(1) RSPQ           (2) RSQP         sentences and find out which of the             S. The question is whether Japan
      (3) SRPQ           (4) QPSR         four combinations is correct. Then find             has a lower death rate.
 23. 1. No one can deny that peasant      the correct answer.                             6. So it is very high in Japan.
      forms the backbone of the nation.                  (SSC Section Officer (Audit)         (1) QRPS          (2) SPRQ
                                                                 Exam. 14.12.2003)
   P. Hence he is the most useful mem-                                                        (3) PRQS          (4) RQSP
      ber of the society.                   26. 1. India’s uniqueness lies in its
                                                                                        30. 1. Pollution is one of the evils
                                                 unity in diversity.
  Q. Yet this fellow is exploited by the                                                      brought about by the growth of
      rich.                                  P. So the problems of India should               science.
                                                 not be viewed in isolation.
  R. He grows food for the whole                                                          P. Air pollution has very harmful
      country.                               Q. Because of this factor, there are             effects.
                                                 problems here and there at
   S. It is our duty to improve his lot.                                                 Q. They pollute the air and the at-
   6. We should grant him the social                                                          mosphere.
                                             R. India is a multireligi ous,
      status he deserves.                                                                R. It is making the environment,
                                                 multicultural and multilingual
      (1) RPQS           (2) RSPQ                                                             water and air dirty.
      (3) SRPQ           (4) SPQR                                                         S. Factories and industries keep
                                             S. But even small countries with
 24. 1. Priya went to the first counter                                                       throwing out smoke which con-
                                                 monolithic society have more
      at the post office as she needed                                                        tains toxic gases.
      stamps for six rupees.                                                              6. People living in the surroundings
                                             6. And India is poised for success
   P. She was shown the corner where                                                          breathe the impure air and are
                                                 in all fields.
      gum bottle was kept.                                                                    affected by diseases of the lungs
                                                 (1) PSRQ          (2) QSPR                   and heart.
  Q. The woman behind the counter                (3) SRQP          (4) RQSP
      said it was registration counter                                                        (1) PSQR          (2) RPSQ
                                            27. 1. My friend went to live in a                (3) QPSR          (4) SPQR
      and directed her to the last
      counter.                                                                             Directions (31-35) : In the fol-
                                             P. But is was a very slow animal.        lowing questions, the first and the last
  R. She was looking for gum to affix
      the stamps on the envelope.            Q. So my friend bought a donkey          sentence of the passage are numbered
                                                 for Rs. 500                          (1) and (6). The rest of the passage is
   S. She thanked the lady and came
      to the counter on the left extreme     R. One day his new neighbour told        split into four parts and named P, Q,
      and got the stamps.                        him that he must buy a donkey.       R and S. These four parts are not giv-
   6. She went to the corner, took two       S. Every family there had a don-         en in their proper order. Read the sen-
      drops of gum, affixed the stamps           key.                                 tences and find out which of the four
      and put the letter in the post box.    6. It did not like to work.              combinations is correct.
          (1) PSRQ       (2) RPQS                (1) RSQP          (2) PQRS                   (SSC Tax Assistant (Income Tax &
                                                                                              Central Excise) Exam. 05.12.2004)
          (3) SQPR       (4) QSRP                (3) SRQP          (4) QRSP
                                                                                      31.    1. A bad habit is harmful, none
25. 1. It is very misleading to say         28. 1. When Galileo went home, he
                                                                                                 as harmful as smoking.
      that computers can ‘think’ like            began to experiment with the
                                                 pendulum.                                   P. But habit is second nature,
      people.                                                                                    smokers remain smokers for
   P. However, they make it possible         P. When he showed it to his teach-
      for people to ‘bottle’ thought.            ers, they were delighted.
                                                                                             Q. Besides being expensive,
  Q. They have no more a mind of             Q. It was not long before physi-
                                                                                                 smoking does injury to one’s
      their own than a lawn mower.               cians were all using the instru-
  R. They can not.                               ment to count the heart–beats
                                                 of their patients.                          R. In the long run he may get
   S. You work out how to do a par-                                                              something worse-lung cancer
      ticular job, write a program and       R. Soon he had invented an instru-
                                                 ment which marked the rate of               S. A smoker gets nothing but
      then the computer applies your                                                             smoke for his money
      thinking to that job as long as you        pulse-beats.
                                             S. Then the clock makers began to               6. Then why get that bad hab-
      like.                                                                                      it?
   6. In this sense computers are half           use the pendulum to keep time.
                                             6. Today it has many other uses.                 (1) RPQS           (2) QRPS
      alive because they perpetuate
      thinking of their creators.                (1) PQRS          (2) QRPS                   (3) SPRQ           (4) PRQS
      (1) RQPS           (2) PSRQ                (3) SPQR          (4) RPQS           32.    1. Phobic reactions are strong,
                                                                                                 irrational fears of specific ob-
      (3) SQPR           (4) QSRP           29. 1. People have wrong calcula-
                                                                                                 jects or situations
     Directions (26-30) : In the fol-            tions about Japan’s population.
                                                                                             P. But there is no objective dan-
lowing questions, the first and the last     P. No, this is not true.
part of the sentences are numbered 1         Q. And old people die more often
                                                                                             Q. For example, when a person
and 6. The rest of the sentences are             than the young.
                                                                                                 is extremely fearful of birds,
split into four parts and named P, Q,        R. There are more old people in                     snakes, heights or closed
R, and S. These four parts are not               Japan.
                                                                                                 places, the label phobia is
given in their proper order. Read the