43. 1. An observation home is called a     46. 1. When he was quite young, Le        49. 1. Guru is a university profes-
      formicarium.                                 Corbusier became interested                 sor.
      P. Then, if a small ant hill is dug          in art.                                 P. It was about strange beings
          up carefully, you will find the      P. At the age of nineteen, he                   called KUNUS who live in
          hump-backed queen.                       travelled around Europe.                    holes in the ground.
      Q. You will probably discover that       Q. But the buildings which im-              Q. The book is very popular now.
          you have some of the strange             pressed him most were those             R. Thirty years ago he wrote a
          ant guests too.                          of the ancient Greeks in Ath-               strange novel called “Queen
      R. It can be made of two panes               ens.                                        of the Mars”.
          of glass separated by strips of      R. At the age of thirteen, he went          S. He is also a famous writer.
          wood around the edges.                   to an art school.                       (6) In a recent interview on tele-
      S. Put her in a jar with some of         S. Everywhere he went he ad-                    vision Prof. Guru talked
          her workers, larvae and co-              mired the magnificent build-                about the novel.
          coons.                                   ings of the past.                       (1) PRSQ          (2) QPRS
      6. Carefully place them all in the       (6) After his visit to Athens Le            (3) SRPQ          (4) RQSP
          formicarium.                             Corbusier decided to become       50. 1. It was nine o’clock in the
      (1) RPQS          (2) PQSR                   an architect.                               evening and Rajan was read-
      (3) PSQR          (4) RPSQ               (1) RPSQ           (2) PSRQ                     ing.
                                               (3) RQPS           (4) QPSR                 P. At first he thought nothing of
44. 1. When Ali Baba returned he
                                           47. 1. I was in awe of Einstein and                 it.
      called his wife
                                                   hesitated before approaching            Q. The walls were a moving mass
      P. She said to him, “Have you sto-                                                       of big ants.
          len them ?”                              him about some ideas I had
                                                   been working on.                        R. Suddenly, he heard faint
      Q. He said, “I have bought you                                                           noises.
                                               P. I entered his office and found
          some jewels”.                                                                    S. When he went to his bed-
                                                   him seated at a table, calcu-
      R. She said, “Our days of misery             lating and smoking his pipe.                room later, however, he was
          are now at an end”.                                                                  shocked by what he saw.
                                               Q. When I finally knocked on his
      S. He said, “Be quiet and do not             door, a gentle voice said,              (6) They covered everything —
          frighten yourself”.                      ‘come’.                                     the book case, the shelves,
      6. He said, “Go to your brother’s                                                        the chest of drawers.
                                               R. The single word was both a
          house and get a measure”.                welcome and a question.                 (1) PSRQ          (2) SRPQ
      (1) QSRP          (2) SRPQ               S. Dressed in ill fitting clothes,          (3) RPSQ          (4) QSRP
      (3) PSRQ          (4) QPSR                   his hair characteristically          Directions (51–55) : In the follow-
                                                   awry, he smiled a warm wel-      ing questions, the first and the last
45. 1. The head of the family returned
                                                   come.                            sentence of the passage are numbered
          home from office.
                                               (6) His utter naturalness at once    (1) and (6). The rest of the passage is
      P. Wife told that there was no cof-                                           split into four parts and named P, Q,
          fee powder.                              set me at ease.
                                                                                    R and S. These four parts are not giv-
                                               (1) QPRS           (2) QRPS
      Q. Wife again told that there was                                             en in their proper order. Read the sen-
          no milk either.                      (3) PQRS           (4) SRQP          tences and find out which of the four
      R. Husband wanted atleast a cup      48. 1. Nothing comes out of noth-        combinations is correct. Then find the
          of tea.                                  ing.                             correct answer.
      S. He wanted a cup of coffee.            P. We have to work and then                  (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
                                                   alone we can gain something.             Central Excise) Exam. 11.12.2005)
      6. Husband told finally that a
                                               Q. It is honest and conscien-         51. 1. Abraham worked very hard
          glass of water was enough.
                                                   tious labour alone that pro-           and had no time to feel lonely.
      (1) SQRP          (2) SPRQ
                                                   duces result.                       P. Abraham was very fond of books.
      (3) QSRP          (4) RPSQ               R. Millions have been struck with      Q. When his day’s work in the fields
     Directions (46 – 50) : In the fol-            the lure of lottery to utter           or in the forest was over he set-
lowing questions, the 1st and last sen-            despondency.                           tled down in the evenings to read
tence of the passage are numbered 1            S. A person who thinks that luck           by the light of the fire.
and 6. The rest of the passage is split            would favour him with all the       R. She used to sit by the fireside in
into four parts and named P, Q, R and              wants of his life without his          the evenings and tell him stories.
S. These four parts are not given in               lifting his finger even, is liv-    S. His mother had taught him to read
their proper order. Read the sentences             ing in a fool’s paradise.              when he was very young.
and find out which of the four combi-          (6) A pai nstaking man who              6. Every evening he would spend his
nations is correct. Then find the cor-             adopts honest toil as his way          time in reading all the books he
rect answer.                                       of life, makes the most of it.         could find.
  (SSC Section Officer (Commercial Audit)      (1) PQRS           (2) PSRQ                (1) QSRP          (2) SPRQ
                        Exam. 25.09.2005)      (3) QPRS           (4) RSPQ                (3) PSRQ          (4) PRSQ