595. (3) Benevolence (Noun) = the            Look at the sentence :             612. (3) Stumble (Verb) = almost fall;
     quality of being well meaning;          His first expedition to Africa was      lose one’s balance
     ki ndn ess;            go od ness;      a mere reconnaissance, but four         Wrinkle (Wrinkled-Past tense) =
     compassion; decency.                    years later a favourable oppor-         form or become marked with
     Look at the sentence :                  tunity for invasion arrived.            lines or folds
     Self effacing as well as selfless, 604. (1) Aggression (Noun) = feelings        Bristle(s) = a short, stiff hair on
     he refused all public acknowl-          of anger and hatred that may be         an animal’s skin or a man’s face;
     edgement of many benevolenc-            threatening.                            hair
     es to the community.                    Look at the sentence :                  Reassert = to do something to
596. (1) Commensurate (Adjective)            The re search show s that               show that you still have power.
     = matching something in size,           computer games may cause           613. (2) Thespian = relating to drama
     importance, quality etc.                aggression.                             and the theatre ; an actor or ac-
     Look at the sentence :             605. (3) Re li ev e = to remove or           tress
     Salary will be commensurate             reduce an unpleasant feeling or         Oxidiser = a chemical which a
     with experience.                        pain; alleviate                         fuel requires to burn
597. (1) Counterfeit (Adjective) =           Other words are : brief (short),        Approval = acceptance ; agree-
                                             percei v e (recogni se) ; chi ef        ment
     made in ex act imi tation of
                                             (main).                                 Secrete = produce and discharge
     somethi ng val uab le; fake;
     forged.                            606. (4) Adjournment (Noun) = an        614. (1) Tapestry (Noun) = a piece of
                                             act or period of adjourning; a          thick textile fabric with pictures
     Look at the sentence :
                                             putting off or postponing of            or designs.
     Counterfeit 500 rupee notes             proceedings;
     abound in the market.                                                           Emanate (Verb) = issue or
                                             Look at the sentence :                  spread out from a source
598. (1) Bureaucracy (Noun) = the            In parliamentary procedure, an
     system of official rules and ways                                               Insisted = to be emphatic, firm
                                             adjournment ends a meeting.             or resolute.
     of doing things that a government  607. (1) Correspondent (Noun) = a
     has; a system of government in                                                  Coalesce (Verb) = to come to-
                                             person who reports news for a
     which there are a large number                                                  gether to form one mass or whole.
     of state officials who are not                                             615. (1) Liaison (Noun) = cooperation
                                        608. (4) Defiance (Noun) = o pen
     elected.                                                                        or communication which facili-
                                             resistance; bold disobedience;
                                                                                     tates a close working relation-
599. (2) Phenomenon = occurrence;            opposition.
     event; fact; happening                  Look at the sentence :
                                                                                     Look at the sentence :
     Look at the sentence :                  The demonstration is a pointless
                                                                                     The head porter works in close
     Glaciers are interesting natural        gesture of defiance against the
                                                                                     liaison with the reception office.
     phenomena (plural).                     government.
                                                                                616. (2) Supernumerary (Adjective)
600. (2) Accommodate (Verb) = to        609. (1) Mischievous (Adjective) =
                                                                                     = present in excess of the nor-
     provide somebody with a room            causing or showing a fondness
                                                                                     mal or requisite number.
     or place to live etc; to adapt.         for cau si ng trou bl e i n a
                                             playfulway; naug hty; badly             Look at the sentence :
     Look at the sentence :
                                             behaved; malicious.                     Supernumerary teeth often are
     The hotel can accommodate up                                                    found in the upper jaw just be-
                                             Look at the sentence :
     to 500 guests.                                                                  hind the front teeth.
                                             He framed a mischievous alle-
601. (1) Beneficiary (No un) = a                                                617. (3) Hemorrhage/Haemorrhage
                                             gation for which there is not a
     person who derives advantages                                                   (Noun) = an escape of blood from
                                             shred of evidence.
     from something.                                                                 a ruptured blood vessel.
                                        610. (2) Cacophony (Noun ) = a
     Look at the sentence :                  harsh discordant mixture of             Look at the sentence :
     The state uni versi ty is the           sounds.                                 There may be haemorrhage from
     beneficiary of 86000 acres of           Look at the sentence :                  these vessels into the tissues.
     land      grants      from     the      The constant sound of Kolkata      618. (4) Mariage
     government.                             is the caophony of horns and the   619. (4) Innumerable (Adjective) =
602. (3) Stagnation (Noun) = the             descant of millions of crows.           too many to be counted.
     state of not flowing or moving     611. (4) Transmit (Verb) = transfer;    620. (2) Guarantee = a formal assur-
     or growing.                             to send an electronic signal,           ance.
     Look at the sentence :                  radio or television broadcast etc. 621. (2) Pessimism (Noun) = a ten-
     Stagnation is a prolonged period        Haunches = the tops of the legs         dency to see the worst aspect of
     of little or no growth in an            and buttocks                            things
     economy.                                Exultant (Adjective) = jubilant;   622. (2) Suppose (Verb) = to assume
603. (3) Reconnaissance (Noun) =             thrilled; triumphant.                   that something is true.
     preliminary survey; exploration;        Market = sell, merchandise         623. (4) University
     observation.                            Market Þ Marketed (Past)                                             ppp