
       (3) PRSQ            (4) RSQP
                                             Read the parts and find out which of                  minds are in need of repair
  63. (1) Democracy is the primary goal      the four combinations is correct.                     work.
       of our Indian Constitution.             (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)        R : For worry pulls down the
   (P) If representatives do not rule ac-                            Exam. 26.11.2006              mind and fatigue pulls down
       cording to the wishes of the                                        (IInd Sitting)          the body.
       people, they are changed in the         66. 1 : Most people are afraid of              S : He does not try to drive
       next election.                                     snakes.                                  his car when there is some-
  (Q) In a democracy, the people are                 P : There may, be some truth in               thing wrong with it, he has
       the rulers.                                        this theory, because Mon-                to put it in order.