Directions (11-20) : In these                  S. in ancient Rome                               well propped up with pil-
questions, the first and the last part              6. and also added some tales                     lows, and he was still too
of the sentences are numbered 1 and                      of his own.                                 weak to walk
6. The rest of the sentence are split               (1) QRPS            (2) PQRS                R. He felt cheerful and happy
into four parts and named P, Q, R and                                                           S. The crisis of the disease was
                                                    (3) SQPR            (4) RSPQ
S. These four parts are not given in                                                                 safely past
their proper order. Read the parts and       16.    1. The pigeons were used
                                                    P. as messengers                            6. Mrs. Beduin had him carried
find out which of the four combina-                                                                  downstairs into the little
tions is correct. Then find the correct             Q. which were tied
                                                                                                     housekeeper’s room which
answer.                                             R. in the olden days                             belonged to her.
                (SSC Section Officer (Audit)        S. to carry messages                        (1) PQRS          (2) RSPQ
                        Exam. 09.09.2001)           6. to their feet.
                                                                                                (3) QRSP          (4) SPQR
11.    1 A dictionary                               (1) PQRS            (2) SPRQ
                                                                                            Directions (21-25) : In the follow-
       P. arranged words                            (3) PRSQ            (4) PRQS        ing questions, the first and the last
       Q. about which information            17.    1. The school has always been       part of the sentences are numbered 1
       R. containing alphabetically                 P. tradition from one               and 6. The rest of the sentences are
       S. is a book                                 Q. the most important               split into four parts and named P, Q,
       6. is given.                                 R. the wealth of                    R and S. These four parts are not giv-
       (1) RPQS            (2) QRPS                 S. means of transferring            en in their proper order. Read the sen-
       (3) SRPQ            (4) SPRQ                                                     tences and find out which of the four
                                                    6. generation to the next.
                                                                                        combinations is correct. Then find the
12.    1. Agriculture                               (1) PSRQ            (2) QSRP        correct answer.
       P. cotton for our clothes                    (3) RSQP            (4) QRSP                       (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
       Q. raw materials like jute            18.    1. When she got to her house,                               Exam. 16.11.2003)
       R. and sugarcane for our indus-                  there was nothing to re-         21. 1. The fox and the crane remained
             tries                                      trieve.                               friends for a long time.
       S. gives us food                             P. All valuables were smashed          P. She served the dishes in a bea-
       6. and food for cattle.                           or stolen                            ker to the fox. The fox could not
       (1) SRQP            (2) RQPS                 Q. The curtains were burned;              eat it because the beaker was very
       (3) QPRS            (4) SPQR                      books were ripped to                 high.
13.    1. Today political freedom                        shreds                           Q. The crane could not eat the dishes
                                                    R. Her medals and trophies had            because of its long beak. The next
       P. and the right
                                                         been flung everywhere                day it was the turn of the crane
       Q. however money and all that
                                                    S. The house had been com-                to host the lunch for the fox.
                                                         pletely ransacked                R. But the fox wanted to show that
       R. assures people equality be-                                                         he was cleverer than the crane.
             fore law                               6. Mrs M stood in the centre
                                                         of her bedroom looking at a          S. So one day he invited the
       S. to elect their Government                                                           crane for dinner and served the
                                                         ruined copy of the Koran
       6. can buy is not fairly distrib-                                                      dishes on a plate.
                                                         forcing back her tears
             uted.                                                                        6. The fox put down its head in
                                                    (1) PQRS            (2) PRQS
       (1) SPRQ            (2) RPSQ                                                           shame and went away.
                                                    (3) SPRQ            (4) RSQP
       (3) QRSP            (4) PSRQ                                                           (1) PQRS           (2) QSRP
                                             19.    1. The student came late to the
14.    1. By far the most logical step                                                        (3) RSQP           (4) PSQR
       P. to relieve the housewife of                                                    22. 1. There are examinations at
                                                    P. He went home weeping.
           routine                                                                            school which a pupil can pass by
                                                    Q. The watchman didn’t allow
       Q. which can be programmed                                                             cramming the texts.
                                                         him inside the school
       R. to carry out standard opera-                                                     P. But for spiritual knowledge mere
                                                    R. The boy was waiting outside
           tions                                                                              memory of holy texts will be of
                                                         for sometime.
       S. is to provide a robot                                                               no use in passing the tests.
                                                    S. He then decided to go home
       6. when switched by the house-                                                     Q. One can score in them by the
                                                    6. It was a bad day for him
           wife.                                                                              power of memory.
                                                    (1) QSPR            (2) QSRP
       (1) RSPQ            (2) PSQR                                                       R. A competent guru alone can pro-
                                                    (3) QRSP            (4) QPSR              vide the necessary guidance to
       (3) QSPR            (4) SRQP
                                             20. 1.     Oliver dozed off again and it         an earnest disciple.
15.    1. During the reign of the Em-
                                                        has been bright day for hours     S. What the text says has to be re-
       peror Tiberius
                                                        when Oliver opened his eyes.          flected upon and experienced by
       P. called Phaedrus
                                                    P. He belonged to the world               the speaker.
       Q. an Augustan story teller                       again.                           6. Thus, reading, reflection and ex-
       R. translated Aesop’s fables                 Q. In three day’s time, he was            perience are the three stages in
             into Latin                                  able to sit in any easy chair,       gaining spiritual knowledge.