applied to the person’s fear               quer some new territory, ev-            Q. and make some significant
        and avoidance                              eryone has to face failure              R. that is just idled away
    R. He usually recognizes that his          S. If we face our failure boldly            S. than spend a long life
        fear is irrational                         and resolve to fight again we           6. in gossiping and playing.
    S. A person suffering from pho-                are sure to achieve victory in          (1) R Q S P (2) S Q P R
        bic neurosis knows what he                 the long run
                                                                                           (3) Q P S R (4) R Q P S
        is afraid of                           6. Thus failures can prove step-
                                                   ping stones in our march to       40. 1. The salmon fish pushed them-
    6. But he cannot control it.
                                                   victory.                                    selves
    (1) QPSR            (2) SRQP
                                               (1) RSQP           (2) PQRS                 P. to return to their spawning
    (3) SQPR            (4) RSQP                                                               grounds
33. 1. In this life there are no gains         (3) RPQS           (4) RQPS
                                                                                           Q. and fertilised them
        without pains,                       Directions (36-40) : In the fol-
                                                                                           R. but once they laid their eggs
    P. No victory is a real triumph     lowing questions, the first and the last
                                        part of the sentences are numbered 1               S. to their limits
        unless the foe is worthy
                                        and 6. The rest of the sentences are               6. they died.
    Q. Life, indeed, would be dull if
                                        split into four parts and named P, Q,              (1) S Q P R (2) R S Q P
        there were no difficulties
                                        R and S. These four parts are not given            (3) S P R Q (4) R P S Q
    R. Both winner and loser enjoy
                                        in their proper order. Read the sen-              Directions (41-45) : In the fol-
        a game most if it is closely
                                        tences and find out which of the four       lowing questions, the first and the last
        contested to the last
                                        combinations is correct. Then find the      sentence of the passage are numbered
    S. Gainers lose their zest if there
                                        correct answer.                             1 & 6. The rest of the passage is split
        is no real struggle
                                                       (SSC Section Officer (Audit) into four parts and named P, Q, R and
    6. Whether we like it or not, life                         Exam. 05.06.2005)
        is one continuous competi-                                                  S. These four parts are not given in
                                         36. 1. One of the most widely spread       their proper order. Read the passage
                                                  bad habits                        and find out which of the four combi-
    (1) PQRS            (2) QSRP
                                               P. which is now smoked or            nations is correct. Then find the cor-
    (3) QRSP            (4) RSPQ                  chewed by men                     rect answer.
34. 1. One Botany professor always             Q. and even by children                             (SSC Statistical Investigators
        tried to convince his students         R. often by women                                     Grade-IV Exam. 31.7.2005)
        that his branch of biology is
                                               S. is the use of tobacco             41. 1. Take a small glass phial.
        superior to all the others
                                               6. almost all over the world.              P. Close the jar tightly with a plas-
    P. His most persuasive argu-
                                               (1) S P R Q (2) P Q R S                        tic cover.
        ment, however, came during
        a laboratory session                   (3) S R Q P (4) P Q S R                    Q. Place this phial inside a glass
    Q. And they don’t eat very much      37. 1. The landscape                                 jar.
    R. Examining the cells of a pear,          P. with Nature displaying                  R. Fill it with coloured water.
        the professor cut a slice for          Q. here is awesome                         S. Then stopper it tightly.
        the microscopic slide and              R. that are seldom                         6. Make a hole in the cover.
        took a bite of the rest of the         S. a range of delights                     (1) PSRQ           (2) QSPR
        specimen                               6. seen together                           (3) RSQP           (4) SRQP
    S. Plants, he noted never run              (1) P S R Q (2) Q P S R              42. 1. In China there is no man in the
        away or bite
                                               (3) R S P Q (4) Q R S P                    moon.
    6. “You won’t be doing that in a
                                         38. 1. Smoke billowed up between                 P. They are exchanged between
        Zoology lab,” he said.
                                                  the plants.                                 friends while children receive
    (1) PRSQ            (2) SQPR
                                               P. Passengers were told to be                  toy pagodas made of clay.
    (3) PSRQ            (4) SQRP                  ready to quit the ship.                 Q. These cakes are circular to
35. 1. Failure is nothing to be                Q. The rising gale fanned the                  symbolise the full moon.
        ashamed of for there is hardly            smouldering fire.                       R. Instead, there is a toad in the
        any man who has not failed             R. Everyone now knew there                     moon as well as moon rabbits
        in life, not once but many                was a fire on board.                        and a goddess.
                                               S. Flames broke out here and               S. All these appear as decora-
    P. What is important is the way               there.                                      tions on moon cakes, baked
        we take our failure
                                               6. Most people bore the shock                  to celebrate the moon’s birth-
    Q. It has been well said that he              bravely.                                    day in September.
        who never made a mistake
                                               (1) S R Q P (2) Q P S R                    6. The birthday marks the end
        never achieved anything of
                                               (3) R S P Q (4) Q S R P                        of the harvest when debts are
        great worth
                                         39. 1. It is far better to live for a                meant to be settled.
    R. From the little child who tries
                                                  short while                             (1) RQPS           (2) RPQS
        to stand up to the would-be
        conqueror who tries to con-            P. contribution to the world               (3) RSQP           (4) RPSQ