52. 1. The tiny bacterial plants that          (1) SPRQ          (2) SRQP                strains of the T.B. bacteria that
      live in the soil help to prepare          (3) SPQR          (4) SQRP                are resistent to two or more anti-
      food for the plants we cultivate.                                                   T.B. drugs.
                                              Directions (56-60) : In the follow-
  P. The farmer works very hard to        ing questions, the first and the last        Q. This is compounded by the fact
      make the soil favourable.           part of the sentences are numbered 1            that the symptoms disappear in
  Q. But these soil bacteria are very     and 6. The rest of the sentences are            about two months.
      necessary and helpful.              split into four parts and named P, Q,        R. Three or four anti-T.B. drugs are
  R. There are millions of bacteria in    R and S. These four parts are not given         available at no cost in Govern-
      a cubic inch of fertile soil.       in their proper order. Read the sen-            ment clinics.
  S. Some kinds of bacteria are harm-     tences and find out which of the four        S. Yet, the long period of treatment
      ful.                                combinations is correct.                        leads to a high rate of non-com-
  6. They donot need sunlight as do                    (SSC Statistical Investigators     pliance with the treatment.
      most plants.                                      Grade-IV Exam. 13.08.2006)     6. In such cases, a relapse occurs
      (1) SQPR         (2) QSPR             56. Nobody in their mind would                and the bacteria appear in more
      (3) RPSQ         (4) PRQS                  doubt that America has prob-             virulent and drug-resistant.
53. 1. My uncle Martin went to live in           lems.                                    (1) PQRS          (2) SRQP
      a hamlet.                              P. Leave out euphoria, after the Gulf        (3) QPRS          (4) RSPQ
  P. But it was a very lazy parrot.              War and that is the highest such     59. 1. ‘Acu’ means needles in Latin.
  Q. So martin bought a parrot.                  figure for six years.                 P. The needles stimulates specific
  R. Martin’s neighbour told him that        Q. And whatever the gloomy politi-           nerves that transmit electrical
      he must buy a parrot.                      cians may think, Americans               impulses via the spinal cord and
                                                 themselves seem to sense that.           brain to the affected area.
  S. Every home there had a parrot
                                             R. But these are problems, things         Q. Quite appropriately, then, acu-
      as a custom.
                                                 that can and will be solved—             puncture consists of inserting
  6. The parrot did not like to speak.
                                                 they are not the stuff of national       very fine needles at specific
      (1) RSQP         (2) SRPQ                                                           points on the skin located near
      (3) PQSR         (4) QPSR                                                           nerve endings.
                                             S. The latest Time/CNN poll says
54. 1. Hailstones consist of many on-            62% of Americans thought their        R. Acupuncture also stimulates the
      ion-like layers of ice.                    nation was doing “fairly well” or        release of chemical substances
  P. The process continues until the             “very well”                              from the brain centres and
      hailstone is too heavy to be lifted    6. All it needs now is for politicians       pitulary glands.
      and then it drops to the earth.            to catch the new mood of opti-        S. These are connected to one an-
  Q. In certain weather conditions               mism.                                    other by lines called channels
      small ice crystals drop to form a          (1) QPSR           (2) RSQP              or meridians.
      crystal.                                                                         6. Known as endo rphins and
                                                 (3) PQRS           (4) SPRQ
  R. Some of the moisture freezes on                                                      encephalins, which are released
                                            57. 1. Judo champ, Tamura doesn’t
      to the crystals forming another                                                     and carried across the blood
                                                 look or act tough.
      layer.                                                                              stream, these chemicals are the
  S. Updrafts carry the hailstones and       P. At 4 feet 9, Tamura is the short-         body’s own pain–relief mecha-
      when it drops another layer is             est woman in the light-weight            nism.
      formed.                                    class (106 pounds).
                                                                                          (1) SPRQ          (2) RSQP
  6. That i s how hailstones are             Q. Fans know her affectionately as
                                                                                          (3) PQRS          (4) QSPR
      formed.                                    “Yawara-chan” after a spunky
                                                                                      60. 1. The dead do sometimes tell
                                                 cartoon character.
      (1) QPRS         (2) QPSR                                                           tales, if you know how to look
                                             R. She wears a lucky pink ribbon
      (3) QRSP         (4) QSRP                                                           for them.
                                                 and at 20, still grins like a care-
55. I shall tell you about the ways you                                                P. The flesh of bomb victims is
                                                 free teen and gushes about ice-
      can see a rainbow.                                                                  shredded and may be sieged by
  P. Big rainbows can be seen when                                                        chemicals.
                                             S. No wonder the Japanese go wild
      the sun is close to horizon.                                                     Q. In the autopsy rooms of the Suf-
                                                 when she tosses opponents,
  Q. Or you can notice a rainbow in                                                       folk country; the medical exam-
                                                 many of whom tower over her.
      the spray from a garden hose.                                                       iner and his team were looking
                                             6. Tamura has become a national              for clues that could explain how
  R. You can see a rainbow in the mist           idol in Japan.
      from a waterfall.                                                                   the passengers of TWA Flight
                                                 (1) PQRS           (2) SRPQ              800 died.
  S. When you stand with a light
                                                 (3) SRQP           (4) QPRS           R. But most of the corpses he ex-
      source behind you and misty wa-
      ter before you, you can see a rain-   58. 1. It’s only in the last three years      amined had been killed by the
      bow.                                       that we have seen the rebirth of         impact of hitting the water from
  6. Occasionally, even a full moon on           T.B.                                     a height of more than two miles.
      a rainy night will create a faint      P. What bothers experts is the            S. The body of a person killed by a
      rainbow.                                   emergence of particularly patent         bomb looks different from the