Directions (1-5) : In these ques-          (6) The cell system of small or-     order. Read the sentences and find out
tions, the 1st and the last sentence of              ganisms is microscopic but      which of the four combinations is cor-
the passage are numbered 1 and 6.                    marvellous, isn"t it ?          rect.
The rest of the passage is split into                (1) SRQP       (2) QRSP                        (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
four parts and named P, Q, R and S.                  (3) SQPR       (4) QPRS                                       Exam.1997)
These four parts are not given in their                                               6. (1)   The lead story
                                             4. (1)  Ad vocates        of     space
proper order. Read the sentences and                                                      (P)  at 4 AM
                                                     programme argue for spend-
find out which of the four combina-                                                       (Q)  in tonight"s news
tions is correct.                                    ing huge amounts of money
                                                     on exploring Mars.                   (R)  concerns the fire
              (SSC Section Officer (Audit)
                             Exam. 1997)        (P)  But there is no firm evidence        (S)  which engulfed the Columbia
                                                     of any valuable mineral that              College
  1. (1) The traveller said, “Can you
         tell me the way to the nearest              can be extracted from Mars           (6) this morning.
         inn ?”                                      and transp-orted to Earth.                (1) RSPQ       (2) QRSP
     (P) “Do you want one in which              (Q)  Worst, nobody has any idea                (3) QRPS       (4) RPSQ
         you can spend the night ?”                  what undesirable microbes or     7.  (1) In less than a week
     (Q) “Yes”, said the peasant.                    poisonous materials we will          (P) the processor controlled ex-
     (R) “Go right down the road and                 be importing from Mars.                   change
         turn to the left.”                     (R)  They are also unrealistic about      (Q) have restored the functioning
     (S) “Yes”, replied the traveller.               the cost of transportation that           of
     (6) “thank a lot.”                              will be involved in interplan-       (R) which had suffered
         (1) PSRQ       (2) QPSR                     etary move-ment of men and
                                                                                          (S) the telecommunication people
         (3) SPQR       (4) QSRP                                                          (6) a major disaster
                                                (S)  These enthusiasts argue that
  2. (1) Money is not the root of all                                                          (1) PRSQ       (2) SRPQ
         evils.                                      Mars could be a perennial
                                                     source of materials for us                (3) PQSR       (4) SQPR
     (P) Or, what about the desire for
                                                     earthlings.                      8.  (1) As my jogging-enthusiast sis-
         power driving people to hor-
                                                (6)  Our race to Mars is likely to             ter
         rible crimes ?
                                                     be a wild goose chase.               (P) was often bothered by neighb-
     (Q) Even purposeless cruelty can
                                                     (1) SPRQ       (2) QPRS                   ourhood dogs
         be seen in many instances of
                                                                                          (Q) with a stick in hand,
         evil behaviour.                             (3) PRSQ       (4) SRQP
     (R) For example, neither teachers                                                    (R) her husband started to ac-
                                             5. (1) When a light passenger plane
         nor parents profit in any way                                                         company her on a bicycle,
                                                     flew off course sometime ago,
         by torturing children.                                                           (S) on her daily run,
                                                     it crashed in the mountains
     (S) The evils of sexual offenders               and its pilot was killed.            (6) to ward off any attackers.
         are not motivated by financial         (P) Snow lay thick on the ground.              (1) SPQR       (2) PSRQ
         gains.                                 (Q) It was the middle of winter.               (3) RPQS       (4) PRSQ
     (6) No, we can only say that                                                     9.  (1) An electrical circuit
                                                (R) The woman knew that near-
         money is the root of some evil.                                                  (P) which is
                                                     est village was miles away.
         (1) QRPS       (2) SPQR                                                          (Q) of wires
                                                (S) The only passengers, a young
         (3) RSPQ       (4) QPRS                     woman and her two baby               (R) designed to
  3. (1) Even the smallest insect of                 daughters, were unhurt.              (S) is a circle
         the living world is made up of         (6) When it grew dark, she                (6) carry electricity.
         a large number of cells.                    turned a suitcase into a bed            (1) SQPR         (2) QPRS
     (P) Furthermore, the cells in                   and put the children inside it,
         these small creatures widely                                                        (3) RQSP         (4) PRSQ
                                                     covering them with all the
         differ in their structure and                                               10.  (1) We have pleasure
                                                     clothes she could find.
         function.                                                                        (P) a double room with bath
                                                     (1) PQRS       (2) QPRS
     (Q) An ant, or a gnat, for example                                                   (Q) for five days from Septem-
         is composed of hundreds of                  (3) SQPR       (4) RSPQ                   ber 4 to September 8,
         thou-sands of cells.                   Directions (6-10) : In these ques-        (R) that we have reserved
     (R) Even a mite has cells making      tions, the 1st and the lst part of the         (S) in informing you
         up its skeletal structure.        sentences are numbered 1 and 6. The            (6) both days inclusive
     (S) It also has cells dedicated       rest of the sentences are split into four
                                                                                               (1) RQPS       (2) SRPQ
         to digestive and reproductive     parts and named P, Q, R and S. These
                                           four parts are not given in their proper            (3) RPSQ       (4) PQSR